Vampire Games for Kids

24. September 2022 - Alexander Schmidt

Vampire Games for Kids – 5 Fang-Tastic Games for Kids Parties


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Vampire games for kids offer scary fun and are perfecfor a vampire party for kids, a Halloween party for kids or any other children’s party with another scary theme.

Whether for Walpurgis Night, Halloween or a children’s birthday party with a theme like ghosts, witches or vampires – vampire games for kids provide mischievous fun and many funny moments.

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RAVENSBURGER Jagd der Vampire. Das Spiel mit Biss
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Below you will find some of the most popular children’s games with vampire theme with suggestions for individual modification!

Our Top 6 Vampire Games for Kids

1. Vampire Bite

This is the vampiric version of “Murder in the Dark”. A room is darkened and from now on represents a vampire disco. Now, previously prepared pieces of paper are distributed to the children, on which the roles are written. There is exactly once the role “hunter”, depending on the number of children 1-3 times the role “vampire” and all others are simply “disco guests”. (With about 10-15 children, 2 vampire children are ideal).

The vampire hunter child is now sent out, music is turned on in the vampire disco and all the other children start dancing in the dark. Each of the vampire children now “bites” another child, whereby biting is of course not to be taken literally, but is symbolized, for example, by tapping on the back several times or gently pinching the arm.

A bitten child shouts loudly “vampire bite”, lies down on the floor and pretends to be dead. When as many children have been bitten as there are vampires on the loose, the lights are turned back on. The vampire hunter child is now allowed to enter the scene and tries to find and arrest the vampires. To do this, he asks all the children who are still alive in turn about their alibi. This is repeated 3 times, with the rule that innocent dance guests always tell the same alibi, while the vampires must say something different at least once.

So the vampire hunter child should listen carefully and memorize the alibis as much as possible in order to catch the vampires. If a vampire child is caught, he is eliminated. If all the vampires are caught, the game is over, otherwise the fun starts all over again. If the vampire child or children have bitten all the disco guests before being caught, the vampires win.

To make the game a little more difficult for the vampire hunter(s), the following additional rule can be introduced: at least one vampire must be accused in each round, and if the vampire hunter child is wrong, he or she “dies” as well.

2. Stop Dance of the Vampires

Like some other vampire games for kids, Stop Dance of the Vampires is played in a darkened room with appropriate vampire music playing. Call it either Vampire Disco or Ballroom of the Vampires. When the music starts, it means it’s night and the vampires can dance, but as soon as the music stops, it means “the sun rises” and all the vampires must instantly freeze as if they were stone, otherwise they will turn to dust. The last one to move is eliminated.

For younger children, you or an adult supervisor can start and stop the music. If the kids are a little older, you can play the vampire stop dance in such a way that the child who has just been eliminated always takes over the next starting and stopping.

To implement the sunrise theme, instead of stopping the music, “turn on the lights” can be the signal to freeze, or both switches are always pressed at the same time.

A variant is also that the children must quickly “lie down in their coffins” or on the floor when the stop signal is given, and the last person to lie on the floor loses. However, this should only be played on soft carpeted floors and if there is enough space so that none of the children hurt themselves.

3. The Deadly Stare

"Vampire games for kids like "Vampire bite" or "The deadly stare" are an ideal program item for a vampire party or Halloween party for kids."

Vampire games for kids: scary fun for kids birthday party

All the little vampires sit in a circle, put their arms around the shoulders of those sitting next to them and look down. Together the children count aloud to 3 and on 3 all raise their heads and look directly at one of the other children. If two vampires look each other in the eye, they are hit by the “deadly stare” and are eliminated.

These children then also leave the sitting circle, so that it becomes narrower from round to round.

The game is played until one or two children are left. (Because if two are left, there is no more evasion possibility, therefore there are then 2 winners).

4. Eating Challenge With Vampire Teeth

For this vampire game you need a plastic vampire teeth for each child playing along. Everyone gets an equal portion of blood-red Jell-O (raspberry, strawberry, or cherry-flavored, for example) in a shallow dish. Hands must be held behind your back.

On the announcement, “On your marks. Ready. Go!” the children may now begin to pounce on their vampire pudding using only their mouths. With vampire teeth in their mouths, it’s not so easy Whoever finishes first wins!

As an alternative to the jello, candy with creepy motifs can also serve as vampiric food.

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5. Bite Into the (Adam’s) Apple…

Another possibility is “Apple Bobbing”, most of you will be familiar with from Halloween. Apples float in a large bowl with water or another drinkable liquid. One after the other, the children bend over the bowl and try to grab an apple with their mouths only. Whoever manages to do this the fastest wins and gets a prize.

The vampire twist of the game is to do this with vampire teeth in your mouth. Make sure, however, that they are rather small apples or, if necessary, other fruits such as nectarines, peaches or plums that are small enough to be snatched by a child’s mouth, but not so small that they could be accidentally swallowed.

You can also use red soda, red juice spritzer or water dyed with red food coloring as the liquid to match the vampire theme. Another tip: If the vampire party takes place in the summer and it’s warm enough, it’s best to do this game outside in the garden or on a terrace and without a T-shirt 😉

6. Waking Vampires

Finally for the crowning finale a somewhat silly game, but (probably for this very reason) children a great deal of vampiric fun! ??

For this game, one of the kids takes on the role of a vampire hunter(s). All the other children are vampires, lie down on the floor and pretend to be asleep. The vampire-hunting child now walks among the other children and wakes them up one by one by tapping them with his finger. Quietly, the vampires get up until there is only one sleeping vampire left.

Then comes the big moment: all the others line up around the last sleeping child and wake him up with shouting and roaring!

Have fun trying out these vampire games for kids!

Das Vampir-Spiel.
Das Vampir-Spiel.
Machen Sie sich auf den Weg zur Burg, aber Vorsicht des Vampirs Biss!

While you’re here, stay a little while longer to browse 😉 Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft there are many more games for children’s parties to discover: in keeping with the spooky theme, you’ll also find spooky games for kids, witch party games and Halloween games for kids. But we also offer motto-independent game and party ideas, such as 10 tasks for a kids’ birthday scavenger hunt.

More generally, our website is about ideas on how to create life’s special moments with your most loved ones. That’s why we have a wide pool of tips for activities for friends, for couples and for families, which we regularly expand.

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