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28. September 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Spooky Games for Kids – Spooktakular Fun for Ghost Parties




Whether for a ghost children’s birthday or Halloween party: good spooky games provide great moments and great spooky fun for the little ones!

The little ghost, Caspar, Hui-Buh and other ghosts populate the imagination of many children and so it is no wonder that spooky parties are among the most popular wishes for a child’s birthday party.

Even for Halloween, more and more families are hosting parties where atmospheric spooky games are the topping of the cake.

5 Fabulous Spooky Games for Kids

Here we have gathered for you 5 popular spooky games that require little material and are easy to prepare.

1. Ghost Bowling

As the name suggests, this is a variant of the bowling game or bowling, only instead of skittles, tinkered ghosts are set up.

What you make them out of is ultimately up to you. Our suggestion is to take PET bottles and turn them into little ghosts with white fabric, string and black felt marker.

To do this, you’ll need the following materials*:

Simply cut the white fabric into suitably sized rectangles so that you can place them over a bottle like a bed sheet over a person. Either you glue the fabric with all-purpose glue or use twine to fix the ghosts. Then use a black sharpie to draw big ghost eyes or a ghost face according to your imagination and the ghost cone is ready.

The rules of the game are now as simple as bowling. From an agreed distance, the children may roll the ball in the direction of the ghosts and must try to catch as many as possible. It is important to choose a suitable ball and a good surface for the bowling alley. It works much better on smooth floors than on carpeted floors.

2. Ghost Race as a Spooky Game

To prepare, make 2 cardboard ghosts, each attached to a stick with a long piece of string. Measure the length of the string according to the space available for the race track, e.g. “once across the living room”.
In the game, children are divided into 2 teams and 2 children compete against each other at a time. The ghosts are placed on a starting line, the players stand behind the finish line and hold the stick that is connected to the ghosts by the string. On “Go!” both children wind the string onto the stick as fast as they can, pulling their ghost towards them.

The team that has won the race more times carries off the overall victory.

3. Which Ghost Is Hiding There?

For this ghost game, all you need is a large white sheet or tablecloth big enough to cover a child with.

All the children sit in a circle, and one child must leave the room. Now the children choose a ghost among themselves. The ghost crouches down in the center with his/her legs drawn up and the white cloth is thrown over him/her. All the other children quickly change places.

Now the other child may enter the room again. It asks: “Which ghost is hiding there?” and the ghost answers in a disguised voice: “Who dares to disturb me?!?” or something comparable. Now the other child must guess who is under the sheet.

To make the game more difficult and also a bit creepier, you can dim the lights in the room. Also, you can decide that the person guessing has several attempts.

This procedure is repeated until every child has been outside the door once.

4. Tasting Quiz in the Ghost Castle

Some spooky games for kids require candy

Spooky games are even more fun with disguises.

Correctly guessed: for this you need various foods, such as sweets and small snacks. Cookies, crackers, apple slices, pieces of tangerine, pretzel sticks, gummy bears or Smarties are good choices, for example.

Each child is now blindfolded in turn and fed different samples of the ghost menu. Which little ghost probably has the best sense of taste?

5. The Electric Ghost Food

For this game you also need sweets, which can be divided into many small bites. Appropriately, of course, you can take candy in the shape of ghosts or typical Halloween candy.

In each round, one of the children is sent out of the room in turn. A row of wine gum ghosts (for example) is laid out on a plate and the children now collectively determine which wine gum ghost is the “electric” one. The waiting child is asked back into the room and is now allowed to eat one “ghost” at a time until it touches the electric one. Then all the other children call out loudly, “ZAP!!! HUI-BUHHH!!!” and it’s the next child’s turn to go out.

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Have fun with this spooky games!

By the way, if these 5 ghost games for kids aren’t enough for you, be sure to also take a look at our Halloween games for kids, our Witch Party Games, as well as our instructions for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids or a Halloween Treasure Hunt for Kids.

There is also much more to discover on Abenteuer Freundschaft: for example, around the year activities with kids, friends or with your partner.

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