Free templates for creative 30th birthday invitation wordings

24. February 2019 - Anika Semmer

10 Unique 30th Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas


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This one is famous and infamous – the 30th birthday. This birthday party should be legendary! The prelude makes there already the birthday invitation because a unique 30th birthday invitation wording make you want to have an extraordinary party!

With 18, you think you’re finally grown up and that life begins – and with 21 also to smile at 25 about it and think: my God, what was I then young and naive. But the 30th birthday – it’s something completely different! Why? The 30th birthday feels a bit as if freedom is now over, as if the time of carefree, wild parties is over. Not for nothing is the 30th birthday considered a milestone that marks a new stage in life. Some people have already found the partner for life, training and studies are completed, 30 that is after all half of 60 and a third of 90. The 30th birthday is the perfect occasion to celebrate a legendary party – preferably with all friends and with relatives.

The prelude to the birthday party is the 30th birthday invitation , which informs all the guests about the how, what and where on a beautiful invitation card. It is the first whet the appetite for this great event. The 30th birthday invitation wording is at least as important as the invitation design to create anticipation and tell guests what to expect. And make it as splashy, creative, special, beautiful, fancy and yet clear and understandable as it can be.

Get inspired by these 30 unique 30th birthday invitation wordings that play with this anniversary in a cheeky, funny and original way and that contain all the important information you should tell the guests.

Tip: Do you have a special hobby or passion that is just typical of you? The 30th birthday is the perfect opportunity for a theme party! At Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find the ultimate motoparty theme list and lots of tips and ideas on how to celebrate your birthday, for example, as a glamorous Mottoparty Venetian Masked Ball, crazy Bad Taste Mottoparty and much more.

10 Ideas for a Funny 30th Birthday Invitation Wording

In times of Whatsapp and Facebook, many no longer send birthday invitations by mail – free online invitations are also becoming increasingly rare in my experience, pure text is the order of the day. All the more important that the invitation text contains everything that is important and is also original! Especially for invitation texts for the 30th birthday by smartphone everyone is happy about an original message!

1. Classic 30th Birthday Invitation Wording for Friends & Family

Dear friends and relatives,

the time has come – feared by some and longed for by others, the number 30 has also reached me. Thirty years, which were full of ups and downs, as with all people. But with you I was able to wade through the depths and rejoice on the heights. I would like to thank you for this and take this as an opportunity to celebrate a big party with you! Come on [DATE] at [TIME] to the [LOCATION / ADDRESS] and bring above all a lot of good mood!

Your just-yet-29-year-old(s).


2. Creative Invitation Wording with Numbers to Puzzle Over

L1383 F239nd3,

D1e 4p0k41yp53 n4h7! 1ch w32d3 30 J4h23 4l7. 9m d45 3nd3 d32 b3573n 29 J4h23 m31n35 L3b3n5 4ng3m3553n z9 f313rn 14d3 1ch d1ch 31n

4m [DATE] 9m [TIME] 9h2 z9m [LOCATION / ADDRESS] z9 k0mm3n!


Number key to decrypt: 1=i, 2=r, 3=e, 4=a, 5=s, 6=c, 7=t, 8=b, 9=u, 0=o

3. Ironic Funny 30th Birthday Invitation Text

HELP!!! 30 is approaching!

Dear ones, I am desperate. My time as a twen is coming to an end. The 30 is approaching with big steps. And that means midlife crisis, prosperity belly and wrinkle cream already lurking teeth bared in the shadows of the future and prepare to crush my alabaster body, as you know and love him. Unless… …I still have a small hope to keep my youth. You! No, not a small hope, a big hope, because with you I will still feel young at 90. Therefore, please come to my freshness preservation party on [DATE] and make sure that I stay fresh a lot longer than my best-before date!

How you can do that: bring yourself, good mood and gladly quality preservatives and celebrate with me.

Starting at [CLOCK TIME]. The address is: [ADDRESS]. Until then, I’ll wrap myself in cling film…

Yours / yours [NAME / SIGNATURE]

4. Self-Serious and Black-Humored Invitation Wording

Which of these 30 reasons to keep [DATE] free from [TIME] to celebrate with me made you want to celebrate my 30th with me? (To evaluate, write the reason on a post it, bring it to the party. I’m excited!)

