Wedding clothespin game is one of the simplest and at the same time most entertaining wedding games.

3. September 2022 - Alexander Schmidt

Wedding Clothespin Game – A Simple and Entertaining Wedding Game


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


You are invited to a wedding and want to contribute to the program with a wedding game? Then the wedding clothespin game is a good candidate for this: simple, yet creative. And the wedding couple has even quite long what of it!

The gorgeous cake, the loving kiss of the bride and groom, the funniest or most touching speech – what people remember from a wedding can be very different. In my experience, what was always one of the most memorable highlights of a wedding program at all the weddings I’ve been to were wedding games.

Good wedding games provide cheer and also often serve as icebreakers among guests who do not yet know each other. But also wedding games for the bride and groom like the famous shoe game or sawing a log together are popular and make for memorable photos in the wedding album.

The wedding clothespin game presented here below involves both the guests and the wedding couple, or benefits them. You also hardly need any material for it and it is quite quick to prepare!

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How does the clothespin game for the wedding?

All you need for the clothespin game are clothespins, small writable cards, a pen and of course lots of good ideas!

Or here as

Material list

You should number the clothespins. To do this, you can either use wooden clothespins and put a number on them yourself. Or you can attach small numbered labels to them.

Distributing the clothespins

There are several ways you can distribute the clothespins to guests:

  • You put at each place at the wedding table except at the bride and groom a clothespin. (Speak but better beforehand with the bride and groom).
  • You intercept all wedding guests at the entrance to the celebration location and hand them a container (bowl, box, etc.) from which they can take the clothespins.
  • Instead, you can also place the container somewhere conspicuous and take the floor at an appropriate moment and point out to all guests to take a clip from it.

In either case, you can say something like this about it, “There could be a task attached to each of these clamps that you will have to do for the bride and groom at some point. You can keep the clip yourself and feel free to clip it to your clothes, or you can secretly clip it to someone else.”

To make it not too unfair you can also introduce the rule that someone only has to do a maximum of 3 tasks.

The drawing of the numbers and tasks

At a later time, when the guests have had time to distribute the clothespins if they wish, you take the floor again and announce the drawing of the tasks. To do this, it is best to prepare in advance as many pieces of paper with the numbers that are also on the clothespins as you have distributed.

Then have the bride and groom take turns drawing a number as many times as you have tasks. Each time, you read the number aloud, wait for the guest to respond, and then announce the task to him/her. All the tasks are special favors that the person has to do for the bride and groom.

Prepare a piece of paper or a small card for each task. You can then give this to the guest for whom this task is intended.

The wedding clothespin game tasks

The number of tasks is in principle open and entirely up to you. However, keep in mind that the bride and groom must also find the time to somehow fit the fulfillment of all the tasks into their daily lives. So it should not be too much.

Therefore, a popular number of tasks in the wedding clothespin game is 12, which is one each month in the first wedding year. Besides, it is also the number of 12 mythological tasks of Heracles. Symbolically certainly a good omen.

Depending on who the bride and groom are and what their life situation or plans are at the time of the wedding, not all tasks will suit every couple. Nevertheless, here are 12 tasks for inspiration:

  1. Prepare a delicious breakfast for the bride and groom.
  2. Help the bride and groom in the garden.
  3. Support the bride and groom in moving / renovating / furnishing the new apartment together.
  4. Take babysitting for an evening.
  5. Cook the bride and groom a delicious meal.
  6. Get the bride and groom under the arms during spring cleaning.
  7. Clean the windows once for the bride and groom.
  8. Take the bride and groom on a surprise outing.
  9. Bring the bride and groom a bouquet of flowers.
  10. Wash the car of the bride and groom.
  11. Invite the bride and groom to the cinema.
  12. Bake a delicious cake for the bride and groom.

Have fun playing clothespin game for wedding!

While you’re here, stick around for a bit of browsing! Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft you will not only find numerous other wedding games and other wedding ideas. We are all about exceptional leisure activities for friends, couples and families. Our motto for life is “Make the most of your free time together with the people who mean a lot to you and create special moments together that will last forever.” 🙂

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