A 30th birthday surprise should be something unforgettable!

12. January 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

30th Birthday Surprise: 5 Unique Ideas For Ultimate Joy


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The 30th birthday is not just any birthday – at the latest now it’s time to finally grow up! Reason enough to surprise the birthday boy or girl with a special 30th birthday surprise!

30! In words: thirty. An age that 18-year-old still seems almost infinitely distant and that you then suddenly reached at some point. One is suddenly neither teen nor Twen and should now slowly but really consider, possibly yet to become an adult.

The 30th birthday is in any case a special anniversary and of course this must also be celebrated and celebrated especially. Whether as a best friend, partner, parent or otherwise connected to the birthday child – this is the perfect occasion for you to prepare this an extraordinary 30th birthday surprise .

To make it really fancy and personal, you should start preparing in time (about 1 month before) and possibly look for reinforcements. Together with other people who care about the birthday child, you can put all the more on the legs and so you can provide a real birthday surprise.

Little tip: There should actually be people who do not like surprises, or at least none, where unannounced the day’s planning is overturned. If the birthday child is such a person, you can still give him the special events described here. Only plan them then with announcement or in coordination with the birthday child 😉

Our Top 5 Ideas for a 30th Birthday Surprise

1. 30th Birthday Surprise Party

A surprise party may not be the most original idea, but it is an absolute classic for a reason!

The most important thing in organizing a good surprise party is that the birthday boy or girl has absolutely no idea and is kept in the dark until the very end, if possible.

For a successful surprise party, a lot has to be considered: the location, a legend to direct the birthday boy or girl there (or to keep them away from home for a while, if the party is to be held there) and finally everything else that has to be organized when preparing a party.

The icing on the cake of a surprise party is a surprise guest (or guests): e.g. someone the birthday child hasn’t seen for a long time and who is coming from far away.

To help you think of everything, we’ve also put together 10 tips for a surprise party.

2. Short Trip to Another City or Region as a 30th Birthday Surprise

Just let off steam somewhere no one knows you or explore a new city together, take a hike through beautiful nature or experience whitewater rafting – a short trip, optionally with an overnight stay is downright unbeatable as a 30th birthday surprise. I was packed as a birthday surprise (albeit to the 31st) of my best friend and a friend times unsuspecting in the car and surprised with a dream summer camping weekend to a lake with boat tour and personally prepared for me rally. This was definitely my highlight of the entire year.

Of course, the first and foremost important thing in planning such a surprise is that the birthday boy or girl has time that day and nothing else planned that would compete with it. Equally important, of course, is that the destination of the little trip provides enthusiasm in the birthday child.

Is the one a nature lover, adventurer, party animal, culture junkie or a sports fanatic? Or a little bit of everything? Plan together with other friends (or family members) a short trip just as the birthday child would dream of it. ?

3. Birthday Scavenger Hunt With 30 Stations

The birthday child likes to play and enjoys tasks and puzzles? And you are a creative mind or you are a creative team? Wonderful! Ideal conditions for a personal scavenger hunt with 30 stations!

As mentioned at the beginning, the 30th birthday is already something like a station in life, at least a perceived small turning point in life, where it is definitely worth looking back. The better you know the birthday boy or girl, the more you know about him or her, the better for the 30th birthday surprise.
Create your own scavenger hunt! Extensive tips on this you can also find in our 3-part tutorial here, here and here.

The scavenger hunt should be personalized and completely tailored to the birthday child. For example, the 30 stations with clues can be loosely based on 30 special events in the birthday child’s life.

But watch out: if you know (or find out) that there were things or times in the birthday child’s life that he or she would rather not be reminded of, rather forgo the big life retrospective.

The 30 stations with as many tasks can also refer to 30 salient characteristics of the birthday boy/girl or just generally to things that connect you/you to the birthday boy/girl.

4. 30th Birthday Surprise Theme Day With Escape Game, Event Dinner or Similar

As a 30th birthday surprise you can play a nice Escape Room Game.

Chinese Escape Room in Berlin

Chinese Escape Room in BerlinYou don’t necessarily have to go away to make your 30th birthday extraordinary and celebrate it with special actions. Just who lives in a city or its vicinity, there are quite a few opportunities to do special things.

Our tip: put your birthday surprise to the 30th under a motto, which has something to do with the birthday child and plan a suitable program.
As a motto could be, for example, the favorite country, the hobby or the secret career aspirations from childhood. Depending on what suits her / him and what events can be found.

Let’s say the birthday boy / girl is a big China fan and also loves Chinese food. Kidnap the birthday child in an extraordinary Chinese restaurant with show kitchen, makes with him a (compressed) cooking course or visits a event dinner with show interlude. Or maybe you can find a escape game provider with a Chinese room near you?

5. A Show of Your Own for the 30th

As we all know, many a play, ballet and musical composition was written just for the enjoyment of high rulers like Louis, the XIV. Must be great, right?

How about writing and performing a little play of your own for the birthday boy or girl as a 30th birthday surprise? Or improvise a little show where each guest prepares something to perform or perform?

So for this 30th birthday surprise, too, you should round up a team of friends and/or relatives. Consider together what talents you have (musical, acrobatic, performing, etc.) and what you can play or perform that fits like a glove to the birthday boy.

For more 30th birthday surprise ideas, take a look at our posts about activities with friends and our birthday ideas.

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