How to make a cute easy DIY pop-up card with an elephant

9. September 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

How to Make an Easy DIY Pop-up Card With Elephant | Tutorial




Surprise! Open it once and a cute animal appears! With this creative greeting card, you can make a small child happy. This is how to craft an easy DIY pop-up card with an elephant!

My godchild Mia recently turned 2 years old. She loves animals – picture books with animals that make noises when you press on them have been her favourite gifts in the past. This time, I picked out some different animal books for her, but above all, I wanted to include homemade things with the gift, because it’s just more personal.

So I decided to make my own easy DIY pop-up card with an animal. First of all, I asked Mia’s mum which animals were particularly popular with her at the moment: I was given a choice of mouse, elephant and squirrel. After a moment’s thought, I decided on the elephant on a gut instinct.

I did a little research on how to make an easy DIY pop-up card, but ended up doing it my way.

Fancy more colourful crafting ideas? On Abenteuer Freundschaft, Anika in particular is always making cards, upcycling decorations or gifts for different occasions or whatever comes into her head. Here you can find instructions for making a birthday candle card.

How to Make an Easy DIY Pop-up Card With an Elephant

Duration: 50-70 minutes

Material List*

Fold the Map

The first step: fold an A4 paper so that it is quartered to make you easy DIY pop-up card

Step 1: Fold A4 paper

Take an A4 sheet of paper in the colour of your choice and fold it in half lengthwise and crosswise so that it is quartered.  Then cut it once in the middle of the long side.

The double-folded card is now cut in half once

Cut it in half in the middle of the long side

The card is made from these two parts. The inner part has to be given a holding curve for the animal that will stand out plastically. With a pencil, draw two horizontal lines in the middle of the card, about halfway down the paper sheet.

Craft step for a easy DIY pop-up card

Pre-draw the supporting arch

Here you cut the card to create a fold-out arch.

Easy DIY Pop-up card with animal motif: Inside part of pop-up card with holding sheet turned over

The sheet is turned over

Next, the 2 parts are glued together with glue:

Glue the pieces for the easy DIY pop-up card together

The two pieces must now be glued together

Draw the animal of your choice with a pencil on different coloured paper. Make sure that you choose a size that fits well into the card.

Draw the elephant on blue paper for the easy DIY pop-up card

Draw the animal, in this case the elephant

By the way, I used this video as a guide when drawing the elephant:


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Video laden

Draw the animal, in my case the elephant, again with black felt pen and cut it out.

The cut out little elephant

If you like, you can add a scenic background for the animal. For cutting out bushes, appropriately serrated creative scissors are very suitable.

Using creative scissors to cut out bushes from green clay paper

Using creative scissors to cut out bushes

Now simply glue the two together:

Make an easy DIY pop-up card with an elephant for a child

The animal is glued to the background

The last step: you now glue the animal with landscape background onto the holding sheet, and the 3D pop-up card is ready:

The Finished easy DIY pop-up Card with elephant

The Finished easy DIY pop-up Card with animal motif

For the outside of the card I added the lettering “Liebe Mia”. I cut the letters out of different coloured foam rubber.

Foam rubber in 4 different colours

Different coloured foam rubber for plastic letters

And this is how the finished front of my card looked like:

Lettering made of plastic foam rubber letters

Front of the card with plastic lettering made of foam rubber

Have fun making your easy DIY pop-up card!

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