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15. June 2017 - Anika Semmer

10 Summer Party Ideas That Will Make Your Party a Burner


Sommerparty-Ideen und Outdoor-Spiele


Summer, sun, party – good mood is actually guaranteed. But with this summer party ideas you can make your summer party with family or friends the best party ever.

The sun is shining from the sky and a spontaneous summer party is just the right thing to leave the working week behind on the weekend. Of course, you should make the most of the great weather and throw the summer party preferably outdoors. Depending on the type of summer party you decide on, it’s worth thinking about a few things in advance.Summer, sun, party – good mood is actually guaranteed. But with this summer party ideas you can make your summer party with family or friends the best party ever.

The sun is shining from the sky and a spontaneous summer party is just the right thing to leave the working week behind on the weekend. Of course, you should make the most of the great weather and throw the summer party preferably outdoors. Depending on the type of summer party you decide on, it’s worth thinking about a few things in advance.

To begin with, you should choose the location – you can easily set up beer tent sets in the garden, but that’s not really an option for a picnic or beach party. Whether it’s a big budget or a small one, the secret to any good summer party is to make it special!

It’s easy to do, for example with an original summer motto, an awesome location, the right party equipment and a few ingenious summer party ideas.

1. Party Location with Summer Feeling

Before choosing a location, you should consider whether the party will start during the day or in the evening and whether children will be present. Summer parties can be held anywhere, but especially in good weather, an outdoor party location beats even the best party cellar!

Otherwise, the best location for a summer party when the sun is blazing down is anywhere there is water! Or you can cool off in the garden, for more information see Tip 4.

  • A swimming pool – great for small parties with kids
  • At the lake or river
  • On a barbecue area
  • In the garden
  • On the terrace
  • In a park
  • On a campsite
  • In a barn
  • On a (party) boat or raft

2. Hanging or Lying Down? – The Right Party Equipment

The location is set and you know the number of party guests. If you are having a summer party in the garden or at a location where you can easily transport tables, chairs or beer benches, you should allow for the necessary transport and preparation time.

For all other locations: terrific, you now have the opportunity to turn all your creative potential and the cellar around and rock your summer party with original, easily transportable seating.

And also every garden party wins with a hammock and a few spread picnic blankets to relax 😉


3. 36 Degrees and It Gets Even Hotter…

Summer, sun and heat – that’s what everyone wants at their summer party. If it’s clear that your guests will be like sausages on a hot grill that day – then it’s definitely worth thinking about an ice-cold surprise beforehand! For a garden party, this is easy – just empty the freezer in time and make room for ice cubes, frosted t-shirts, ice cream cones and crushed ice showers. 😀

And yes, you can transport ice a long way and keep your drinks ice cold all day! In hot countries like Australia they are totally standard: well insulated coolers are available there in all sizes and price ranges in every camping shop. It pays to have at least one big cooler with you on a really hot day!

4. Water Is a Real Mood Bomb!

Great weather and a summer party at the lake – a lot has to happen for the party to be a flop! Organise as many air mattresses, floaties and swimming toys as you can to relax together. As a funny party highlight, you can also bunker all the alcohol supplies in an inflatable boat that floats tied up in the water – like an island.

You can easily bring the refreshing water to all locations that are not on the water. Set up at least one paddling pool for the kids, and youngsters and even some adults will jump enthusiastically into water bomb fights and water pistol competitions. (No one who doesn’t want to has to join in and get wet).

Summer party ideas for party in the garden: Simply set up the garden sprinkler and let the children jump through it. And you can also have a lot of fun with the garden hose. 🙂

5. The Theme Does It All

Summer party ideas with theme - tea party

Tea party at Alice in Wonderland

Hawaiian party, Mexican fiesta, beach party or off to Ballermann – one of the smartest summer party ideas ist it to give your party with a theme atmosphere and ask the guests to dress appropriately to the theme in the invitation. This is not witchcraft even for the biggest theme party muffle! In most cases, a few fun accessories such as flashy sunglasses, flip-flops and beach hats are enough – or the theme crazies can throw on Borat’s mankini and help make your party truly unforgettable! 😛

The great advantage of a summer theme party: the guests have something to talk about right away! There is hardly an easier way to break the ice right from the start and provide laughter and conversation!

