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Let the Sun Shine on Your Mind
What are we doing today? Everyone has asked themselves this question at some point. We're about to deliver 101 answers!

What Are We Doing Today? #1 - 101 Ideas for Awesome Activities and Excursions

What are you looking for? Action, wellness or something totally weird? With these ideas, everyone will find what they're looking for.

With these bad weather activities, there's bound to be no frustration or bad mood when it rains

57 Bad Weather Activities That Will Save Any Summer Day, No Matter How Rainy It Is

It's summer, but raining cats and dogs? These ideas still ensure that you can enjoy the day optimally.

Observing animals on a night hike

Night Hike – 12 Exciting Challenges for a Nocturnal Adventure

At night there is a completely different atmosphere than during the day. Everything seems much more mysterious. This is how you enjoy an nike hike the most.

Many tasks at out outdoor game in the forest are about collecting something.

Outdoor Game in the Forest for Adults – Pure Fun With Tasks

A fun forest game for adults who love the forest.

Summer party ideas on the jetty right on the waterfront

10 Summer Party Ideas That Will Make Your Party a Burner

Lots of tips and ideas for mood bombs for the summer party.

The fruit season calendar reveals when what is ripe

Fruit Season Calendar – What Grows When?

Picking fruit and berries together is possible almost all year round. Here you can find out what you can pick and when.

The 10 best summer activities for couples bring action, creativity and fun to your free time

10 Best Summer Activities for Couples or Two Friends

From hiking to boat trips to a short trip to the sea - this is the best way to enjoy summer as a couple.

How to shoot a video is easier than you think. We explain the most important basics that matter.

How to Shoot a Video With Your Phone or Camera - The Basics

Anyone can make a film. But very few of them will be great - because they don't know what's important! This is an how to with heaps of knowledge you should know.

Mushroom hunting is one of the best leisure activities in summer and autumn - because porcini mushrooms taste incomparable

Mushroom Hunting: 11 Essential Basics You Need to Know

Boletu, chanterelle - these delicious edible mushrooms anyone can easily recognize and collect. But you have to pay attention to some important rules!

Summer activities for friends that are guaranteed not to bore you

10 Summer Activities For Friends That'll Give You the Summer of Your Life

Get out, soak up the sun and enjoy the summer. These leisure activities belong on your summer bucket list!

Hawaii theme party - How to celebrate like in the South Seas

Aloha and off to the South Seas! – 7 Tips for Your Hawaii Theme Party

With hula dancing, pineapples & flower necklaces - this party spreads real summer feeling.

How to make Crepe Paper Roses yourself

How to Make Crepe Paper Roses as Beautiful Decoration | Tutorial

Colourful flowers in warm colours are part of spring! If you enjoy crafting, you can easily make them yourself.

Best Things to Do With Friends in Summer to Make Most of the Season

Sunglasses, shorts and a good mood – these are the best ingredients for legendary things to do with friends in summer. Summer is the ideal time of year to throw a real party and on Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find a whole lot of good summer party ideas from general tips for a perfect party to special theme parties, like a Hawaii theme party or a summer party and lots of party games.

Outdoor Games for the Park

Summer is when most people are drawn to the outdoors for their free time and groups of friends also like to go to the park now, and some of the best things to do with friends in summer include outdoor games like Kubb, Mölkky or ladder ball game. There are detailed introductory articles with rules and tips for these games on Abenteuer Freundschaft.

If you are looking for completely new ideas for outdoor games, you can also discover specially invented outdoor rallies on this website, such as a forest rally or the wonderfully nerdy Game of Thrones rally for fantasy fans.

Things to Do With Friends in Summer in Bad Weather

But you can also experience adventure, fun and many great leisure activities indoors during summer rain. The ideas portal Abenteuer Freundschaft also has lots of ideas for activities in the rain, be it Escape Games, Laser Tag, go-karting or indoor climbing parks.

And good activities for friends can also be implemented indoors, because “whether you sweat or freeze, summer is what happens in your head”, as the Wise Guys already knew.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

The Abenteuer Freundschaft ideas portal is far from just about summer party ideas and tips for good outdoor games. The leisure ideas and gift tips cover a wide range of topics, both indoors and outdoors. For many special occasions such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween, there are tips and ideas for activities with friends, with the partner and with the family.

To help every user find the kind of ideas she or he is looking for as quickly as possible, since the beginning of 2019 we have also included a multi-part search, the Leisure Ideas Finder. This allows you to filter our posts according to different criteria and thus navigate to the desired ideas.

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