Six Halloween card ideas with free tutorials

27. October 2018 - Anika Semmer

6 Halloween Card Ideas - Easy DIY With Free Templates




Halloween is the perfect occasion for a theme party. Matching the theme should also be designed the Halloween party invitation. Here you will find six different halloween card ideas with complete tutorials.

Hardly any occasion lends itself more to an atmospheric celebration than Halloween. Whether witch party, zombie apocalypse, ghost party or gruesome gathering of sinister creatures of the night – or for children or adults, there is a wealth of ingenious ideas to make your own Halloween party special. We’ve compiled the best 10 Halloween party ideas here.

The prelude to any unforgettable Halloween party is a Halloween party invitation that matches the theme and communicates the important information to the guests in an original way. In this article you will find six Halloween card ideas for an invitation including complete craft instructions with motifs that universally fit Halloween: Skull, Witch and Cauldron, Pumpkin, Ghost and Bat. They are suitable for Halloween parties for adults and children.

On the invitation, be sure to indicate if costumes are encouraged and make you want to come up with something special. Time, place and theme also belong on the Halloween party invitation – and you can package this important information wonderfully creatively.

Looking for inspiration? On Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find 5 templates for  creative Halloween party invitation texts for adults.

6 Creative Halloween Party Invitations Easy to Craft

Six different Halloween card ideas to recreate with complete instructions.

Six different Halloween card ideas

1. Halloween Card Idea with Skull

A special Halloween card idea with pull-out text

Halloween card with pull-out text

Death finally delivers some good news! The Grim Reaper is a classic Halloween motif and fits Halloween parties without a specific theme.

However, designing the first invitation card takes some time. Once you have painted the motif, you can simply scan it and print it out in any number. Here you will learn how exactly to craft the Halloween invitation card with skull. You can also find the skull template there!

2. Halloween Party Invitation with Sweet Surprise

A Halloween card idea that you can fill with candy at the same time

You can fill the inside of this cute Halloween card idea

Admittedly, this pumpkin you recognize only at second glance as a Halloween party invitation. The main part consists of a pumpkin folding card that holds two surprises. Inside it, candy (or a surprise matching the party theme) is waiting to be discovered. The invitation text, however, is the second surprise rolled up as a cigarette in his devilish grinning grimace.

The detailed instructions for tinkering with the pumpkin card you can find here.

3. Halloween Card Idea with Enchanted Witch

A Halloween card idea with a witch that is a real eye-catcher.

This motif is good as an witch party invitation

For a Witch Party (or is the hostess perhaps a witch?) a witch must be the motif on the Halloween party invitation. True to style, she rides on a broom as a black silhouette in front of a pale yellow shining full moon.

This invitation card looks really sophisticated, but is easy to craft – even for kids.

Here are the 3-step instructions for crafting a witch card. Includes witch template to print out!

4. Halloween Party Invitation Glowing at Dark

Halloween card ideas to craft with kids

This easy Halloween card idea you can craft with kids

When the witching hour strikes at midnight on Halloween, the gates to the realm of the dead open and ghosts roam! On this map, two meet at a bare tree shrouded in an unearthly glow. And also many a beast of the darkness gives itself a rendezvous here….

This really child’s play tutorial for this spooky card can be found here!

5. Halloween Card Idea Invitation with Witch Cauldron

The witch cauldron fits any Halloween party theme

The witch cauldron fits any Halloween party theme

Fly leg, pumpkin vomit, word salad – what else goes into a party witch cauldron? We think the witch’s cauldron is a beautiful symbol for a bubbling, hellishly bewitched Halloween party – whether for the witch party theme or without a specific theme.
For this Halloween party invitation, you’ll need a printer, some cardstock, Halloween craft supplies, and a 3D sticker. You can get all of this at your local craft store or on amazon.

The complete instructions for the Halloween card with witch’s cauldron can be found here, including a template for the witch’s cauldron to print out.

6. Halloween Party Invitation with Bat

Simple Halloween card idea for a Halloween party for kids

This Halloween card idea you can easily recreate with kids

They have cute faces and unusually shaped wings – bats are among the most beautiful creatures of the night. As a messenger of the vampiric host, a bat on this card delivers the invitation. It is supported by 2 plastic flies in its wake, after all the hosts of Luzifer! Who dares to turn down this invitation?

Have fun with crafting this Halloween card ideas!

Here are the instructions for the Bat Halloween Card with template to print.

On our ideas portal there are even more beautiful crafting ideas with instructions to copy! On the leisure ideas portal you can browse to get inspiration for gifts and activities with kids, with friends and your partner.

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