How to make diaper cake yourself

13. January 2024 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Diaper Cake With the Best Surprises | Tutorial


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The diaper cake is a great, practical gift for birth, baptism or baby shower that you can make super individual and personal. With this simple how to make a diaper cake tutorial you can easily craft the perfect diaper cake and get lots of inspiration for little gifts to decorate it beautifully.

A diaper cake is a stack of rolled diapers that looks like a multi-tiered cake. This basic cake is then decorated with small gifts for the baby, which are so super beautiful in scene. We’ll show you how to quickly build a sturdy foundation cake and what you need to do it in this easy step-by-step tutorial. In addition, we show you sweet, practical and unusual decoration ideas, how to make a diaper cakes for girls and boys extraordinary.

The diaper cake is one of my favorite gifts for birth, baptism and birth, where the little gifts come out beautifully. It is a practical gift that the new parents can definitely use and that you can personalize and customize according to your mood (and budget). And the most important thing: it always goes down great! Because diapers and first equipment for the baby cost quite a lot of money – so you are even more happy about practical and sweet first equipment gifts for the little treasure.

If you want to know how to make a diaper cake yourself, here you will find all the info, tips and tricks you need to make it perfect: from building the basic cake to decorating the perfect pamper cake with the most beautiful gifts.

Even more original than a diaper cake is to make a diaper bear yourself! On our blog you will find a simple step-by-step tutorial to make a teddy bear diaper cake for boys and girls.

This Is What You Need To Craft the Diaper Cake*

  • 63 diapers, size 3 or 4 is ideal (Hipp, Pampers, or store brands from the drugstore)
  • 3 meters 25 mm wide gift ribbon (blue, pink or gender neutral color)
  • double-sided adhesive tape to fix the gifts
  • Scissors
  • 63 small household gum (about 3 cm in diameter)
  • 5 large rubber bands (10 cm diameter)
  • Stable base for the diaper cake with Ø 38 cm (for example, a beautiful braided Bast square set or sturdy cardboard or a plywood plate)
  • optional cutter or saw and sandpaper for the base
  • optional wrapping paper and hot glue gun around the base to decorate
  • transparent cellophane film for packing
  • stapler for packing
  • Fabric ribbon and gift ribbon to wrap
  • Cuddly toy, music box or cherry pit pillow as a highlight for the top of the cake
  • Small gifts to decorate

A listing with ideas for decorating and for small gifts you will find after the how to make a diaper cake tutorial!

How to Make a Diaper Cake as a Gift for Birth, Baptism and Baby Shower

"Tutorial for a three-tier diaper cake"

You can decorate the diaper cake with cute toys and useful baby utensils according to budget

  • Duration: about 30 minutes – 45 minutes
  • Cost: from $ 40

Making a beautiful diaper cake by yourself can be done by anyone if you follow the instructions. It is important that the pamper cake is stable and even and for this you do not need glue. Experienced hobbyists can really let off steam with the decoration and decorate the purchased small gifts with bows, made crepe flowers or decoratively folded banknotes.

You can set off a cuddly toy, a cherry pit pillow or a music box as a gift on the top tier of the cake in a particularly beautiful way.

For my diaper cake, I used a raffia placemat as a sturdy base. Alternatively, you can make the base yourself cheaply and cut out of sturdy cardboard or saw out of a chipboard.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Make a Diaper Cake Yourself

"To make diaper cake itself you do not have to be a craft professional"

