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How to make paper fortune cookies

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies - Easy Craft for Special Occasions | Tutorial

Funny, unique and super quick to make. Paper fortune cookies are a great last-minute gift for New Year's Eve and other festive occasions. Because a fortune cookie a day, keeps the misfortune away!

The 100 Best Fortune Cookie Sayings

100 Fortune Cookie Sayings That Inspire, Motivate and Cause Laughter

Super last-minute idea for New Year's Eve and parties: Make or bake fortune cookies and fill them with crazy funny, motivating and amazing sayings. Everything you need is here!

Happy birthday card in noble blue and gold

How to Make a DIY Birthday Card With Pretty Ornaments | Tutorial

Stamp, punch, give. When a homemade greeting flutters through the letterbox, it doesn't automatically mean hours of tinkering. Here's how to make a card in no time at all.

Book gift idea as a diy voucher in envelope

Book Gift Idea for a Creative Voucher + Free Printable | Tutorial

Gift voucher or travel card to Fantasyland? This is how to make a gift voucher for bookworms with a free template to print out.

Ideas for delicious gifts for foodies

Gifts for Foodies - 5 Unique Ideas to Make Gourmets Happy

Whether it's an Ayurveda cooking course or a comedy dinner, these gifts not only pamper the palate.

Creating a pyramid gift box out of motif cardboard is easy

How to Make a Pyramid Gift Box From Cardboard | Tutorial

Perfect for chocolates, jewellery and small gifts: The complete instructions for a sophisticated gift box without gluing.

Handmade birthday card with wishes on the front and inside of the card

Handmade Birthday Card With Warm Wishes - How to Make It | Tutorial

I wish you ... ? Make a special person happy on their birthday and create a greeting card with personal wishes.

This is how to make a toilet paper cake as a wedding, housewarming or special birthday gift

How to Make a Toilet Paper Cake That Is an Eye-Catcher | Tutorial

The somewhat different cake to wipe your a*** with. :D A humorous gift for a special occasion, a birthday, a wedding or a housewarming!

This is how to make a crossword puzzle with pencil and paper

How to Create a Crossword Puzzle as a Gift Voucher | Tutorial

A personalised crossword puzzle is an original way to present someone with a voucher for an event or experience gift. This is how to create it yourself.

How to craft a18th Birthday Money Gift

Creative DIY 18th Birthday Money Gift | Tutorial

For many young people, turning 18 means freedom and new opportunities. But not only the driving licence costs money. A gift of money on the 18th birthday is therefore most welcome and all the nicer when it comes in a nice package!

This is how to plan a house party

How to Plan a House Party – 20 Things You Have to Know

Have you thought of everything? Proper planning is almost rocking!

A birth greeting card with cute animal letters

Birth Greeting Card With Cute Animal Letters – DIY | Tutorial

A for monkey, N for hippo - take letters and matching animals, combine them and you have an original and individual greeting card for the birth. Are you still surfing or are you already crafting?

The Perfect Adult Birthday Party – Ideas and Gifts

What is the perfect adult birthday party? The answer to this question varies greatly depending on who is celebrating the birthday, how old you are and what is right for the birthday boy or girl. But everyone agrees on one thing: a successful birthday party is unforgettable, the atmosphere is great, the guests are all happy and so is the birthday boy or girl. Special adult birthday party ideas are very helpful in making the celebration special from the start.

If you start organising and planning the birthday party with an idea in mind, you can save yourself a lot of headaches. For this, you can find many adult birthday party ideas and tips on how to celebrate theme parties and turn the birthday party into a legendary party on the ideas portal Abenteuer Freundschaft. Of many funny, crazy, glamorous and original ideas for theme parties or for organising a surprise party for the birthday boy or girl that they won’t soon forget.

Unique Adult Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday party does not always have to take place at a fixed location. There are many special activities such as outings, concerts or a privately planned surprise with which friends and family can surprise the birthday child. There are no limits to imagination and creativity when it comes to birthday party ideas, and Abenteuer Freundschaft has lots of tips, ideas and advice on how to turn a birthday party into an unforgettable event.

Children are not the only ones who enjoy a piñata as a surprise, and there are many different possibilities, from a trip on a party boat, a camping trip with a party, to a birthday party with a jungle camp theme and exams.

Birthday Gifts

Some adult birthday party ideas are also the greatest gift that the birthday child can receive. Self-made decorations and programme items for the birthday party can be a great gift, for example, for a round birthday.

In addition to adult birthday party ideas and tips for celebrating, Abenteuer Freundschaft also has many ideas for gifts for friends.

The Abenteuer Freundschaft Leisure Ideas Finder

Abenteuer Freundschaft is a treasure trove of special ideas for leisure activities and gifts for the people who mean the most to you. So there are lots of activities to discover with friends, partner and family.

Since 2019, the Leisure Ideas Finder has helped people find leisure ideas and gifts for every season and many occasions, depending on their mood and desire.

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