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23. July 2022 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Bingo – How to Play the Fun Get-To-Know-You Game + Free Cards


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What a surprise what friends, family members and work colleagues all have in common! The wedding game wedding bingo is all about getting guests talking to each other, breaking the ice and making the wedding party even more enjoyable for the guests. You can find out how the wedding game works, what you need for it and a nice free template for bingo cards to download here.

Primary school friends from the home village, university friends from the big city in another federal state, family from all over Germany and overseas and lots of companions of the bride and groom who have never met. That’s how it happens, the formation of groups. Before you know it, old acquaintances are standing together during breaks and throughout the evening, but very few of them get to talk to each other – who would just talk to someone they don’t know? You need a reason for that! And that’s exactly what you’ll get with the wedding game wedding bingo.

Wedding bingo is a fun game that lightens the mood and provides entertainment during the breaks that occur at every wedding. Each wedding guest gets a bingo card and tries to fill it as quickly as possible to get the winning prize. To do this, the guests have to talk to each other and entertain each other.

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How to Play Wedding Bingo?

Place a wedding bingo card and a pen in each wedding guest’s seat. The wedding bingo card consists of 5×5 fields, each filled with a question or description. The guests’ task is to find other wedding guests who match the statement in the field – this involves all the guests talking to each other and finding common interests, exchanging ideas and getting to know each other. As soon as you have found a guest who matches the statement in the box, you have to write the name of the guest in the box. The aim of the game is to be the first to fill in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. As soon as someone has done this, he or she shouts out loud: Bingo!

The game continues until 3 people have called bingo and thus the places 1-3 stand. The lucky winners get prizes, which can also be fun little things. For inspiration for funny, fun ambiguous winning prizes, e.g. a hand-built yacht (folded boat), a hot night (hot water bottle) or the key to the truth (corkscrew, because as we all know, the truth is in the wine…), see our article below and even more ideas in our ingenious Wedding Raffle Prizes. 🙂

Important: Each bingo field on the card must be filled in with the name of the person who gave the answer. Only one field per person may be filled in!

What You Need for Wedding Bingo

Wedding Bingo Templates Free Download

You can find free templates to download on the material list

Wedding Bingo Rules

In short, wedding bingo is played just like all bingo games: Check off the box, whoever has a full row first wins and calls bingo. It is worth pointing out these three important rules again in the introduction to the wedding game:

  1. fill in only one field per person
  2. write the name of the person on the dotted line
  3. Shout “Bingo” as soon as a row is full vertically, horizontally or diagonally

Witty Winning Prizes – 10 Funny Ideas for Small Money

Wedding bingo has a prize for one main reason: to arouse the ambition and curiosity of the guests to join in. Because the success of the wedding game stands and falls with the number of guests who take part – the more, the better!

So the best prices are not necessarily the most expensive ones either – but ensure curiosity, attention and laughs. After all, it’s all about good entertainment for guests and the wedding couple! These prizes can also be used as a great closing ceremony after the bingo and ensure good humour and laughter!

  1. Hand-built yacht – folded paper boat
  2. Dream trip for 2 people – 2 sleeping tablets
  3. Candlelight dinner – 2 bifis and a tea light
  4. Key to the new trolley – shopping trolley chip
  5. Kitchen aid for 2 weeks – sponge and bottle of washing-up liquid
  6. Miracle remedy that cleans up inside – laxative
  7. The best of the groom – a bottle of his favourite beer
  8. World’s most successful crack cleaner – toilet paper
  9. Sharpness – tube with wasabi paste, chilli or mustard
  10. Key to the truth – corkscrew, for in wine lies the truth (in vino veritas)

Design Your Own Wedding Bingo Cards

For your own wedding bingo variant, draw a 5 x 5 field with equal-sized boxes, either analogue or with a graphics programme on the computer. Write the rules of the game as briefly as possible so that everyone knows what to do.

You can now fill in the boxes with your questions, tasks or descriptions.

Or you can use our blank template and fill it in with your questions, characteristics and tasks!

20 More Ideas for Filling in the Blanks

Find a guest who…

  1. last married
  2. closest to the bride
  3. knowing a secret of the groom
  4. wishes a song for you
  5. your twin could be
  6. wears an outfit that you like enormously
  7. would have been a hero to you as a child
  8. asking the bride to dance
  9. takes a selfie with you
  10. is male and has chosen the wedding gift
  11. has already experienced something crazy with the bride and groom
  12. has the same eye colour as you
  13. has something in common with you that totally surprises you
  14. has a beautiful smile
  15. does not wear a wedding ring
  16. looks like a star from a movie you would love
  17. was recently at a demo
  18. Can say love in 7 languages
  19. Bigger than you
  20. Doing something professionally that you would like to do

Have fun playing wedding bingo!

What makes a perfect wedding celebration? A great atmosphere and a party that the wedding couple and the guests will rave about afterwards. That was so beautiful! On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find the most beautiful wedding games for the bride and groom and the wedding guests and lots of ideas for gifts, activities and a wonderful party. And if you don’t have a wedding coming up, you can find new ideas for nice leisure activities with family, friends and your partner every week in our leisure time idea finder. Why not take a look around?

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