Many tasks at out outdoor game in the forest are about collecting something.

17. September 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Outdoor Game in the Forest for Adults – Pure Fun With Tasks


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How long has it been since your last outdoor game in the forest? You don’t have to travel to the Amazon jungle to experience adventures in the forest. With our outdoor game in the forest for adults, you can also experience action!

Have you ever done a outdoor game in the forest? Yes, really? And how long ago was that? I bet if it has, it was in school or even earlier in kindergarten. It’s high time to change that! Because just like night hikes, cool outdoor games with fun and challenging competitions and tasks bring adults a hell of a lot of fun!

Whether you and your friends are true outdoorsmen or typical city dwellers in desperate need of a change of pace, our outdoor game in the forest for adults is guaranteed to bring you adventure and action, and maybe make a discovery or two in the forests.

In addition, you can also play the oudoor game in the forest as an adult drinking game – so it’s ideal for Father’s Day, bachelor parties, birthday parties and similar events!

Preparation of the Outdoor Game in the Forest for Adults

Motivate as many friends as possible to take part in the outdoor game in the forest. Choose a suitable piece of forest. Mixed forest is good, there should also be wood lying around and logs lying on the forest floor if possible.

A forest with a variety of different trees, mushrooms, forest flowers and animals is particularly suitable. It is also great if there are trees that can be climbed without danger and without too much effort.

Print out the tasks of the forest rally for each participant. Dress appropriately, pack enough provisions and gear up for the adventure ahead.

The Ultimate Forest Game Checklist


Forest Pharmacy:

  • Insect or tick spray (e.g. Autan)
  • Sun cream if necessary
  • Plaster or First Aid Kit


  • Enough beer or drink of your choice, if you are playing the forest rally for adults with alcohol.
  • In any (!) case enough anti-alcoholic drinks
  • sandwiches, fruit & snacks for the small appetite

Equipment for the rally:

  • Task sheets for everyone
  • Stopwatch (of course your Smartphone is also possible)
  • camera/smartphone per person
  • A basket or similar for each participant
  • Pen and paper to record the points
  • several pocket knives
  • Torches (in case you start late in the day and it gets dark)

The Outdoor Game in the Forest Can Start

outdoor game in the Forest - read task sheet

The outdoor game in the forest begins

You’ve got your friends excited about this outdoor game in the forest, found a suitable forest and packed everything you need? Wonderful, then go there together – by the way, the forest game can be perfectly combined with a bike tour or a hike.

Once in the forest, you first appoint a game leader. His/her tasks include managing and serving the ”Forest Elixir”, measuring the time during the tasks and recording the points. Of course, the game leader can also take part in the outdoor game in the forest, but if you play the forest game as a drinking game and have come part of the way by car, there will be at least one driver who cannot drink anyway. In that case, the driver could be the game leader.

These 10 Tasks Await You at the Oudoor Game in the Forest

1. Who Is the Best Wood Collector?

Task in the Outdoor game in the forest - collecting wood

Forest game: who is the best wood collector?

Collect as many branches, wood and logs that you can carry. You have a total of 5 minutes. Everyone forms as big a pile as possible.

The person with the biggest pile wins, receives 5 points and may distribute 5 sips of forest elixir (beer or similar) to the other players (or to himself). Similarly, the second player receives 3 points and may distribute 3 sips, the third player 1 point and 1 sip.

2. Tree Dancer – Who Manages the Balancing Act?

A game in the Forest : Balancing on a tree trunk is part of the task.

Balancing act at the outdoor game in the forest

For this task, you need a lying tree trunk on which to balance. The game leader now determines the second largest log in each pile that the player has collected.

The player has to walk back and forth on the tree trunk with this piece of wood (log, branch, block, etc.) in his hands 1 time without falling. The game leader measures the time. For each fall or touching of the forest floor, 30 seconds are added to the player’s time.

  • First: 3 points / distribute 3 sips
  • Second: 2 points / 2 sips
  • Third: 1 point / distribute 1 sip

3. Climbing Monkey – Tarzan Sends His Regards

For this task you need at least one climbing tree. If there are several trees in the forest that are suitable for climbing, each player may choose which one to climb. This time it’s not about speed, but about who climbs the highest or makes the highest mark with a pocket knife.

Important: Your safety always has priority!

⇒ Scoring:

  • First: 3 points / 3 sips to distribute
  • Second: 2 points / 2 sips to distribute
  • Third: 1 point / 1 sip to distribute

4. The Most Beautiful Wins

Who can find the most beautiful cone in the outdoor game in the forest?

Forest game: Who finds the most beautiful one?

