The wedding quiz is a wedding game for the bridal couple with personal questions

13. July 2018 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Quiz – The Personal Wedding Game Variation of the Shoe Game


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


How well do the bride and groom really know each other? That’s what this wedding quiz is all about, finding out whether the bride and groom really know each other inside out!

Our wedding quiz is all about the bride and groom – and as personal, funny and charming as possible. The quizmaster asks the bride and groom personal questions about each other – which both have to answer. But unlike the popular shoe game, which is about who does what in the relationship and whether they agree on their answers, it is a real personal knowledge test.

Bride and groom have to answer questions about their sweetheart in this personal wedding quiz – and both collect points. Which of the two really knows the other inside out and wins the wedding quiz?

Tip: You can also give the bride her maid of honour and the groom his best man and let them play against each other in teams of two.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find two more quizzes as wedding games with game explanations and many suggestions for questions: the Wedding Game Marriage Test or Shoe Game and a Knowledge Quiz with Questions about Marriage!

Wedding Quiz

This Is What You Need

  • 10-20 questions
  • Moderation cards made of white and red paper
  • Quiz master
  • A winner’s prize, certificate or medal


Before the wedding, the quizmaster prepares 10-20 questions, 5 or 10 each about the bride and just as many about the groom. It is of course up to you to decide how personal, whether above all funny, charming or raunchy you want to make the questions of the wedding quiz.

Prepare a moderation card for each question on which you write a question – for example, white hearts for the bride and red hearts for the groom. On the back, write 4 possible answers to make it easier to answer and to involve the guests. If you are not the quizmaster, mark the correct answer.

The Wedding Quiz works at the Reception

The quizmaster asks the bride and groom to come on stage and take turns asking each other questions. So the bride answers questions about the groom and the groom about the bride. The more personal the questions, the better! For example: During your first kiss: Who kissed whom, when and where, dear bride? Which shoes would your sweetheart never give away?

For each correctly answered question, the quizmaster – or a helper – will pin it to a cork wall or pinboard or place the heart at the feet of the person. The bride and groom now compete to see who knows the other better and wins the wedding quiz.

The winning prize is then the wedding gift or a small prize, for example a funny framed photo of the loved one, a trophy, certificate or medal.

15 Personal Questions for the Wedding Quiz

  1. What eye colour does the bride/groom have? Describe them as accurately as possible!
  2. What does the groom / bride love most of these things?
  3. Without which of these 4 things would there be doom and gloom at home, because the bride / groom cannot do without?
  4. What is a typical whim of the bride / groom?
  5. What word is totally typical of the groom / the bride
  6. What does the bride / groom love most about herself?
  7. Early in the morning before work: what is the first thing the groom / bride does?
  8. What possession is most important to the groom / bride?
  9. What is the bride’s / groom’s favourite animal?
  10. When did the bride / groom fall in love with you and why?
  11. What does the bride / groom prefer to do at home alone?
  12. How does the bride / groom imagine growing old with you?
  13. What does the bride / groom secretly dream about?
  14. When the apocalypse occurs – who would the bride / groom save first?
  15. If the bride / groom were an animal – which would he / she be?

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