Halloween pranks at home are a great way to combine gursel and fun!

23. September 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

Halloween Pranks at Home – 13 Funny and Scary Practical Jokes to Play on Halloween




Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a way to scare your family, friends or roommates, Halloween pranks at home are just what you need!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to go to extreme measures to pull off a good Halloween prank. In this article, we’re going to share with you some safe and fun home prank ideas that you can use to make your loved ones laugh or give them a good scare.

Halloween is the perfect time for spookiness and fun! A great way to bring that creepy factor into your own home is with Halloween pranks at home. These can be simple, but effective, and bring lots of joy and laughter to your family and/or apartment community. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best Halloween pranks at home that will surely make for an unforgettable Halloween night.

13 Ingenious Halloween Pranks at Home

The following Halloween pranks are all suitable to be performed at home or indoors. In a later article we will also present you Halloween pranks for outdoors.

1. Hide Creepy Objects

One of the simplest and most effective prank ideas for Halloween is to hide creepy objects. For example, place a plastic spider, rubber rat or fake chopped off hand in the bathroom or kitchen. You can also place a life-size doll or skeleton in a corner of the room to scare someone walking by.

"Many Halloween pranks at home involve creepy items like spiders made of rubber, plastic or plush."

Eight-legged surprise: a plush spider

There are, of course, numerous matching joke items available for purchase. But if you’re creative and good with your hands, you can also make your own spooky items, for example a spider box.

2. The Spider in the Soap Dispenser

All you need for this prank is a transparent soap dispenser, transparent liquid soap and a spider made of rubber* or plastic that fits through the opening of the soap dispenser after unscrewing the dispenser head. That’s where you stick the spider and then fill the dispenser with the clear soap. If necessary, you can adjust the spider in the dispenser with a spoon handle or similar elongated object. An artificial centipede also looks good here!


Then place the soap dispenser with horror insert in the bathroom next to the sink and wait for someone to discover the crawling Halloween guest. Pro-tip: the ideal moment to place it is in the morning before everyone else is up. You’ll see how quickly your family or flatmates wake up at the sleepy first toilet visit of the day! 😉

3. The Eye in the Glass

Imagine you are drinking your morning coffee, take a big sip and…. suddenly an eye is staring at you from the cup! For this prank, you need a plastic or glass eye that you can sink into someone’s drink.

However, this prank should not be played on small children, as they could choke on the eye. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also give someone the eye in a glass of water or another transparent drink when the person is not looking. The surprise effect is then not quite as great, but swallowing is impossible.

4. Create Scary Sounds

Another way to scare someone on Halloween is to make sudden creepy noises. You can use an oldfashioned tape recorder or your phone and a sound app to create sounds of creaking doors, howling wind, eerie laughter, or even pointed screams (especially nasty!).

Play these sounds when your victim least expects it. Believe me, the reaction will be priceless!

5. Halloween Pranks with Black Light

Black lights can create a spooky atmosphere and make your Halloween pranks even more disturbing. Use a black light to make fluorescent colors or objects in your house glow.

One way to make Halloween pranks at home with black light is to paint something creepy like a monster face, numerous handprints or a Jack O’ Lantern somewhere in the apartment with special invisible black light paint that is invisible in normal lighting and then turn on a black light lamp as soon as other people enter the room. Since you probably don’t want to paint your wallpaper, you can, for example, paint large sheets of white paper with the paint and attach them to the walls with removable adhesive dots.

6. The Bloody Hand on the Mirror and other Halloween Pranks with Fake Blood

Fake blood is a classic utensil for Halloween pranks and can be used in a variety of ways. Dip your hand into the fake blood and make a bloody handprint on the mirror. Wait until someone goes into the bathroom and looks at themselves in the mirror. Whether it’s screams or laughter, the sight is sure to create a creepy surprise.

"A bloody handprint is a classic Halloween prank."

A bloody handprint is a classic Halloween prank.

As an alternative to fake blood, you can also use red food coloring to create a gory scene. For example, place some blood stains in the bathtub or put a “bloody” knife on the kitchen counter to scare someone.

First of all, make sure that you only spread fake blood on surfaces where it can be easily wiped off. On the other hand, you should only play this prank on people who are mature enough for it and who don’t have a phobia of blood.

7. Halloween Pranks While Watching Horror Movies

Watching horror movies together is an extremely popular activity on Halloween, which is also a great time to play pranks.

If you have editing software and the film is digital, you can cut your very own horror film and, for example, cut in a scene from another horror film at a completely unexpected point, preferably a “jump scare”. Of course, you can also film yourself jumping into the frame in a scary costume or something similar beforehand. To make the camouflage perfect, you can burn the edited fake horror movie on DVD and put it into the real cover of the movie.

Another option is to prepare this prank with a second person who dresses up beforehand as a scary character from the movie you are watching (for example, Michael Myers if you are watching a movie from the Halloween movie series). This second person hides at first and suddenly jumps out from behind a curtain while you are watching the movie. Or they quietly sneak up behind you and scare the victim(s) of this prank.

