Step by step tutorial on how to make teddy bear diaper cake

5. August 2023 - Anika Semmer

Teddy Bear Diaper Cake - How to Make a Super Cute Teddy | Tutorial


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A teddy bear diaper cake is a creative and super cute birth gift that is not only visually eye-catching and practical. The cute teddy is ideal for presenting small gifts, money or even big surprises. With these step-by-step instructions, you can easily make a cute bear diaper cake yourself in 45 minutes!

The birth of a baby in the family, among friends or dear colleagues is a wonderful occasion to get creative yourself and conjure up a special gift for the birth. From my own experience, I can only say: practical gifts that can be used and consumed always go down well! Money for the expensive and precious treasure, of course, too – because especially with the first baby, there is a lot of money to be spent on nappies and initial equipment.

What does a baby use the most? Nappies! So it’s no surprise that cakes made of nappies are now an absolute baby gift classic. Even more creative and original is to make a teddy bear diaper cake: suitable for a girl or a boy or gender-neutral. And it’s not any harder than making a nappy cake and doesn’t take any longer with my step-by-step instructions.

The great thing about making a bear diaper cake is that you can decorate and personalise the cute teddy with small gifts to suit your budget: it makes just as much of an inexpensive little gift as it does a bigger one! I have listed and linked inspiration for making and designing teddy bear diaper cakes here after the craft instructions. They are extra tips and ideas for small birth gifts for a girl and a boy that will hopefully save you time. Otherwise, you’ll be like me and the hours will fly by as you browse online shops and amazon* for the cutest little gifts and accessories for the cute diaper cake.

This Is What You Need for the Teddy Bear Diaper Cake

A list of ideas for decorating and small gifts can be found after the Winderbär craft instructions!

This Is What You Need to Pack a Bear Diaper Cake

How to Do a Teddy Bear Diaper Cake as a Birth Gift

"Teddy bear diaper cakes as a gift for the birth of twins"

Teddy bear diaper cakes as a gift for the birth of twins

  • Duration: about 45 minutes – 1.5 hour
  • Cost: from $ 30

You don’t need any crafting experience to make a teddy bear diaper cake. Depending on how skilled you are, it only takes around 45 minutes to make the teddy bears yourself.

My two bear diaper cakes were gifts for the birth of twins. They had quite a weight with the gifts together and I used a chipboard instead of cardboard as a base and sawed out a heart in the required size with the jigsaw.

Teddy Bear Diaper Cake Step by Step Tutorial

"To make a teddy bear diaper cake you need to roll up the diapers tightly and fix them with tape"

Roll up the diapers tightly and fix them with tape

  1. Preparation: First count out the nappies for head, torso, ears, arms and legs and put them in 3 piles: head (18), body (20), arms, legs, ears (6 x 3)
  2. Head: Start with the pile for the head of the teddy bears and roll up the first nappy tightly and fix the end with a small piece of clear tape. Now wrap the next nappy around the roll and continue until all 20 nappies are rolled up into a round nappy circle. Stick a strip of clear tape all the way round the middle to fix the head in place.
  3. Body: As for the head, roll up 20 nappies tightly to form a circle and finally fix the nappies all around with the tape.
  4. Arms, legs, ears: Roll up 3 nappies each for the ears, arms and legs of the teddy bear diaper cake.
  5. Crafting a teddy bear diaper cake: Lay the body, head, ears, legs and arms together on a flat surface and glue the head onto the body first and all the other body parts on with the hot glue gun.
    "Build the teddy bear diaper cake from the rolled up diapers and fix it with glue"

    Place and fix the bear from the rolled up diapers

  6. Stabilise the teddy bear diaper cake: Now stand the teddy bear diaper cake up and fix all the body parts together once around the centre with the transparent tape. Using the hot glue gun, stick a strip of gift ribbon at least 3 cm wide in the centre of the tape strip around the teddy bear diaper cake.
  7. Eyes and muzzle: Draw the eyes on the white paper and the muzzle of the teddy bear diaper cake on the light brown paper and cut them out. Glue the eyes onto the bear’s head. If, like me, you want to put a dummy in the teddy bear diaper cake snout, cut a hole about 1 cm in diameter with a small pair of pointed scissors and then glue the snout on!

Crafting a Base and Packaging

"Simply cover the plywood with wrapping paper and arrange the teddy bear diaper cake and gifts on it"

Simply cover the plywood with wrapping paper and arrange the teddy bear diaper cake and gifts on it

  1. Craft a shape: Paint a circle, a square or a heart on very thick cardboard or better a chipboard. Cut or saw it out.
  2. Crafting the base: Place the shape on the wrapping paper and go around it twice: once exactly along the edges and the second time at a distance of 2-3 cm. Cut out both shapes.
  3. Disguise the front and back: Now first glue the wrapping paper, which has the identical shape, to fit the back. Tape the wrapping paper to the front and fold the protruding edge to the back and tape it there tightly all around.
  4. Arrange the teddy bear diaper cake: Place the teddy bear diaper cake in the desired position and stick its paws to the base so that it stands stably. Now arrange your gifts and decorate the teddy bear diaper cake with accessories and stick them to the base using clear tape or the hot glue gun.
  5. Wrap the teddy bear diaper cake: Wrap the teddy bear diaper cake generously in clear cellophane film and staple it together at the open ends until the packaging holds everything together nicely and is tight. Now add a bow and ribbon. Done!

Ideas for Personalising and Designing Teddy Bear Diaper Cakes

Pink for a girl, light blue for a boy or keep everything gender-neutral in green or red? Which gifts suit the parents and the baby particularly well? What can they use best?

Absolutely every mum and dad is happy about practical gifts from the drugstore, such as calendula cream, spoons, organic products for eating and drinking. There are also decorative shampoos and soap dispensers – but you don’t use them at all for the baby in the first time, you only use a little high-quality oil and water for cleaning and bathing.

A little more expensive but all the nicer is one or more personalised gifts that the bear diaper cake wears, for example. A sweet baby bath towel with embroidered names, an engraved bracelet or a funny bodysuit or a personalised dummy necklace is indeed very much appreciated.

Ideas for a Bear Nappy Cake for a Girl

Ideas for a Teddy Bear Diaper Cake for a Boy

Ideas for Personalising the Birth Gift

Have fun making, designing and giving your teddy bear diaper cake!

The gift for the birth is ready – what’s missing is the card! Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, have a look at our craft instructions for birth cards, such as the baby card with name garland or the birth card with baby elephant. More elaborate but even nicer is to give something homemade: for example a DIY baby mobile for the nursery. On our blog you’ll find lots of ideas for important occasions and 1001 ideas for gifts and activities with friends, activities with kids or with your partner.

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