With these bad weather activities, there's bound to be no frustration or bad mood when it rains

11. August 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

57 Bad Weather Activities That Will Save Any Summer Day, No Matter How Rainy It Is


Sommerparty-Ideen und Outdoor-Spiele


57 tips for bad weather activities, with which you have fun in the rain: at home, out but covered or outdoors!

It’s summer, it’s the weekend, your friends or family finally all have time and you have resolved to use the opportunity to do something really cool again and then … it rains.

But rain is no reason to despair and hide your head under the covers. With these 57 tips for really cool bad-weather activities, you’ll be in a good mood and have fun on any rainy day, whether at home, indoors under a protective roof or outdoors!

13 Outdoor Bad Weather Activities – Fun in the Rain Under the Open Sky

Not only accepting the rain, but embracing it with enthusiasm – that’s the right attitude for all outdoor fans, nature boys (and girls) and anyone who doesn’t want to let the weather dictate if and when they go out!

  1. Go rafting – You’ll get soaking wet anyway.
  2. City walk in the rain – No problem with a big umbrella and guaranteed more space on the sidewalks.
  3. Rain walk in nature – Feel the wet lawn barefoot or be a child again and jump wildly through puddles.
  4. Photo safari in the rain – photograph reflections in puddles, window panes with drops beading down, crowds with umbrellas, etc. and capture the soft melancholy of summer rain
  5. Picking mushrooms in the woods – When it rains they just sprout and from June the summer boletus grows!
  6. Jogging in the rain – in any case, you are guaranteed not to be soaked with sweat
  7. Diving in lake or other water
  8. Quad biking through mud and rain
  9. Dirt bike riding
  10. Stand Up Paddling
  11. Guerrilla Picnicking in the Rain – Under bridges, ledges, shelters in the forest, at bus stops or in pavilions in the park: With rain gear, portable music and a thermos full of grog you are well equipped ?
  12. Rain barbecue
  13. Rain frisbee with an XXL frisbee disc

23 Indoor Bad-Weather Activities – Cool Activities Under a Protective Roof

Second possibility: you leave the house and experience an adventure – but covered, protected from wind and weather in the dry.

  1. Escape Room / Escape Game – Free yourselves together from an Escape Room, solve tricky puzzles and exciting tasks and immerse yourself in a very special atmosphere.
  2. Lasertag
  3. Indoor Paintball
  4. Black light mini golf – Dive into a luminous dream world and swing the club
  5. Floating – drift off into total relaxation
  6. Enjoy pure wellness in a thermal spa
  7. Fun in the indoor pool
  8. Crackling and climbing in the climbing hall
  9. Let yourself be surprised – in the cinema in the Sneak Preview
  10. Go to the drive-in cinema and watch retro movies in a different way
  11. Attend a play, preferably a scandalous one
  12. Attend a concert, opera or musical
  13. Get drunk in a karaoke bar and sing songs in a contest
  14. Go to a museum again – why not try our museum challenge?
  15. Go back to the library and find inspiration in novels, travel guides, cookbooks and how-to books
  16. Extensive shopping in the mall
  17. Flight simulator or racing simulator
  18. Go old school karting
  19. Play indoor cross boccia
  20. Going to a pub quiz with friends
  21. Trying out an experience restaurant, e.g. dinner in the dark or mystery dinner
  22. Browse in a rustic café or an Asian tea room in a special atmosphere
  23. Buy a streetcar ticket for the day, travel in circles or back and forth, and play fun games while doing so!

21 Bad Weather Activities at Home – The Hottest Events in Your Own Four Walls

  1. Host your own trivia night, ever played a culinary quiz with a taste test?
  2. Bingewatching with an awesome tv-show
  3. Movie night
  4. Challenge your friends to a cooking challenge
  5. Playing pantomime
  6. Play mafia / werewolves
  7. Have a house rallye
  8. Have an Olympics game at home
  9. Call a game night
  10. Have a theme party at home
  11. Make your own videos at home
  12. Invite people to a contest of the best Wii U party games
  13. Host a darts tournament at home with different dart variations
  14. Play the ladder ball game at home
  15. Do fun fitness sports together like Piloxing or Zumba
  16. Have a picnic in your own living room
  17. Reminisce nostalgically with others – everyone brings an old photo album and talks about the past
  18. Doing crafts together – ideal with kids, but adults also enjoy challenging crafts like origami
  19. Singstar evening
  20. Host a private wine tasting party with your best friends
  21. Chocolate fondue with summer fruit

And if the sun does shine? We have ideas for that too! Take a look at our tips for summer activities as well as around the year for activities with friends, couples or family.

And if you like our ideas and don’t want to miss any more – it’s easy: follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 😉


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