8. The Haunted House Prank

This Halloween prank is the classic par excellence and has even found its use in movies and TV series. You have to get your guests to go into a dark room and then close the door behind them. Once inside, turn off the lights and run a soundtrack of screaming ghosts or creaking doors. You can also set up a few horror props near the door to up the creep factor.

To perform a haunted house prank, you must first choose a suitable, room, which you can equip with spooky decorations and props, such as (artificial) cobwebs, skeletons, creepy paintings, lighting effects, fog machines and special sound effects. It’s best to plan this prank together with others, then some of you can also act as “actors” who dress up as ghosts, zombies or other creepy creatures and hide in the house to scare the visitors.

9. The Living Doll Prank

This prank requires a little more effort, but is well worth it. Like some other of these Halloween pranks for kids, it works best if you plan it with someone else. In particular, this prank requires a person who can hold still for a long time and convincingly impersonate an inanimate doll.

To successfully perform the prank, you need a realistic doll mask or makeup that resembles a doll or puppet face, and a suitable costume. Almost as important is the location of the prank. Ideal is an attic or basement, places that already have an eerie flair and where there is a lot of junk or the like.

The person disguised as a doll hides there while another person involved in the prank lures the victim of the prank there. Either the “doll” suddenly jumps up from its torpor and thus scares the victim, or it changes its position while the victim turns its back to the “doll”.

10. The Early Bird Gets the Shivers…

This Halloween prank is especially nasty because you can scare someone as soon as they wake up. The prerequisite is that your victim lives in the same house with you, you have access to his bedroom and the victim has a deep sleep. For this prank, you’ll install a very special good morning greeting in a night-and-fog action.

Paint a balloon with a face. How creepy you design it is up to you, but let it be said that this prank, even with a normal smiley face already has the potential for high-pitched screams. Because you attach the balloon designed in this way to a string and stick it to the ceiling above the sleeping victim in such a way that the balloon face hovers just a little 10 cm above that of the victim…. Goooood morning!!!!!! ?

11. The Safety Pin through the Finger

For this Halloween prank, you’ll need a safety pin, glue, pliers and some fake blood. First, glue the pointed end of the safety pin into the clip provided so that the safety pin is firmly closed. Then use the pliers to pinch out a small piece of one side of the pin, just enough so that you can stick one of your fingers in between without hurting yourself. If in doubt, use a little superglue to keep the needle on your finger.

Add the final touch to your fake injury with some fake blood, food coloring or ketchup. Make it look like the needle is going right through your finger. Now let out a shrill scream and your audience will join in all by itself… ?

12. Halloween Candy but Different…

"Halloween pranks at home: fill candy with sour or ask surprises like pickles or Brussels sprouts."

I wonder what filling these muffins have?

Creepy sweets play just as big a role at Halloween as cookies at Christmas and chocolate eggs at Easter. From wine gum snakes to chocolate spiders and licorice bats to edible eyeballs, there is a wide range of typical Halloween candy that is readily distributed to children demanding “trick or treat” at the front door.

Keine Produkte gefunden.

For Halloween parties, people also like to make appropriate desserts such as Jell-O, cupcakes or cookies themselves or have guests bring them along. An ideal opportunity for Halloween pranks!

If you’re baking muffins, for example, you can add a white cream topping to them – except that for at least one muffin, you use white toothpaste for it. Another popular trick is foods dipped in chocolate that tend not to belong in desserts: from cooked Brussels sprouts to pickles or (especially nasty!) garlic cloves. Disguised as a treat with a chocolate coating, they give those who taste them a bitter or sour surprise.

13. The Monster in the Closet

To perform this prank, you need to get or make a monster costume. If in doubt, a creepy mask will also do. Also, your household must have a large closet, for example, a closet. Dressed up as a monster, you hide in it and lie in wait. You’ll probably have to take out some clothes beforehand – be careful not to get them dirty or wrinkled and hide them somewhere.

Now, wait for your victim to open the closet and scare him with gruesome monster noises! So that you don’t have to wait half the day in the closet, it is advisable to have an accomplice for this Halloween prank, who will ask the victim to open the closet under a pretext. Alternatively, the victim can be lured into the room and you open the closet door from the inside at the right moment and jump out.

Safety with Halloween Pranks at Home

All of the Halloween pranks described here are completely safe in and of themselves. However, we would like to ask you to think about some safety precautions beforehand.

For example, some people are more jumpy than others and might stumble from fright or take a step back. Accordingly, you should not scare them straight on a landing, etc. The same applies, of course, to smaller children, whose reactions are not foreseeable.

Are there animals living in the household? These must also be taken into account in some pranks, for example if shrill noises are made that could disturb a dog or cat.

In general, one should completely avoid playing such pranks as described here on people who suffer from traumas, phobias or anxiety disorders, because that’s where the fun stops.

Children usually have a blast with these types of pranks, but especially with Halloween pranks that involve a certain creepy factor, it is important to eventually break up the prank and explain it as such, if necessary, so that children understand that there really is no reason to be scared.

But as long as you use common sense when planning your Halloween pranks for the home, avoid safety hazards from the start, and choose only appropriate people to target, you’re guaranteed spooky fun and laughter

Have fun playing these Halloween pranks at home to your family or flat-mates!

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