Design the marriage Bed Sheet as a Wedding Memento

22. July 2018 - Anika Semmer

Design the Marriage Bed Sheet as a Unique Wedding Memory


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


It’s a special wedding memento and individual joint gift in one: a jointly designed bed sheet for the wedding couple. Here you can find out everything you need to know to design the marriage bed sheet as a unique wedding memory.

At the wedding reception, each guest leaves their handprint and contributes to the wedding. You can easily create a beautiful programme item as a wedding memento from this beautiful image with little organisational effort. A pristine white sheet for the marriage bed is transformed into a colourful work of art on which all the wedding guests immortalise themselves – with their hands, feet and imagination.

How to Design the Marriage Bed Sheet for the Wedding Couple

Design the maariage bed sheet as a wedding memento at the wedding reception

Wedding action for the bride and groom: Design wedding bed sheets as a wedding memento

Material List*

How to Designing a Wedding Bed Sheet

Wedding action with the wedding guests to design the wedding bed sheet as a lasting wedding memory

Handprints with lasting wedding memories

Clarify in advance that you will need a free-standing long table for this activity – a beer bench is best. Spread the white bed sheet on it. Next to it, set up a side table with everything the wedding guests can use to decorate the sheet: In addition to fabric paints, you should definitely get finger paints – children will have a lot of fun with these and can definitely join in!
I have found that it helps people to get creative if you give them a little inspiration and ideas. For example, before the wedding ceremony, carve a heart out of a potato and stamp it on white paper. You can also stamp a bouquet of wedding flowers in the colours of the bridal bouquet and put the result among the corks, stencils, potatoes and colours as an example.

At the wedding reception, ask the wedding guests to immortalise themselves on the bed sheet as a wedding memento and set an example yourself. The easiest method is to simply paint a hand with colourful finger paints and leave your handprint on the bed sheet along with your signature. The result is a personalised work of art for the wedding couple.

The finger paint washes off quickly in a bucket of water and leaves no traces.

Tip: This wedding activity is a great way to give children something creative to do. For this purpose, place additional blank fabric bags in children’s size and normal size on the side table!

Wedding Memory and Programme Item

CReative gift during the wedding

As a wedding souvenir, children can paint jute bags

Planning the programme of the wedding celebration is as much the responsibility of the best men and close relatives as it is of the bride and groom. This is because, especially for large celebrations with children, it is important to provide a few entertainment items to keep the wedding guests occupied and involved in the celebration. At an all-round successful wedding there is always something for kids and adults to discover and experience! There are two ways to do this: Wedding games and wedding activities, which have a great memory value (and are usually also a real visual highlight). At Adventure Friendship there are many ideas to discover for both types of programme item, which can be implemented with varying amounts of time.

It is particularly clever to kill two birds with one stone and organise an entertaining programme item that offers flexible employment during the entire celebration and at the same time is a gift as a wedding souvenir for the wedding couple. From the wedding guest book, jointly painted picture, fingerprint trees and treasure boxes in which each guest puts his or her memory of the wedding celebration and the wedding couple, postcard action to the bed sheet on which each wedding guest creatively immortalises himself or herself. On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are many ideas and tips for the organisation, planning and realisation of the wedding celebration. And there are also lots of ideas for wedding activities and wedding games to ensure the best possible entertainment.

Discover even more wonderful ideas for wedding activities and wedding games for the bride and groom and wedding games for guests.

On our ideas portal you will not only find many special ideas for the wedding. Discover original ideas for gifts and many colourful ideas for leisure activities for occasions and all year round. Browse the leisure portal for ideas for activities with friends, partner and family!

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