The Bucket List book is full of experiences that even a 100 year old hasn't done

21. September 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

The Bucket List Book - 500 Things You Really Could Do | Review


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What is a must-do in life? With this bucket list book, Elise de Rijck tries to answer the question: 500 ideas that will make life more exciting no matter what!

Search for (and find) gold, learn and perform a magic trick, dance the tango in Buenos Aires, hug a tree and see the real Mona Lisa… Bestselling author Elise de Rijck has gathered these and 495 more ideas in this book. She specialises in bucket lists and we have already presented and reviewed her Bucket List for Friends, and her Bucket List for Couples (just available in German at the moment).

We were all the more excited to see this bucket list book of 500 things to do in life. This is because it is not aimed at a specific target group, but at every single person, and it also contains twice as many ideas as the author’s other bucket lists. So you might think this one is something like her version of the ultimate bucket list book for life.

Very well, but…

How good and how original are these 500 ideas really?

Who would we recommend the book to?

Is it suitable as a gift?

We answer these questions in this review….


Note: HEEL Publishing kindly sent us a copy of the book for review. However, this is not paid for or content agreed, but reflects our independent opinion.

How Good Is the Bucket List Book for Life?

The Bucket List book - 500 Things - World Map

Here you can draw in where you have been

Like the author’s other lists, the Bucket List book for Life is, at its core, just that: a list. But the books are all set out like a poetry album, in which you can and should also write and draw.

At the very beginning, in the introduction, the author introduces herself and writes, among other things, how she herself came to write this book and what her goal was in doing so:

A few weeks before my 29th birthday, I panicked. I called it my 30s panic. Suddenly I realised that life goes by so fast. So I decided to stop putting off the things I’ve always wanted to do. So I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Writing a book was one of them and the result is in your hands. With this bucket list, I want to inspire and motivate you to make as many of your dreams come true as possible.

So far so good, but now you might ask: If it’s about my dreams, what good are Elise de Rijck’s resolutions for life? Of course, the author knows this, which is why she gives tips at the end of the book on how to create your own personal Bucket List book for Life.

Nevertheless, her list is of course a great help and inspiration for anyone who makes a bucket list, but also for all those who just don’t have a plan for what to do with their weekend. (Yes, there really are still people like that! :-D)
The actual Bucket List is divided into chapters with English titles like:

  • Today is the youngest you’ll ever be. So if not now, when…?
  • Collect moments, not things. Have stories, not stuff to show.
  • There are seven days in a week & someday isn’t one of them
  • Doing is what makes a dream come true.
  • Etc.

The 500 Bucket List Book Ideas for Life

The Bucket List book with 500 Things you have do do once in a lifetime

Earthquake, tango or fortune teller?

Now let’s move on to the 500 ideas themselves. Unfortunately, I have to start with criticism here, because the first point “Write a bucket list. Congratulations, your first point is ticked off. Keep it up!” is not only literally on every bucket list by Elise de Rijck, it’s not even that original, nor is point 500 “Check off all the items in this book”.

Well, let’s leave it at that… Fortunately, most of the ideas are more concrete and sometimes really original, e.g. “Try 25 aphrodisiacs” with a list underneath to write down the substances. 😀

Just about anyone who looks at this book and is no longer a small child will probably be able to tick off some of the 500 things straight away: “Surprise someone“, “Scare someone“, “Be in love“, “Learn a new language“, “Stand on a mountaintop“, “Ride a rollercoaster“.

Others of the ideas, however, are not so easy to achieve or are tied to specific places and destinations, such as “Climb the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.” I find “Set foot on the moon.” rather unrealistic, but hey, they say you should never set your goals too low.

As with all pre-made bucket lists, not all ideas will be for everyone, of course: Bungee jumping, or standing on a stage, or being silent for 24 hours, or even being homeless for a night are all things that just aren’t for everyone. But you can’t ask that of a book like this either, in my opinion.

Overall, it is definitely an inspiring collection of ideas, but mainly aimed at young people from about 18 – 35.

Preparation and Design

The Bucket List book asks the question if you are a dreamer or a doer

Dreamer or Doer – Which are you?

Like Elise de Rijck’s other books, this one is printed in different typographies and designed with pictures, graphics and patterns. Unfortunately, however, there are some typographical errors in this Bucket List book, or words are obviously missing from the subheadings of the chapters. However, this hardly matters, because the 500 ideas are all printed without errors as far as I could see.
I really like the fact that at the end of the book there is not only space for your own personal bucket list, but also a kind of goal line from 0 – 500. On this, in addition to ticking off the individual points, you can tick off boxes and thus see how many of the 500 things you have already done. In the direction of 0 there is an arrow with the word “dreamer” and in the direction of 500 there is one with “doer”.

In this way, each reader can ask him/herself: What do I look like, am I more of a dreamer or a doer?


The Bucket List book – 500 Things You Really Could Do is a good inspiration for everyone who wants more from life than everyday life usually provides. Even if you don’t want to copy all the ideas 1 to 1, you will find good food for thought here. The book is definitely also suitable as a gift, e.g. for “significant” birthdays such as the 18th or 30th

By the way, we at Abenteuer Freundschaft also have some ideas that we think should definitely be on your bucket list! 😀

Just have a look at our numerous activities with friends, activities for two or activities with children. And you’ll also find plenty of gift ideas for your loved ones.

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Unsere Bucket List
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