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15. July 2017 - Anika Semmer

20 Romantic Activities For Summer to Make It Unforgettable


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How often do you spend time together for romance? Love gets far too little time in everyday life. But time together is the best! Which of these ideas for romantic activities have you already tried out this summer?

Warm summer nights, blossoming nature and cosy hours for tingling feelings – in summer there are many romantic activities with which you can wonderfully escape from everyday life. For example, an extraordinary dinner, an exciting short trip, excursions to wildly romantic places and simply beautiful experiences that will make this summer unforgettable.

20 Ideas for Romantic Activities for Two

You don’t necessarily have to dig deep into your wallet for romantic getaways, because with a little ingenuity and a good idea, you can create special moments where romance comes naturally.

Special and Romantic Dinners

Summer activities for couples - candle light dinner to picnic

Sparkling wine, beach, sea and sunset – what more could you ask for?

1. Special Picnic Under Palm Trees

Aren’t there any palm trees in Germany? Yes, of course there are. Many cities in Germany have beautiful botanical gardens that bloom in full splendour in summer.

Just pack a picnic basket, spread out your blanket under palm trees and exotic flowers and dream of your next holiday together.

2. Surprise Your Loved One With a Midnight Picnic

Think about a romantic place – for example, the place where you kissed for the first time or a place in nature that is simply wildly romantic – and spontaneously whisk your partner away there in the evening. Then unpack your favourite drink, tempting fruit and little picnic snacks, you snuggle up together on the blanket and gaze at the stars….


3. Fancy Dinner for Creative Gourmets (Low Budget)

What does a disposable barbecue have to do with romance? Imagine your partner takes you for an evening stroll to a beautiful park or vantage point and then suddenly whips out a disposable barbecue, champagne and special snacks for grilling. For example, figs wrapped in bacon, mushroom caps stuffed with cream cheese, lovingly pickled vegetable slices…

Klappgrill / Einweggrill / Faltgrill / Mini-BBQ-Grill
Klappgrill / Einweggrill / Faltgrill / Mini-BBQ-Grill
toller Klappgrill - Faltgrill - Grillfläche ca. 25,4 x 25,3 cm, 840 g leicht; Ideal für alle Gelegenheiten wo einen spontan der Grillhunger überfällt

4. Candlelight Dinner by the Sea, River or Lake

For this romantic activity for two, you’ll need lots of pillar candles in jars and torches (because there’s no danger of that, even with the wildest snogging, like with tea lights). You spread out a picnic blanket right on the shore, take a woollen blanket for the cool evening hours, your favourite drinks and delicious nibbles such as smoked salmon on fresh baguettes with frothy creamed horseradish.

You can also just pack everything for a snack and have a hearty dinner by candlelight (this doesn’t go down badly with men at all).

Tip: Pack a chocolate fondue set as a special dessert, as well as chocolate and fresh fruit, and feed each other the sweet happen. Strawberries and cherries are especially recommended!

5. Culinary Raft Trip with Champagne Breakfast on a Wild and Romantic River

While you set off at dawn, you enjoy a champagne breakfast together. Small rivers – tributaries of the Havel, the Rhine or the Danube, for example – are an insider’s tip for romantic togetherness in the midst of untouched nature.

In summer, water lilies and water lilies bloom and you can take a leisurely raft ride from jetty to jetty, stopping off at cosy ice cream parlours, cafés and restaurants. Near Berlin, you can also book a raft, for example at mydays.
Important note: the offers for romantic activities linked here are affiliate links to our partner mydays. If you go to mydays via these links and book an experience, you support our blog without it costing you more.

Romantic Activities and Excursions

Summer activities for couples - from ballooning, rafting and camping to a summer rain walk

Just take off together and make time for togetherness

6. Idyllic Hours in the Summer Rain at the Zoo or Animal Park

Admittedly, going outside in the rain is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who don’t mind, a visit to the zoo or an animal park in the warm summer rain is a romantic insider tip. The zoo is deserted, the exotic animals create a holiday feeling and the atmosphere is almost magical.

