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20. May 2023 - Anika Semmer

How to Craft a Funny Beer Animal As a Gorgous Gift | Tutorial


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Soulful big blue eyes, the skin made of tin, the belly full of beer: the beer animal is the perfect pet for beer lovers, a funny gift for a birthday – and a super creative souvenir for a party. Here you’ll find the building instructions for crafting the most funny gift in a beer lovers universe.

A birthday party is coming up and for the first time I’m giving an animal as a gift. And not just any animal, none other than man’s best friend will see the light of day today with his two big blue googly eyes. The little DIY beer pet is not a lightweight. He weighs in at around 8 kilograms.

The beer animal is a super last minute gift – you can get everything you need to make a beer animal in the supermarket. Outside the barbecue season, however, you should visit a large supermarket for the party beer keg that forms the body of the beer pet.

Materials List*

How to Craft the Beer Animal

"Big googly eyes, a body full of delicious beer: the beer animal"

You can make the beer animal yourself as a last-minute gift

First of all: it is possible to make the beer animal alone, but it is easier with two people. This way, the co-creator can hold its body and legs when you fix them with the tape. Once the animal is fixed, you can breathe a sigh of relief – the most difficult part is done! 😀

  1. Make a pedestal out of a breakfast bowl and a plate to put the party beer keg on. It should be high enough so that you can put the legs up and they are already the right height for mounting.
  2. Start with one leg and tape the 4 legs of the beer pet to the front and back of the party beer keg, one at a time. Use plenty of tape and better be safe than sorry – the beer keg is pretty heavy and we don’t want the beer animal to go weak in the knees from the weight of the beer belly. 😀
  3. Glue the beer can to the front center of the barrel as a head with the hot glue gun.
  4. In the back, glue the liquor bottle vertically in the middle as the tail.
  5. Paint two blue eyes, black pupils and a small white dot on the syropor balls and glue them on the beer can.
  6. Cut out two floppy ears from cardboard (I used the 6’s of beer bottles for this) and glue them to the left and right of the animals head.
  7. Cut a tongue out of red felt and glue it to the center front of the can snout with the hot glue gun.
  8. Print out the tag, glue it to a piece of cardboard if you like so it’s nice and stiff, and cut it out. Punch the card, thread the beer pet collar through and tie the collar around the beer animal and glue the ends down with the hot glue gun.

The 10 Best Sayings for the Beer Animal

Krombi, the Krombacher beer animal, Becksy, the Becks beer pet, Buddy, the Budweiser or Bitey – the Bittburger Bittbull – Man’s best friend is the beer animal! This saying is the classic hanging around the neck of the beer pet. If you’re looking for more creative sayings, here are our favorites.

  1. Life is a struggle, love is a cramp, school is tedium and the beer animal is a treat.
  2. When my hands tenderly touch your neck and my lips feel your body. Then I know you are mine. Oh, you beloved animal of beer!
  3. A life without beer animal is possible, but senseless!
  4. Life without beer animals is like dancing without music.
  5. You don’t give beer to good friends – they know where the beer animals lives.
  6. Just being pretty is not enough. You also have to have a beer animal.
  7. Corona, gout, plague and worse, don’t worry: the beer animal always helps!
  8. With a beer animal and love, life is never dull.
  9. Forget the prince – take the beer animal.
  10. He who does not honor the beer animal is not worthy of delirium!

Have fun making your DIY beer pet!

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