Bald head, orange peel, falsetto voice, receding hairline, Curse of the Mummy part-30, flabby chin, crow’s feet, memory lapses, hearing loss, hammer toes, spider body, incontinence, hair loss, had-it-before, near-death experience, pity, schadenfreude, Frankenstein-part-2, free buffet, great friends, drinkable punch, dinosaur fan, world peace, good-deed-of-the-month, love-without-comment, party animal, undertaker-catching-customers, better than Tinder, penis-pump-representative, plastic surgeon-catching-customers.

5. Funny 30th Birtday Invitation Wording

Beloved friends and relatives!
Why I sent you this text:
The clock is advancing, soon it will be time -.
I’m getting older with time…
This is not new, but this time
A 3 in front. Oh no, what a bummer!
I’ve already been warned: “At thirty
Have no more fluff. Work hard!”
Is that necessary? I think not!
And I decided: we’re going to celebrate!
I’m happy if you celebrate with me!
30? Pah! Not worn out by a long shot!!!

When? – [DATE and TIME]
Where? – [ADDRESS]

6. Pop Invitation Wording

Touched 29 times, 29 times nothing happened, 29 and a night and it went BOOM. So if you don’t want to be responsible for me spending my 30th birthday with Klaus Lage, funeral marches, the Princes and Britney Spears (Oops, I did it again), you should be [LOCATION] on [DATE] at [TIME] not above the clouds.

Visit me baby one more time!


7. Funny 30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Shaky hair, shuffling gait,
from the belfry resounds a mocking song.
Age presses my head so low,
as if I were an ancient golem
or even Methuselah,
who slept away his youth.
30 is a heavy burden
if you have to carry it alone.

So be a hero,
Honor friendship and love more than money,
and drive away with me the burden of age,
with celebration, laughter, joy: be my guest!

When? – [DATE and TIME]
Where? – [ADDRESS]

8. Invitation Text in the Style of a Classic Adventure Novel

It happened almost 30 years ago now that a girl / boy named [NAME] saw the light of day at [PLACE OF BIRTH]. This event would be in and of itself nothing unusual and not further worth telling – births occur as is well known not rarely – but this child should still great things ahead…
But wait! Before we tell about the adventures, the tribulation, the brave deeds, and last but not least the love of the brave Juncker [NAME], we want to take a look at those people she / he met in the course of almost 3 decades and who made her / him a happy person with their loving care.
Gather around, you figures near and far! Show up and pay tribute to the 30th birthday of your ever-adventurous heroine / hero [NAME]!

Time of action: [DATE + TIME]
Place of action: [LOCATION / ADDRESS]
Curtain up: let the game begin!

9. Serious Invitation Wording by Commissioner Buzzkill

Suspect(s) spotted from surveillance vehicle. Blowing balloons, wearing party hat, meatball haze in the air. Doorbell, a hooded man, human brand. Highly suspicious. The situation comes to a head. Man is frying meatballs. Suspect places skewers in grapes and – MOMENT! – Feta. Stop. Presence of alcohol confirmed. Suspicion confirms with every second that here at [PLACE] from estimated [TIME, DATE] noise pollution and forbidden good company will be guests. Fear worst debauchery. Reinforcements urgently requested.

Signed commissioner Buzzkill

10. Invitation Text as Creative Package Insert


Please head now store in a cool place, otherwise interactions with the heated content of the following can not be ruled out.

What is “celebration of the 30th birthday of [NAME]”?

The so-called in professional circles “celebration of the 30th birthday of [NAME]”, among laymen also known as “Halli Galli Drecksauparty”, is a so far not yet sufficiently tested group therapy form for large-scale and sustainable mood elevation. You take this medication at your own risk.

What should you be aware of before using “Celebration of [NAME]’s 30th Birthday”?

Do not take “Celebration of [NAME]’s 30th Birthday” if you are allergic to parties, revelry, or loud music.

Time, duration and method of use.

“Celebration of [NAME]’s 30th Birthday” is to be taken in a single large dose on [DATE] between … and … hours. Group therapy will take place at the private practice of [NAME + ADDRESS].

The application is whole-body and also involves rhythmic gymnastics to therapeutic sounds as well as refreshments to be freely self-dosed.

What side effects are possible?

Since this will be the first and only application of “Celebration of the 30th birthday of [NAME]”, there are no known side effects so far.

However, Dr. [NAME] speculates that chronic good mood, sudden uncontrollable laughter and acute urge to move may occur. There is no guarantee that the patient will be able to work the following day.

This package insert must be concealed from the sight of unauthorized persons and destroyed for your own safety after you have read it.

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