Important: It should rain in the morning and scare off many visitors, otherwise the crowds will gather at the shelters.

7. Walk in the Warm Summer Rain

Walking through the rain under a big, shared umbrella – or without one. Gene Kelly is not the only one to have danced through the rain in love to the evergreen Singin in the Rain. With a little luck, you might also see a rainbow and seamlessly transition to humming Over the Rainbow 😉

8. Take a Boat Trip at Sunset

On any lake, you can rent pedal boats or paddle boats, or take a ride on an excursion boat. Enjoy the moment together, close together, when the sun ball sinks into the water. On many excursion boats you can also have something to eat and drink.

9. Trip to a Rose Garden or Flower Show

There, countless blossoms exude a beguiling fragrance and in blossoming secluded arbours only sculptures watch kissing.

10. Spinning Dreams of the Future Together in the Illuminated Harbour

Strolling along the idyllically illuminated harbour in the evening to the cries of the seagulls – you don’t have to be in Cannes to do this, you can do it at Tempelhofer Hafen in Berlin or in the harbours of Kiel, Hamburg, Bremen, Lake Constance or the Rhine, etc. Just find a favourite boat for two and dream of faraway destinations.

For the imaginative: think up a story for a mysterious boat, e.g. a decommissioned cutter or a weather-beaten sailing ship with smoothly polished planks.

11. Sailing Trip With Gourmet Dinner at Sea or Ocean

Offers for romantic sailing trips are available on lakes and the North and Baltic Seas, for example from the experience provider mydays.

12. Short Trip by Houseboat

Take a Houseboat short trip and sail romantically for two along an idyllic river or lake.

13. Midnight Moonlight Swimming Trip

Go for a swim together in a bathing lake by moonlight and cuddle up around the campfire afterwards. If you’re adventurers, you can also break into a swimming pool together at night – the allure of the forbidden gives this adventure an extra kick…. 😉

14. Sleep in a Tree Tent or Barrel on an Unusual Camping Trip

Experience providers like mydays have awesome, unusual overnight stays for a weekend getaway. For example, two people in a Sleep above the ground in a tree tent!

15. Snuggle Under the Stars at an Open-Air Cinema or Drive-in

Under the covers with a cool or hot drink at the open-air cinema, watch that flick you’ve been dying to see all along. Or surprise your partner with a stop at the burger joint and head to the drive-in afterwards.

16. Fly Over the Rooftops of the City in a Hot Air Balloon

There’s hardly a better magic cure for butterflies in the stomach than lofty heights! The slight adrenaline rush of looking down from a great height provides a pleasant thrill, and as you gaze out over the expanse of the city or countryside, you’ll literally feel like you’re floating above it all.

That’s why many dating guides recommend going up to a high tower on a first date. But we think that whether you’re just getting to know each other or you’ve been living together for years, the most romantic way to fly high is to go on a balloon ride.

17. Take a Spontaneous Short Trip to a Wellness or Romantic Hotel – Preferably by the Sea!

Just let yourself be pampered and make the most of your time together. There are many Romantic Hotels in Germany, and we particularly like the beach hotels on the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

18. Just Drive Off in the Car and Watch the Sunset From the Boot

The most romantic place to do this is somewhere in nature where it’s just the two of you!

19. Go On a Wine Hike With Tasting of Fine Wines at Wineries

Residents of Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse or Baden-Württemberg have a clear advantage here: for them, a Wineyard Hike is a wonderful, doorstep option for romantic pursuits.

20. Camping Short Trip With Campfire by the Sea or Lake

Set up a tent and camping table and chairs at a beautifully located campsite – a nature campsite, for example. Barbecue marshmallows together over a campfire until late at night, listen to the sound of the sea, look up at the starry sky and talk about anything. And then off to the tent – cuddling…

Abenteuer Freundschaft has even more tips for romantic getaways for two all year round and other romantic experiences. In general, we have lots of tips for activities for two, with family or friends!

Do you have your own tips for romantic activities or other leisure time ideas and would like to write about them? Join us as a guest author! 🙂

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