10 Romantic Activities in Berlin

19. August 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Romantic Things to Do in Berlin (Not Only) For Summer




Idyllic islands, secluded spots, breathtaking views – all this can be found in the capital: the perfect ingredients for romance thus. Here are our tips for 10 romantic things to do in Berlin!

Berlin is many things: poor but sexy, steeped in history and trendsetting, cheeky but charming, somehow unfinished but perfect just for that reason. But is it also romantic? We say: absolutely!

If you thought that you could only be really romantic in the countryside or in small old towns, you were wrong. Berlin has a lot to offer not only for party-loving singles, but also for couples in love!

10 Romantic Things to Do in Berlin – Summer Edition

Following are our Top 10 ideas for romantic things to do in Berlin. Most of them are most beautiful in the warm half of the year and in sunny weather, but some are also beautiful regardless of the weather. For the winter there are in due time then tips for suitable romantic things to do in Berlin.

1. Pleasure stroll in the Charlottenburg Palace Park

Classic but simply beautiful: what could be more romantic than to stroll through an idyllic palace park lost in thought and with butterflies in your stomach. For those interested in history: by the way, Charlottenburg Palace Park is the first baroque garden in Germany.

If you are interested in culture, however, you should not miss this opportunity to also visit the magnificent rooms of the palace – or at least part of it.

2. Pedal boat or rowing boat ride

Fortunately, you don’t need a boat license to spend a romantic afternoon on the water. Berlin is rich in water bodies: lakes, canals and, of course, the rivers Spree and Havel.

In several places in the city, couples can rent a pedal boat or rowboat and sail across the water in privacy.

In the very southwest of Berlin, Wannsee not only invites you to swim, but also to go pedal boating at the Wassersportcenter.

Almost at the other end of the city, you can do the same at Müggelsee in Treptow-Köpenick at boat rental Bootsjunge.

On and near the island of youth in Treptower Park, which is very romantic in itself, there are two boat rentals and so you have the choice between pedal boat, paddle boat, rowing boat or canoe at boat rental Kanuliebe.

3. Excursion and picnic on Peacock Island

For a city that is not located by the sea, Berlin has a surprising amount of water and beautiful islands to offer. The islands on Lake Tegel are also very beautiful, but for the most part privately owned.

The queen of Berlin’s islands, however, is without a doubt Peacock Island in the Havel River. With its picturesque little pleasure palace, which looks like something straight out of a fairy tale, and the 67-hectare landscape park, the island, which was used by the Prussian kings as an idyllic retreat, is rightly a UNSECO World Heritage Site. As the name suggests, there are many peacocks there as an ornament.

Something to eat is best taken as romantic picnic, because there is no catering on the island. Alternatively, however, there is an inn at the pier.

More info at: https://www.pfaueninsel.info

4. Psst, forbidden! – Hanging a love lock on a bridge

Actually, it is forbidden (almost) everywhere, but still lovers around the world do it – no, I’m not talking about sex in public, but about hanging a love lock, with the engraved names and the date of the day you met or the day of the engagement or wedding somewhere on a bridge.

You didn’t get it from us, but rumor has it that in Berlin, especially the Iron Bridge near Museum Island, the Warsaw Bridge and the Abbey Bridge, which leads to the Isle of Youth, are hot tips. By the way: did you know? Berlin actually has more bridges than Venice!

5. Enjoy a concert at the Gendarmenmarkt

If I were asked about the most beautiful place in Berlin, I would not have to think long. Clearly the Gendarmenmarkt!
With the atmospheric ensemble of German Cathedral, French Cathedral and in between the Concert House can for me neither the “Alex”, nor the Nollendorfplatz, Winterfeldtplatz or Boxhagener Platz let alone Potsdamer Platz keep up.

The Gendarmenmarkt is an ideal place for romantics. On the big staircase leading to the concert hall, the former “Königliches Schauspielhaus” (Royal Playhouse), you can have a wonderful rest, make love or even propose marriage.

And if both like classical music, couples should not miss to walk up the stairs here in noble evening dress and attend a concert!

6. View over the roofs of Berlin

Heights are said to have a positive influence on amorous feelings: when the world is at your feet and your heart beats faster because of the height, the step to tingling romance is not far away…?

The highest point with the most breathtaking view in Berlin is the observation deck of the Television Tower at 203 meters. One floor up, you can also enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner at the Sphere restaurant. In any case, it is best to reserve tickets in advance on the Internet to avoid long waits.

If you don’t want to go that high up, but still enjoy a beautiful view of the city, you can do that very well from the Teufelsberg or from the top of the Kreuzberg (yes, that’s a mountain too!) in the Victoriapark. Monuments, from which one (against entrance) also has a beautiful view are among other things the Berlin Cathedral and the Victory Column (the French Cathedral is unfortunately just restored).

7. In airy heights – balloon ride or candle flight dinner

If you want to go one step further and literally reach for cloud 7, you can do so during a balloon ride or very exclusively during a so-called candle flight dinner.
Balloon rides are offered in Berlin by Balloon Tours Berlin, Balloon Rides Schäfer and the Balloon Port Berlin, among others.
The Candle Flight Dinner: a helicopter flight over Berlin, where a fine dinner is served, requires a slightly deeper grip in the wallet, but is certainly a unique memory.

8. Make a carriage ride quite nostalgic

Among the typical romantic things to do in Berlin that you can do are in any case the historic carriage rides. In Berlin, there are several providers that offer carriage rides, sometimes at night.

At Berlin Kutschfahrt and Pferdedroschke.de, there are 6 different carriage rides on offer each.

9. Bike tour through Berlin

If you prefer to steer yourself, you can also find beautifully romantic bike routes in Berlin as a couple.

Whether along the Maybachufer or across the Tiergarten: Berlin has some beautiful bike paths to offer and even when completely spontaneous cycling completely free you can always discover something new.

10. Romantic Food Tour

Good food and treats are your thing? There are quite a few restaurants and delis to explore in Berlin, where you can feed each other and indulge in delicacies.

In Charlottenburg, there is also an organized Romantic Food Tour that includes 6 tastings.

On our website you can find many more tips on how to experience Berlin romantically and in general for nice activities for two!

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