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1. October 2022 - Anika Semmer

Halloween Bingo Printable – Free Fun Halloween Game for Kids




Witch, witch’s cauldron, bat – bingo! The rules of the game and everything you need to play this Halloween bingo printable can be found in this article.  Print out the 20 bingo cards and the motif cards and you’re ready to go.

October is a magical month. At the latest when the lights in the pumpkins flicker and Halloween approaches, it’s time to plan what to do with the children on Halloween. This Halloween Bingo printable is an entertaining and fun game for a Halloween party or to play with the family. Just print out the Halloween bingo game, laminate if possible and you’re good to go. So it’s a super last minute game to play when you’re running out of time to get ready between buying or sewing costumes, candy shopping and Halloween party planning.

All you need to do is download the 20 free Halloween Bingo cards and theme cards, print them out and start playing.

If you don’t want to use up the bingo cards by crossing out the designs with a pen, get markers beforehand! You can use candy like Smarties or Halloween motifs made of glass, wood or plastic. I have linked a few ideas on the material list. It’s worth laminating the Halloween Bingo to print out, because experience shows that it goes down really well with the kids and you can use it again every year! Simply stow the bingo cards and motif cards with the markers (as long as they are not sweets) in an opaque bag.

You can find the Halloween Bingo printable as a PDF for download on the material list!

Are you looking for more scary Halloween games for little kids? Our ideas portal also has spooky games, witch party games and lots of brilliant ideas for Halloween.

Material List and Halloween Bingo Printable

How to Play Halloween Bingo?

Free Halloween Bingo cards for 20 players

Candy, glass stones or Halloween decorations are good markers

Print out the PDF with the Halloween Bingo cards and cut out the cards and motif cards. If you can’t laminate the bingo cards and want to reuse them, use thick paper so they don’t bend and break easily.
All the motif cards are now placed in an opaque bag or alternatively stacked face down in the middle of the table. Each player may take a Halloween Bingo card and gets a set of markers (at least 20). The youngest player starts and draws the first motif card and says aloud what it represents and places it in the centre of the table for everyone to see. Now each player places a marker on the matching square on their bingo card. Now it is the next player’s turn, clockwise, to draw a motif card, and so on.

The first player to mark a row of 5 calls bingo and wins. A row can be marked horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The bingo round is over and the winner gets a small prize, if applicable, or you continue playing until there is a second and third winner. Ideas for prizes can be found further down in the article.

Game Rules

  • Draw motif cards clockwise in turn and tell the motiff aloud
  • Place markers only when the motif has been drawn
  • The winner is the first person to fill in a row of 5 horizontally, vertically or diagonally and shouts “Bingo”

Ideas for Halloween Bingo Prizes*

Candy and toys make super small prizes. As an alternative to candy, here are a few more ideas for prizes available on amazon*.


Have fun with our Halloween Bingo printable!

Looking for more ideas to make Halloween the highlight of the year? Have a browse through our Halloween ideas! There are new ideas for your free time to discover every week on our ideas portal. Get inspiration for activities with kids, friends and your partner for occasions and every day of the year.

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