The 10 best summer activities for couples bring action, creativity and fun to your free time

13. August 2016 - Anika Semmer

10 Best Summer Activities for Couples or Two Friends


Sommerparty-Ideen und Outdoor-Spiele


Summer, sun and finally time for special summer activities for couples. Are you looking for tips for the best leisure activities for two that you should definitely not miss this summer? Of these 5 leisure tips, you should try out at least three this summer!

The weather is great, you’re off work, so is your boyfriend and you want to do something special as a couple? There’s no better time than summer to go on adventures together, enjoy your free time and do something with friends.

Best of all, these 10 great things to do as a couple either cost nothing or are bargains compared to the unforgettable moments you’ll experience!

10. The Best Trendy Sports & Adrenaline Summer Activities for Couples

Ventures for two are trending sports and adrenaline sporting activities

Long-shutter blobb by midnightcomm at CC BY 2.0

Do you know what blobbing is? It’s one of the hottest trend sports of 2016! It involves you lying on a large air cushion floating in the water and your friend jumping onto the air cushion from a jetty or diving tower. You are catapulted into the air and fly!

Unfortunately, you can’t try out blobbing everywhere in Germany yet, but you can try out these activities for two in and around the water everywhere: play frisbee or water polo together, go surfing, sailing or paragliding and let off steam!

Our top tip for leisure fun in the park: try slackening! Stretch an inner tube between two trees and balance on the slackline. Professionals are real artists on the slackline and show you how to do a somersault here!


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9. Take a Bike Ride in the Countryside

Combining sport and nature on a couple's venture on a bike tour

Bike tour from thistlefly at CC BY 2.0

Ditch the car and swing into the saddle! A bike ride into the countryside is the perfect way for two to get out into nature. Pick a route and make sure you match the challenge of the bike ride to your fitness level. The great thing about a bike tour is that you have the freedom to choose whether you want to do a sporty tour or just cycle in a relaxed way.

Before you set off on your bike tour, think about how long you want to be on the road, what theright route is for you and plan it! It’s best to go through this checklist for a cycling tour with friends so that you start well prepared and don’t forget anything important!
Tip: The quickest way to get out into the countryside is to take the train and save yourself the journey.

8. The Best Summer Activities for Couples to Enjoy and Relax

One of the best things to do as a couple is to just relax and enjoy your free time

Enjoy your free time and relax together

Relaxing leisure time with your best friend or partner – what could be better than chilling out together in an idyllic place, letting your mind wander and chatting about God and the world?

Treat yourselves to a king size ice cream cup: Of course, you already had an ice cream cone in your hand at the first rays of sunshine. But have you enjoyed the summer with your best friend in the best ice cream parlour in town with a king size sundae? Just treat yourselves to some pure ice cream indulgence!

Chilling in the park or garden: Just get a tan together in the park (don’t forget to put on lotion first ;-)), and enjoy the sun with a cool bike drink. Or build the perfect chill oasis in your own garden with deckchairs, a juicy watermelon and cool drinks, and a music box blaring your personal summer soundtrack.

Lake relaxation: Take a trip together to a lake and drift off into happiness on a king-size air mattress.

7. Pure Nature on a Hike

Hikes - Activities for couples in nature

Hiking in the Alps

Go exploring in nature together! Good old hiking is back in vogue for a reason: hiking is one of the most varied leisure activities where you constantly discover new things. Whether in the Lüneburg Heath, Saxon Switzerland, the Black Forest or the Alps – everywhere in Germany there are hiking trails through wonderful landscapes that are just waiting to be explored by you.

Climb a mountain peak together or hike to a mountain hut and enjoy the wonderful view together. Or you can walk around a lake, take a long walk on the beach or a walk in the woods. A hike is simply the ideal leisure activity for all nature lovers!

Before you start, you should plan your hike well – we have summarised the most important tips for outdoor hiking with friends including a checklist.

