The Treasure Chest is a money wedding gift as a wedding game

21. September 2017 - Anika Semmer

Money Wedding Gift as a Wedding Game – The Secret Treasure Chest


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


A wedding game as wrapping for a money wedding gift is one of the sweetest surprises for the wedding couple. Send the wedding couple on a treasure hunt and give them a mysterious, tightly locked treasure chest.

All you need is a beautiful treasure chest, iron chains, locks to lock it and questions for the wedding couple to answer to find the keys that will open the treasure chest.

Many wedding couples want a money wedding gift, because they can make good use of every euro for the lavish celebration and the honeymoon. Especially with a joint money wedding gift and a higher contribution, it is not at all easy to stylishly present this rather unromantic, pragmatic gift.

Our tip is to wrap the gift with an entertaining, personal and creative wedding game, and provide entertainment alongside the financial injection at the same time. One of the editors’ absolute favourites is the enigmatic wedding treasure, because this money wedding gift as a wedding game is not short on symbolism either!

The Secret Treasure Chest – Money Wedding Gift as a Fun Wedding Game


Treasure Chest for the Money Gift

This Is What You Need for the Wedding Treasure

  • Treasure chest
  • 3 beautiful locks with keys
  • 3 necklaces
  • Money, at least 50 euros in coins

Choose a nice treasure chest, it should not be too small so that you can wrap the chains around it. Antique treasure chests with iron handles are good – they are ideal for attaching chains and locks.

Fill the treasure chest with money – roll up the notes and tie them with a silk ribbon and fill them with coins. Now wrap the chains around the chest and lock it with the 3 locks so that it can only be opened with the 3 keys.

Attach a rolled up piece of paper with a question to each key. You can find our suggestions below in the wedding game.

You can give the keys to 3 guests at the wedding and let them in on the wedding game, or you can hide them at the party – but you should know the location well and add a hint to the questions!

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The Secret Treasure Chest Wedding Game

This Is What You Need for the Wedding Game

  • Caribbean Pirates soundtrack
  • 3 Treasure Hunt questions (see below) and a congratulatory text
  • 1 soup ladle and a fun item of clothing e.g. a granny nightie with bonnet
  • A white and/or a red carnation

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You start the wedding game by handing the treasure chest to the wedding couple and asking them to open it. As the chest is locked with the chains and locks, they will soon ask for the keys.

You tell them that the keys were stolen by some joker and that next to the chest there was only a piece of paper with a strange question on it. With that, you hand the wedding couple the rolled-up first clue and play the soundtrack of the film Pirates of the Caribbean – at the latest then everyone will understand: the bridal couple can now go on a treasure hunt – or rather a key hunt.

The first clue leads the bridal couple to the wedding guest who keeps the first key and to whom the next clue is attached. To get this, the bride and groom have to answer a question.

The second clue sends the wedding couple in search of two funny household items that used to be part of the bride’s dowry: for this you need the big soup ladle and a funny old granny nightgown with a bonnet. You give both to a wedding guest who hides them at the table. As soon as the wedding couple has found the dowry, they get the second key with the last clue.

The 3rd clue leads to a flower – a red or white carnation – which is the solution to the question. A male wedding guest wears this clue as a pin flower on his suit – the last key is also in the pocket. Or a female wedding guest – maybe you yourself 😉 – wears a white or red carnation in her hairdo and keeps the last key in her handbag.

outflower Hochzeit Fake Blumen Simulation Blume Rose Brautschmuck Hochzeit Home Dekoration Nelken, beige, 26*8*8cm
outflower Hochzeit Fake Blumen Simulation Blume Rose Brautschmuck Hochzeit Home Dekoration Nelken, beige, 26*8*8cm
Material: Seide Blume.Blume Menge: 1 Bouquet von 6 Blumen.; Größe: Gesamtlänge: 26 cm, Blume Durchmesser 8 cm. Gewicht: 48.5g.

Now the wedding couple gets the last key with your congratulatory text and can open their wedding treasure.

The 3 Questions for the Treasure Hunt

1. Paper Roll With Text and the First Question

Dear wedding couple, you are on a treasure hunt and want to find the keys to lift the treasure? You have to answer 3 questions. Then the treasure is yours!

Question for the groom: Dear groom, who was the first person your sweetheart told about your wedding proposal? Who was the second and who was the third? And how and where exactly did you propose?

You will find the first key with the former.

2. Paper Roll With the Second Question

A few decades ago, it was customary for the bride to bring a dowry into the marriage. The dowry was the bride’s property and was hidden in a chest. This was usually presented by the bride’s father to the groom’s father or to the couple.

Question:What did the bride’s fortune usually consist of?

(Answer: Goods such as high-quality textiles, good clothes, crockery and items needed in the household and given to her beforehand).

Someone has robbed two important parts of the trousseau. Find them and you will find the next key from the joker.

3. Paper Roll With the Third Question

Flowers are not only beautiful, they also have a meaning. The iris, for example, stands for unbridled energy and creativity. The white lily for virginity, purity and innocence.

Question:Which flower in two colours stands for two things that are very important for a marriage? And what are these things?

(Answer: The carnation. The red carnation stands for strong passion, the white carnation for eternal faithfulness).

This flower hides the 3rd key and the bride and groom can thus access your money wedding gift in the treasure chest!

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