The tiers of the basic cake are made of diapers and rubbers for fixing

  1. Preparation: Roll 63 diapers tightly together and fix each roll in the middle with a small rubber band. Put the diaper rolls on three piles: floor 1 (37), floor 2 (19), floor 1 (7)
  2. Make your own diaper cake base: Cut out a circle with a diameter of 37 cm from a very solid cardboard box (for example, a moving box). Note necessarily that the cardboard must be thick enough to support diaper cake. Use a compass or large bowl to trace around for preliminary drawing. Alternatively, you can use an inexpensive sheet of plywood, draw a circle and saw it out. Be sure to sand the saw edges with sandpaper. Wrap the base with wrapping paper and glue it tightly (the best and fastest way is with the hot glue gun).
  3. 1st floor: Take a diaper roll, arrange around it 6 more diaper rolls evenly and fix it with a large rubber band, which you loop around them so many times until it is really tight. Now arrange 12 diaper rolls around the six and fix them with another large rubber band. For the last layer of the 1st floor you need 18 diaper rolls, which you distribute evenly and fix with two large rubber bands.
  4. 2nd tier: Around the first diaper roll come 6 more diaper rolls, and then 12 diaper rolls, each fixed with large rubber bands.
  5. 3rd floor: Arrange 7 diapers and fix them with a rubber band. Now carefully push the cuddly toy, the music box or the animal cherry pit pillow in the middle until his head and arms or front legs peek out at the top center. Alternatively, you can also take a shampoo or a wider tube of cream.
  6. Make your own diaper cake: Place the first tier centered on the base, then the second and third tiers and tie around each tier a gift ribbon, so that the rubber bands are completely covered and knot the ends and tie a bow. Tip: Choose the color of the ribbons to match the decoration!
  7. Diaper cake decorate: Distribute around the second and third tier small gifts and utensils and put them under the rubber band. Tip: The larger the utensils, the further down they should be placed, so that your gift looks harmonious.
  8. Wrap diaper cake: It looks most beautiful when the diaper cake is wrapped with transparent cellophane foil. With the stapler you staple the foil together and attach ribbon and gift ribbons.

Diaper Cake Decorating: Ideas for Small Gifts and the Design

"To make the diaper cake you need diapers and cute little gifts as decoration"

On the diaper cake the small gifts for the baby are super staged

Rainbow colorful and gender neutral green, pink for a fairy tale and blue for a boy? What small gifts are useful and needed by all parents? What fits especially well with the parents and the baby?

One thing is a fact: every dad and mom is happy about gifts from the drugstore that you use a lot. The good calendula cream is a classic, as well as jars of first meals, nibbles and drinks.

For cute clothes like bodysuits, caps and socks, you should definitely not choose the smallest sizes – because you get the most of them and your little darling wears them super short. Good sizes are 62, 68 and even 74.

You want to make a very original diaper cake yourself? Design it to match a theme! Personalize your gift, for example, by embroidering the baby’s name on a baby bath towel, engraving it on a bracelet or printing it on a funny bodysuit. From my own experience, I can say that people are actually very happy about such personalized gifts and rarely get them. Especially if you everyday items like a personalized pacifier chain are guaranteed to go down well.

Diaper Cake Decoration Ideas for a Girl

The diaper cake will look especially beautiful if products in similar colors are chosen. The most popular are pink and purple diaper cakes for girls. You can also design the diaper cake to match a theme. For example: fairy castle, unicorn, princess, swan lake, rainbow, star.

Diaper Cake Decoration Ideas for a Boy

Especially popular for diaper cakes for boys are products in blue and green. For these colors you can wonderfully make a diaper cake yourself in colors of the sea with sea animals as bath animals, a cute whale body, a small captain’s hat, etc. Other nice ideas for mottos are: Dragon, Astronaut, Bear, Football.

How to Personalize a Diaper Cake

Practical Utensils

  • Care products
  • High quality almond oil for the skin
  • Squeezies
  • Sugar-free cookies from 12 months
  • Plastic spoon
  • Glasses of organic food
  • Calendula cream

Have fun making and designing your own diaper cake!

What card fits such a grandiose gift for the birth? On our blog, there are also several craft instructions for greeting cards for the birth of boys and girls, for example, a baby card with name garland. We have new inspiration every week for gifts for occasions and spending time with your favorite people, whether with family, friends or the partner!

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