Romantic picnic for two - by the sea or a special place

4. August 2017 - Anika Semmer

10 Adorably Romantic Picnic Ideas to Make It Unique




Freshly in love or in a long-term relationship – this romantic picnic ideas makes the butterflies dance in your stomach. With these 10 ideas, the romantic experience will be a fancy surprise – your heart’s sweetheart will love it!

You are looking for romantic picnic ideas, which should be anything but standard? Then say goodbye now to Celine Dion, as she longingly breathes My heart will go on and from all the hackneyed romance clichés with red rose petals and schmaltzy violin duet…

With a few original ideas and an exciting dash of surprise and eroticism, you can make your romantic picnic an experience you both won’t soon forget!

10 Romantic Picnic Ideas for Two

1. Excitingly Unexpected – Surprises Are a Game Winner

When was the last time you surprised your sweetheart? And I don’t mean with a bouquet of flowers or his/her favorite exotic beer. Make your romantic picnic a surprise from the start and don’t give away right away what the other person can expect.

For this, you can enlist friends or family to pretend to do something with you that evening. Stow everything you need for the romantic picnic for two in a backpack and picnic basket in the car or on the bike and enjoy the surprised, questioning face when you reach your picnic location. In this way, you ensure exciting uncertainty from the outset and optimal conditions for a special evening.
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2. Choose a Special Place for Your Romantic Picnic

The place is incredibly important, for mood and a romantic atmosphere. If you met in a special place or kissed there for the first time, this is an ideal choice. This is how you relive the memory and celebrate that special moment. But if you met for the first time in a smoky pub or in a drunken party night, here are some other tips for other romantic places… 😀

  • Under a bridge in a secluded spot
  • At the sea, river or lake shore – or on the jetty
  • On the tower of a ruined castle
  • On a vantage point with a great view
  • On a boat! A canoe, paddle boat or large inflatable boat is also great and you can make the picnic the highlight of a romantic getaway
  • In the park in a beautiful place
  • On a hunting lodge – there you can prepare the picnic wonderfully before
  • Under palm trees in a botanical garden
  • On a meadow under the open sky far from the city, where you can look at the stars together

3. Make Sure You’re Cozy and Comfortable

Pack a large picnic blanket with a water-resistant underside – it gets cool and damp at night, even in summer. If you plan to stay there all night, think about a wool blanket and two inflatable, space-saving pillows. Very importantly, pack only one big wool blanket… 😉

4. Choose the Right Snacks and Dare to Do Something!

Prepare finger foods and snacks yourself and don’t resort to the ready-made sushi platter from the freezer aisle. All the love you put into the preparation will pay off… These don’t have to be complicated snacks – for example, pancake rolls filled with spinach and feta, bite-sized appetizers, quiche Lorraine, vegetable sticks, crackers with cream cheese, fruit, etc. go very well.

The best snacks are small bites of your loved one’s favorite foods. If you love to cook and are looking for inspiration there are great picnic cookbooks for that too.

First rule: Prepare everything yourself at home in bite-sized bites – so you can also push a delicious morsel between each other’s lips once in a while….

Second rule: Stay away from garlic and too much onion. 🙂

Tip: Food is a sensual friends and can provide wonderful erotic tension. Fresh strawberries you feed, spray cream for erotic experiments, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate… Chilli, by the way, is an aphrodisiac.

5. Noble Wine or Canned Beer?

Romantic picnic for two - drinks that fit

Red wine always fits at a romantic picnic for two

It doesn’t always have to be sparkling wine! In the cool season or when it’s already getting colder at night, you should rather pack a thermos with a hot drink instead. Instead of tea or punch, you can also prepare hot chocolate and serve it at the picnic with a whipped cream topping. Bet that alone will make all chocolate fans feel ecstatic?

Otherwise, her/his favorite drink is certainly never the wrong choice! Or you can choose a drink with which you have fond memories of a shared experience or time together. This can be a canned beer, when you picnic under graffiti on the banks of the Spree and the memories of your first festival together come flooding back over a faxe.

Nevertheless, sparkling wine, prosecco or a good wine are not considered the classics of romantic drops for nothing. Have you ever tried sipping champagne from the belly button of your beloved? Your romantic picnic for two is the opportunity to do so! 😉

6. Provide Romantic Atmosphere

Support the atmosphere that prevails in the place where you plan your romantic picnic. Here you best resort to candles, an oil lamp or torches. Warm light will create a romantic atmosphere.

7. Think About a Surprise for Your Beloved

Romantic picnic for two - surprises make it special

A good surprise is the icing on the cake of your picnic

With a special surprise, you’ll make your romantic picnic for two an experience you’ll remember for years to come.

Do you know anything about astronomy? What star sign are you – and what is he / she? Look it up on the Internet and look for it together in the night sky.

Or pack a pack of gummy bears and ask the gummy bear oracle what your future together holds. It’s very simple, because each color has a meaning…

Fill out the vouchers in a coupon book for him or her and hide the coupons under the picnic blanket, in the picnic basket, in your pants pocket or in your bra… and let your loved one go searching. It’s a lot of fun, it’ll make you laugh and you’ll have something to look forward to for a while…

8. Choose the Right Outfit – Your / His Favorite Part

To the special picnic also belongs to the special outfit. But this is not to say that you must necessarily reach for suit or high heels and evening dress – it’s best to just choose something that your loved one particularly likes to see on you.

And if you have in mind to turn the romantic picnic for two into a hot date at a later hour, you can best fire it up with a really hot outfit. I think you already know how… 😉

9. Play a Serenade or Provide Your Music

If you can play a (portable) instrument or sing, you have a clear advantage! How often do you serenade your sweetheart or play only for the other person? If you can come up with a private concert under the stars, you’ve actually already won – even if the canapés were dry, the picnic blanket damp and the champagne warm.

You can also equip your smartphone or MP3 player with music – preferably with common favorite songs or songs that your loved one likes. To do this, pack a Bluetooth speaker and play the previously compiled playlist.

10. Lighten the Mood With a Game

Pack something for an entertainment program! Either sporty – you can play a game of Frisbee or badminton together to good music, or balance on a slackline. Or get a good outdoor throwing game beforehand that you’ll try together.

Card games and dice +dice cups are convenient and space-saving, and there are great twosome games to discover on Abenteuer Freundschaft that are fun to play.

Check out the Picnic Checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything you need for your romantic picnic ideas. If you’re looking for more ideas for leisure activities, just browse the Abenteuer Freundschaft idea pool for the most beautiful activities for two 😉

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