6. Movies and Music Under the Stars

Open air cinemas and concerts are one of the best things to do as a couple in summer

Open air cinema Kieler Woche 2013 by Henry Krasemann at CC BY 2.0

In an open air cinema, films have a completely different effect than in a stuffy cinema hall. Sitting under the stars and watching a film with your best friend on a warm summer night is definitely a great experience!
Every year, more visitors make a pilgrimage to music festivals and for good reason. One of the greatest things for music lovers to do is to listen to their favourite band on a beautiful summer open air day. In every city there are always open air concerts, city or street festivals in the summer, where you can often discover great unknown bands!

5. The Best Things to Do as a Couple With a Culinary Highlight

A summer without a picnic is like Easter without Easter eggs! All you need for a really good picnic is a basket full of snacks, treats and drinks, a picnic blanket and off you go. Find a nice spot, spread out the blanket and simply move your brunch, lunch or dinner outside!

The typical Bavarian alternative: For us, a trip to the beer garden is definitely one of the best things to do as a couple with a culinary highlight. Enjoy the summer together in a hearty way with a hearty dish such as veal sausages, Lebek cheese or butter pretzels and a refreshingly cool beer!

Of course, the culinary classic in summer should not be missing here: Barbecuing is also a great leisure activity for two in the summer. In our opinion, however, barbecuing is most fun with several friends. Because if each of your friends brings something different to the barbecue, you have a wonderfully varied barbecue menu!

4. Boat Trip as Adventurous Summer Activities for Couples

A boat trip is one of the best things to do as a couple in summer with fun guaranteed

Adventurous boat trip on the Havel

Whether it’s a sailing trip, a rowing boat tour or a round of pedal boating: gliding across the water is fun with any boat. Depending on how sporty you want your boat trip to be, there is a wide range of different leisure activities with water fun.

Sporty boat trips: Whitewater racing and white water rafting is the right thing for adrenaline junkies. You’ll go down whirlpools and even waterfalls! You can also go rowing, canoeing or kayaking anywhere in Germany for a special trip on the water.

Casual boat trips: Rent a pedal boat or take off in a rubber dinghy in calm waters and go comfortably at your own pace. Or book a boat tour on a real ship and let yourself be driven. 🙂

Scavenger hunts for adults are a real trend!

2. See the World Anew on a Night Hike

Extraordinary and very special - activities for two like a night hike

Starry night von 白士 李 unter CC BY 2.0

When was the last time you went on a night hike? Probably as children in a youth group or at a school camp. But a night excursion into the forest, to a castle or through the quiet streets of a city is a terrific experience, especially for adults. The air smells different, unfamiliar noises and the special nocturnal atmosphere make this activity for two an extraordinary experience.

Not without reason were the poets of the Romantic period passionate night owls! Everything seems more mysterious at night and the senses are sharpened when it is pitch dark. You perceive everything much more intensively and discover things that are familiar to one another in a completely new way. Due to the lack of distractions from outside (ok, except in the middle of a big city), you can also concentrate much better on conversations and topics come up that you usually completely block out in the routine of the day!

Whether you’re a spooky fan, animal lover, nature lover, amateur astronomer or simply adventurer, a night hike is one of the greatest things to do as a couple and with our ideas for a night hike it becomes an extraordinary outing!

1. Short Trip to the Sea or Lake

A trip to the sea or a lake - ventures for two that allow for relaxation, sports, fun and lots of leisure activities

Perfect weather for the short trip to the sea.

Clearly our number 1 of all summer activities for couples: a trip to the sea or a lake! When the sun is shining, there is no better leisure activity than going to the sea with your best friend.

There you can simply relax together on the beach and let the sea breeze blow around your nose, go on a beach hike, play beach volleyball, take a boat trip and enjoy the summer to the fullest!

But also a weekend trip or a day trip to a nearby lake gives you a real holiday feeling.

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There are more tips for summer activities to discover on our website. And regardless of the season, you can also browse for activities with friends, your sweatheart and family!

Image source Cover photo: Best friends by Blondinrikard Fröberg at CC BY 2.0

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