A personalised birthday quiz is a personalised birthday game for adults that makes the perfect birthday surprise for a birthday party with friends.

27. July 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Personal Birthday Quiz – Fun Birthday Game for Someone Special


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A personal birthday quiz is a wonderful birthday surprise you can give to a friend or loved one at their birthday celebration!

At Abenteuer Freundschaft, you’ll find 5 recommended birthday games for adults – all custom game ideas that you can personalize and tailor to the birthday boy or girl (and the guests in attendance).

I myself have been surprised several times by my friends with a personally tailored birthday game  and have been insanely happy about it every time. After all, nothing shows someone you care like when someone really puts thought and effort into something.

A simple but fun birthday game for adults is a personal birthday quiz. This one can also be tied in very well with the gift-giving. Whenever the birthday child answers a question correctly, you present him or her with another gift or part of a gift. (If the birthday child answers incorrectly or doesn’t know the answer, he may of course be helped by the round).

Here are 3 suggestions for how you might design a birthday quiz and what you might ask.

Birthday Quiz #1 – How Well Do You Know Your Guests?

This form of birthday quiz is best prepared secretly together with other guests of the birthday party, because they are exactly the subject of this birthday quiz! More specifically, details of their lives, shared memories with the birthday boy / girl, funny reflections and whatever else you / you can think of.

A Few Suggestions for Good Questions:

  • Where did you see or meet [GUEST A] for the very first time?
  • What street did [GUEST B] live on when you went to school together?
  • What did you once experienced with [GUEST C] that at first no one wanted to believe you?
  • What experience with [GUEST D] comes to mind spontaneously first? (open question)
  • What is [GUEST E] allergic to?
  • What is [GUEST F’s] favorite color?
  • Which guest in this round have you known the longest and from where?
  • What memorable event happened to you in the summer of 2012 and which other guest was involved?
  • Do you remember where you celebrated your [NUMBER]. Birthday celebrated? (For this question, choose a birthday that was a few years ago and where one or more of the current guests were also)
  • With which guest or guests have you ever been on vacation together, how often and where?
  • Which of your guests has a birthday next?
  • Who from this round you would choose as a partner in a bank robbery and why?
  • Which guest knows the most (dirty) secrets about you?

Birthday Quiz #2 – The Nerdy Theme Quiz

Does the birthday boy or girl talk about his or her favorite show(s) all the time (…cough, I confess)? Does she or he obsessively follow a sport, a band, or have some offbeat hobby? Then you could write a funny quiz on the subject and really get to the heart of the birthday boy or girl to see how well he or she really knows his or her favorite subject!

Of course, the easiest way to do this is to share your passion for the topic yourself. Anika surprised me for my last birthday, for example, with a delightfully nerdy hardcore birthday quiz on our favorite series Twin Peaks and the year before even with a Game of Thrones Fan game – I was in luck! 😀

Otherwise, get inspired by our many quizzes here at Abenteuer Freundschaft e.g. the Movie Quotes Quiz!

Of course, you can also find inspiration and many ready-made questions in ready-made quiz games. These are the 10 most popular on amazon*:

Bestseller Nr. 3
Episode 3
Episode 3
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Matthew MacFadyen, Sian Clifford (Actors); Stephen Frears (Director)
Bestseller Nr. 5
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Die Welt der Wikinger
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Mond und Kosmos
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Birthday Quiz #3 – The Great Revelation

In this birthday quiz there is no right or wrong in the answers, but it is about the fact that the birthday boy of the round, to answer the question, things about himself must reveal and, for example, details from his life tells.

Depending on how relaxed the birthday boy is, how formal the birthday party is and what kind of guests are present, but you should be careful not to ask too indiscreet questions.

Or do just that, if the or the person is open and you celebrate in a round of exclusively close friends 😉

Normal Questions

  • What is your biggest dream you still have in life?
  • What was the most important day (or phase) in your life so far?
  • For each guest present, tell a small anecdote that you have experienced together. (if the number of guests is very large, then limit the number to 5 guests)

Indiscreet Questions

  • When was your first time and what was it like?
  • What was the most embarrassing situation you ever found yourself in?
  • What are your biggest regrets in life?
  • Have you ever stolen anything and if so what? (the most valuable counts)

By the way, a good source of questions for a birthday quiz and also a good gift is the book Tell me! The birthday quiz by Elma van Vliet:

Erzähl mal! Das Geburtstagsquiz. Elma Van Vliet
Erzähl mal! Das Geburtstagsquiz. Elma Van Vliet
Farbe: Green; Number of items: 1.0; Item package quantity: 1.0; Abmessung der Artikelverpackung: 12.2 L x 2.0 H x 17.2 W (centimeters)
8,99 EUR

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find lots of birthday ideas and game tips, not only for buy games but also for complete quizzes. In our idea fund you can search around the year for ideas for activities with friends, family and partner.

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