As the level rises, the tasks of the outdoor game in the forest should become less physically demanding. Therefore, here comes the first Collecting Challenge: Within 1 min. 30s, everyone has to collect up to 5 cones from conifers that are as beautiful as possible.

  • How many cones does everyone have?
  • And who finds the most beautiful cone?

⇒ Vote together to find the most beautiful cone; in the event of a tie, the game leader decides. The finder of this cone receives 5 points and may distribute the corresponding number of sips.

⇒ Each player who has collected less than 5 cones must drink a penalty sip for each missing cone.

5. Marksmanship Is Required

Target throwing with cones at the outddor game in the forest

Throwing cone targets at the outdoor game in the forest

If you didn’t collect enough cones in the last task, you are punished twice, because now you are missing ammunition! Together you choose a tree as target and a starting line that must not be crossed. Now you can take turns to prove your hit accuracy and shoot the tree with the cones you have just collected.

⇒ If you miss, you have to drink a penalty drink and get a point deducted.

⇒ Whoever hits the trunk gets a point for it and may distribute a sip.

6. Careful Collectors Win!

Collecting Challenge! Each player must collect 5 items in the forest: something sharp, smooth, rough, soft and hard. The clock is ticking and you have exactly 5 minutes! (Alternatively, you can agree on other characteristics, e.g. colours).

For each category, each player places one item in front of them on the forest floor. By voting, you decide which object best fulfils the required characteristic or is the most beautiful and original.

⇒ Each item that wins earns the player 2 points and he may distribute 2 sips of forest elixir.

7. It Crawls and Flies – Little Forest Safari

Now the camera comes into play! Players have 5 minutes to photograph up to 5 different forest animals. Since it is quite unlikely that a deer or a rabbit will jump in front of your lens during this time, it is better to concentrate on smaller animals such as insects and spiders.

⇒ The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • Best looking animal: 2 points / 2 sips to be distributed
  • Largest animal: 2 points / distribute 2 sips
  • Smallest animal: 2 points / distribute 2 sips
  • All those who have photographed 5 different animals within the allotted time: 5 points / distribute 5 sips

8. Botanist Challenge

Outdoor game task: what is the name of which tree?

Forest game: identify trees

After the fauna comes the flora: basic botanical knowledge is required. For this task, the game leader should know as much as possible about trees; if necessary, the internet or an identification book can help.

All rally participants are led by the game leader to 5 trees in the forest. Each player writes down on a piece of paper (or on a smartphone) what he or she thinks the trees are called and numbers his or her answers.

If the game leader is playing along, you can alternatively challenge each other to name trees, as long as one of you knows the correct name.

⇒ For each correctly named tree, the player gets 1 point and may distribute a sip.

⇒ On the other hand, for every tree not recognised or incorrectly recognised, the player loses 1 point and must drink a sip himself.

9. Mushroom Challenge

At the outdoor game in the forest we also had to look for mushrooms.

Mushroom hunting is one task

Now it’s time to collect mushrooms! Everyone has 5 minutes to find and photograph as many different mushrooms as possible. Of course, if you know mushrooms, you can also collect mushrooms and reward the best edible mushrooms with extra points and sips! With these tips for mushroom picking you can safely identify porcini and chanterelle!

⇒ Each type of mushroom photographed (not every mushroom!) gives 1 point and 1 sip to distribute.

⇒ Each boletus gives 10 points and sips to distribute!

⇒ Whoever has found the most gets an additional 5 points and may distribute 5 sips.

10. The Final Challenge – Who Will Get What?

The crowning – or blossoming – conclusion of the outdoor game in the forest is a photosafari. You have 5 minutes to go on a photo hunt for the most beautiful flowers in the forest and capture them in a photo.

  • Best photo: 2 points / 2 sips to be distributed
  • Largest blossom: 2 points / 2 sips to distribute
  • Most colourful flower: 2 points / 2 sips to distribute

⇒ Everyone who has found and photographed 5 or more different flowers gets 5 points and may distribute 5 sips.

Depending on the season and the type of forest in which you are carrying out the forest rally, it may not be possible to carry out some of the above tasks 1 to 1 or at all. In this case, either modify the tasks creatively or skip them.

Evaluation of the Outdoor Game in the Forest

Who has taken the most sips of forest elixir? Most of the time it is immediately clear without discussion ;-). We reward the winner with a bottle of herbal liquor for his heroic performance.

Now it’s time to count the points. Whoever has scored the most points at the end is crowned King of the Forest with a crown of leaves, the second and third players receive the title of Ranger. Whoever has mastered task 3 best may henceforth call himself Tarzan of the drunken forest. All other players, on the other hand, are forest rangers in training… 😉

Here you can download all 10 tasks as a PDF and print them out.


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