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21. October 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

Halloween Riddles for Kids – 30 Puzzles for the Spooky Season as Printable




For kids, Halloween is one of the most exciting and fun festivals of the year. One way to make the festival of ghosts and ghouls more exciting and diverse for them is to include some spooky and fun Halloween riddles for kids.

Riddles are a great way to keep the kids occupied in the meantime, for example, while they’re waiting for the “trick-or-treating” to start. At the same time, these puzzles also thematically tune the children into Halloween, because they all revolve around ghosts and ghouls, witches and monsters, vampires and werewolves, and whatever else there is in the way of spooky creatures of darkness that, according to legend, haunt the night of October 31 every year.

But you can also use the Halloween riddles for kids as part of a Halloween party game, such as a Halloween scavenger hunt for kids. Further down in this post, you’ll also find some ideas for incorporating Halloween puzzles into games. Regardless of how you use them, these puzzles are sure to provide some laughs for kids.

The bottom line is that Halloween riddles for kids can help increase the excitement and fun of Halloween night. In addition, they can also be a great way to encourage kids’ creative thinking and problem-solving skills. By stretching their brains and trying to find the solution to each puzzle, kids can train both their thinking skills and their imagination in a fun way.

30 Halloween Riddles for Kids

The following Halloween puzzles vary in difficulty, but are all suitable for children between 5 and 10. Some of the puzzles have more the character of conundrums, but such children usually love especially. (Are you looking for Halloween puzzles that are more suitable for teenagers? Then check out our Halloween puzzles for adults)!

Halloween riddles for kids are an entertaining and fun Halloween activity.

30 Halloween riddles for kids to print out

Here you can download the puzzles and the solutions as PDF!

  1. I am orange and round. I am carved for Halloween and filled with a light. What am I?
  2. When is it really bad luck to see a black cat?
  3. I am wrapped, but not a gift. I am deep in a chamber and if archaeologists find me, it will be a big sensation. What am I?
  4. Some believe in me and some do not. I love the dark and shun the light. Gone indeed is my life, but in return I can float. What am I?
  5. I am a creepy creature that is often seen in horror movies. I move slowly and clumsily and like to eat brains. Who am I?
  6. I am a costume that is often worn for Halloween. I wear a cape and I like bats. Who am I?
  7. When I’m young I’m big and when I’m old I’m small. The pumpkin head I light up with my glow. What am I?
  8. I am black and fly through the night. I wear a hat and a cap. Who am I?
  9. I am fluid and in every person you know. Some people swoon when they see me. What am I?
  10. I exist every season, but on Halloween you have to ask for me or you’ll go empty-handed. What am I?
  11. You are in a room and there is a ghost in the room. But you are alone in the room. How is that possible?
  12. What do vampires and false teeth have in common?
  13. I roam around at full moon, I am very hairy. It is difficult to kill me, even a rifle only helps if loaded with silver. What am I?
  14. My windows are dark, I am full of dust and cobwebs. I am rumored about and no one wants to live in me. What am I?
  15. Every morning when you get up, I’m at your feet. I follow you all day, no matter how fast you run. Who am I?
  16. Wherever I go, I leave a trail. Whoever gets caught in it, I’ll gobble up. What am I?
  17. Poor people have it, rich people need it. If you eat it, you die. What is it?
  18. I have arms, legs and a head, but neither eyes nor a heart. What am I?
  19. Dracula’s father had 3 sons: one was named Huey, one was named Dewey… and what was the name of the third?
  20. Some say I bring bad luck, but witches love me. I like milk and hate rain. What am I?
  21. A group of witches organizes a competition flying with their brooms. The witch in 3rd place overtakes the one in 2nd place. In which place is she now?
  22. What is dead, cold and hard and surrounds a cemetery?
  23. If you see one at night, you should be careful, because it might turn into a vampire. What is meant?
  24. I am a scary animal often associated with Halloween. I have black feathers and a piercing croaking voice. What am I?
  25. What is transparent and goes up and down?
  26. I have a head but no body. My smile lights up the night. What am I?
  27. If you look at me from the front, you see someone. If you look at me from behind, you see no one. What am I?
  28. I am uncanny and the more there is of me, the less you see. What am I?
  29. What do you call the garage of a witch?
  30. What is big, scary and has 3 wheels?

Halloween Riddles as Part of Halloween Games

Now, as promised, I’m going to make a series of suggestions for you on how to incorporate Halloween puzzles for kids well into Halloween party games:

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  1. You ask the children present one riddle after another and whoever knows the correct answer first gets a candy.
  2. Sometimes, however, there is one child who is almost always the first to solve the puzzles, while others go away empty-handed. To avoid frustration from the outset, you can also play the following variant: First, all the children get an empty candy bag. Then you read the riddles to the children and for each riddle solved all children get a candy. However, the child who could solve the riddle first gets to decide what kind of candy: bat wine gums or prefer frogs, chocolate candies or marshmallows, licorice snails or sour strings…. (Exceptions are of course to be made in case of intolerances or if a child something partout not like.)
  3. Another idea is to play a dress-up game with the Halloween puzzles. The prerequisite here is that the children are not yet in costume, or temporarily discard their actual Halloween costume. You’ll also need something like a dress-up box with various dress-up accessories like hats, coats, masks, etc. You ask the kids one riddle after another and whoever knows the right answer gets to pick something out of the dress-up box to wear. So that all get the same number of times, a child sits out while guessing until all others have received a new accessory again.
  4. If there is a larger group of children at the Halloween party and they are already of school age and can write, you can also play the “pub quiz variant” with them. To do this, divide the children into two or more teams of as equal size as possible. Each team gets a sheet of paper on which the solutions of the riddles are written. Of course, you can also simply print out our PDF with the puzzles several times and distribute it. In this variant, you can also combine the Halloween puzzles for children well with our Halloween quiz (with knowledge questions about Halloween for children and adults) – one round of puzzles, one round of knowledge questions.
  5. You can also incorporate the riddles very well into a Halloween scavenger hunt as clues to the next station in each case. At each station of the scavenger hunt, the children will find a piece of paper with a riddle, the solution of which gives the decisive hint as to where the next station is to be found. In the case of these Halloween riddles for kids, this works best if you decorate the location of the Halloween party accordingly beforehand. For example, if the solution to a puzzle is “pumpkin”, then the next puzzle is hidden in the largest and most conspicuous Halloween pumpkin (Jack O’Lantern). If, on the other hand, the solution is “witch”, then you place in the preparation of the scavenger hunt somewhere a figure of a witch or even a poster or picture that shows a witch and hide there near the next clue etc.

Halloween Riddles for Kids – Questions and Answers for Download

Have fun cracking these spooky Halloween riddles for kids!.

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