Craft a UFO card with alien on the way to Earth is quite simple, here is a DIY tutorial.

14. January 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

UFO Card Crafting: DIY-Instructions for Mail From Outer Space




E.T. write home! Ever wanted to send someone a “message from aliens”? This craft tutorial, including a materials list, will show you how to make an extraterrestrially good UFO card with ease.

The idea to make a UFO card came to me while planning a UFO party. Since the number of invited guests was manageable, I made the plan to make suitable invitation cards at least for those I would personally invite, which I would hand over to them.

However, this DIY card works just as well as a Halloween card or simply as an original personal greeting to fans of science fiction, space, aliens and UFO mythology.

Crafting a UFO Card Step by Step

Depending on how good you are at crafting and drawing, the UFO card crafting takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Provided that you have all the materials together. You can find everything you need in the following material list.

Material List*

Step 1: The Basis of the Card

As a basis you can either take a finished black, or simply fold and cut a sheet of black construction paper. (Dark blue also works, the color should represent the universe).

"Crafting a UFO card: Fold black construction paper."

Fold black construction paper and then cut it to size

I did the latter and opted for a horizontal unfolding format.

"Crafting a UFO card: Cut out the card from black construction paper."

Simply cut out the card in the desired shape from black construction paper.

Step 2: UFO and Alien

The central motif when making the UFO card is of course the UFO. In addition, I wanted that an alien sitting in it is visible, or its head. So that the card gets a plastic 3D effect, I have both painted on foam rubber (gray for the UFO and green for the alien) and then cut out.

To do this, I first sketched out the respective motif in pencil….

"Crafting a UFO card: Draw the UFO with pencil on gray foam rubber"

Draw the UFO with pencil on gray foam rubber.

…and after cutting out the lines with black fineliner, which should be visible, namely the edges of the
UFO and the face of the alien. It is important to make sure that your alien fits into your UFO 😉

"Crafting a UFO card: Cut out UFO and alien head from foam rubber"

Cut out UFO and alien head from foam rubber and paint the main lines.

Finally, I used all-purpose glue to glue the UFO and alien head on top of each other and glued both to the upper left corner of the card:

"Crafting a UFO card: The fact that the UFO and alien are made of foam rubber gives the UFO card a 3D effect."

The fact that the UFO and alien are made of foam rubber gives the UFO card a 3D effect.

Step 3: The Light Cone

For the UFO and the alien head I was inspired by well-known images from movies and series. A meanwhile downright classic motif in UFO depictions is a cone of light coming centrally from the underside of the UFO.

To represent this, I drew it in suitable size with pencil on yellow construction paper…

"Crafting a UFO card: Drawing a light beam on yellow clay pape."

Simply draw a beam of light of the right size and cut it out.

…cut it out and glued it to the card. The protruding piece of the light cone, you can then easily cut flush with the card.

"UFO card: UFO, alien and light-beam"

Main motif done! But the vastness of space still looks a bit empty...

Step 4: Earth Globe

When crafting UFO card I always had in mind the motto “Visit from outer space”. I wanted to represent as how aliens pay a visit to Earth. And the latter was of course still missing in my picture!

I decided to cut out the earth from light blue construction paper and then paint on the continents. Since the earth on the UFO card should appear only cut, I took a water glass to help and traced the arc with pencil.

"UFO card: Drawing a circle using a glass."

To draw the circular shape of the earth, you can use a glass to help.

Using photos of the earth from space, I then drew on the land areas with pencil…

"Pencil drawn earth with continents."

To draw the land masses of the earth, you can find quite a few models.

…and then colored with crayons to match.

"Drawn globe with painted land masses."

You can color the continents and islands of the earth appropriately.

Step 5: Stars

This is what the UFO card looks like after cutting out and gluing on the globe:

"Craft UFO card: Now only the stars are missing."

Almost ready - only the stars in the sky are missing!

As a final step, I added stars to the overall image. To do this, I simply took a conventional hole punch and punched out yellow “confetti” from the same yellow paper that I used for the light beam. This I then stuck with the all-purpose glue on the card.

"Craft a UFO card with alien on the way to Earth is quite simple, here is a DIY tutorial."

The finished UFO map: the visit from space can come...

Have fun and good luck with your UFO card crafting! May the power of DIY be with you!

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