Theme Summer Party Ideas

  • Caribbean party
  • Hawaiian party
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Ballermann party
  • Beach party
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Party
  • Sunglasses party
  • Bikini party
  • Blow it up! Party
  • Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
  • Cocktail party
  • Southern themed party

6. The Outfit for the Summer Party

Of course, the right summer outfit belongs to a theme party! Here, too, the choice of location determines the outfit: After all, at a beach party it would be pretty uncomfortable to turn up in an evening dress instead of a bikini. Especially when the water fight starts… On the other hand, you should leave the sexy Homer Simpson swimming trunks at home for an elegant summer party in the garden.

The only important thing is to dress appropriately for the party: there’s nothing worse than sweating or squeezing into nice but completely uncomfortable clothes and shoes, because after all, the main goal of any summer party is to have fun and unwind.

Women can never go wrong with a summer dress or casual shorts/skirt and top. Add sunglasses and a summer hat if you like. Flowers in the hair, braided hairstyles and updos go wonderfully.

Men are a little more limited, especially when it comes to elegant summer clothes. If you have a linen suit hanging in your wardrobe, you are well advised to wear it, otherwise shorts, a shirt or T-shirt and summer shoes.

If water games are planned for the summer party, it is definitely worth packing a change of clothes 😉

7. Summer Party Decoration Ideas

There are lots of beautiful decorations to create the right atmosphere at your summer party. The most important thing is that the decorations convey a good mood, in short, that they are colourful! Self-picked flower bouquets, cosy summer seating, lanterns and lampions are quickly distributed. And there are lots of great decorations!

8. Games That Create a Party Atmosphere

Good games bring a good atmosphere to any party and are something for all ages! At a summer party, you can choose from many different types of games. Depending on whether there are children at the party or what your party guests will enjoy the most, there are many options.

Playing a classic throwing game outdoors like Kubb, ladder golf or Ultimate Frisbee are original and unusual – and can be played anywhere outside by kids and adults. In this article, we’ve featured the best new throwing games over the past year.

For younger party guests, it’s easy to organise a water pistol shootout, fishing objects out of the paddling pool, etc.

9. Summer Snacks – From Barbecue to Finger Food

Summer party snacks with finger food are a must have on a summer party

Finger food is easy and quick to prepare

Barbecues are always good, smell like summer and are the best solution for summer parties that are not held in the garden or in a well-equipped location. A few tasty salads and baguettes or simply good picnic recipes are a must.

In hot weather, guests crave light salads and snacks more than pork knuckles. Especially with exotic fruit, you can conjure up delicious dishes here. Fruit salads and fruit skewers, for example, can be beautifully served by placing them in a hollowed-out watermelon as a serving bowl.

Quick snacks such as grape and cheese skewers, a plate of tomato and mozzarella, and antipasti are quick to prepare and delicious for everyone. If you have enough time in advance, you can also bake out waffles and pancakes beforehand, spread with yoghurt, cut into rolls and chill in the fridge until just before serving.

10. Alcoholic and Anti-Alcoholic Summer Cocktails & Drinks

Summer party ideas with cocktails and colourful drinks

Colourful summer cocktails with fresh fruits

Fruity cocktails and punch are available with and without alcohol. They belong to a summer party in the garden like the coconut to the palm tree. These mixed drinks should be freshly prepared – for which you need bar equipment etc. – they are out of the question at a summer party on a party boat or at the lake.

For any location with limited cooling facilities and where everything has to be transported laboriously, we advise long drinks with only a few different ingredients, such as Cuba Libre and of course the classic: beer! Here, party beer kegs don’t look bad at all. 🙂

Ideas for Alcoholic Summer Cocktails

  • Sex on the Beach
  • Malibu Beach
  • Mai Tai
  • Caipirinha
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sangria
  • Piña Colada
  • Tequila Sunrise

Ideas for Non Alcoholic Summer Cocktails

  • Mosquito
  • Ipanema
  • Strawberry-banana Smoothie with Crushed Ice
  • Ginger-Hugo (with Ginger Ale)
  • Mango lassi
  • Cherry banana Cocktail mit Crushed Ice

By the way, at Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many more party ideas, and tips for activities with friends, with your partner or with the family. It’s worth a browse!

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