Handmade Halloween card with witch cauldron

12. October 2018 - Anika Semmer

Easy Handmade Halloween Card With a Bewitched Cauldron | Tutorial




The bewitched cauldron is the right motif for all who want to quickly craft  a easy handmade Halloween card that looks still great. And this is how you do it yourself.

For this easy handmade Halloween card you need only a printer, various cardboard, Halloween craft decorations and a 3D sticker.  All the materials you need to tinker, you will find listed in the material list.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft there are also templates for creative invitation texts for the Halloween party for adults.

You are looking for a different motif for your Halloween invitation cards? Abenteuer Freundschaft has another five Halloween card tutorials for you to craft: here’s the graphic skull card, the foldable pumpkin card, special witch card, night glow spooky card, and the Halloween card with bat.

Easy Bewitched Handmade Halloween Card

Duration: for 10 cards about 1 hour

What you need*

How to Craft This Handmade Halloween Card

Handmade Halloween card with witch cauldron also fit for a witch party

To craft these handmade cards you need few accessories

Handmade Halloween card with a cauldron full of flies and pumpkins

What belongs into the cauldron?

This tutorial explains step by step how to make one card. If you intend to make 10, 20 or more handmade Halloween cards, you should first tackle step 1 for all cards, then step 2 and finally step 3 for all cards in parallel. This will save you a lot of time.

1. Print Witch Cauldron Template and Text

A painted witch cauldron is the basis for these handmade Halloween card

Just print out the painted witch cauldron

First, download the witch cauldron template for the Halloween invitation cards and copy it into a Word document. Format the cauldron to the following dimensions: height 8 cm, width 10.5 cm. Below it, write Halloween Party Invitation to in Metal Macabre font, size 16. and frame the text with a dark green border with the dimensions: Height: 4 cm, Length: 7 cm.

2. Cut Out the Witch’s Cauldron and Other Parts

Glue the printed witch’s cauldron with glue stick on the white cardboard to make it more stable and cut it and the text along its green frame.

Cut from dark green clay paper the folded card with the length 30 cm, height 10.5 cm and fold it in the middle. From white corrugated cardboard cut a rectangle with the dimensions: Height 8.5 cm, length 13 cm and glue it with all-purpose glue in the center of the front of the green folding card.

3. Design the Handmade Halloween Card and Glue Everything

Handmade Halloween card craft with a witch cauldron as motif

This handmade Halloween card with witch cauldron also fit for a witch party

Now score along the front opening of the cauldron with the cutter and check if you can slide the text inside. Then use the hot glue gun to glue the cauldron all around the center of the card. Be sure to only apply glue around the outside of the cauldron and leave the belly free, the text should be able to disappear almost completely into the belly of the cauldron.

I added a pumpkin pop up sticker to the center of the cauldron for a great 3D effect. In the kettle you still stick in front 3 scatter deco pumpkins and a bow tie on the right handle. The text you can simply disappear behind the pumpkins.

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