The fairytale riddle game for adults Once upon a time... shows who really knows their way around the fairytale world.

25. August 2017 - Anika Semmer

Fairy Tale Riddle Game – Once Upon a Time There Was An Enchanted Game


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Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella – everyone knows these fairy tales inside out. Or do they? With creativity and funny ideas, you can draw from the realm of fairy tales for a tricky, special fairy tale riddle game for adults.

Once upon a time there was a birthday girl who loved puzzles and riddles. He lived in a castle high up in Fantasia and decided to test his guests for his birthday. How well do they know their way around the fairytale kingdom? Who will master the fairytale tests to receive the golden treasure of the winner?

Once Upon a Time – A Fairy Tale Riddle Game for Adults

Like it should be  for a fairy tale riddle game, this game begins with the sentence: Once upon a time… To make the guests curious, you introduce the birthday game with a few fairy-tale sentences. Then everyone who wants to take part gets a paper roll with a fairy tale puzzle that the guests can solve together or alone.

The trick: the fairy tales are described in a short sentence in everyday language – and coming up with the fairy tale is trickier and funnier than you think.

The guests put the completed sheets into a punch bowl – as a nice ingredient you can put a plastic frog king in the bowl. Now you evaluate the answers, read them out loud and the best three fairy tale experts get a prize as winners.

Materials List

  • Copies of the riddles, you can download the PDF with riddles and answers here
  • Pencils for all
  • 1-3 small prizes for the 3 best storytellers
  • Bowl to collect the answers

Fairy Tale Riddle Game Questions

Once Upon a Time… The Fairy Tale Riddle Game

Name: _______________

Which fairy tales are hidden behind these sentences?

  1. Quartet beats crook on the run
  2. Thug squanders fortune
  3. Murderer in grandmother’s house
  4. Surgery saves family
  5. Trickster unmasked by child
  6. Old lady wants to eat up boys
  7. Slight hand injury leads to mass hypnosis
  8. Green ruler asks for asylum
  9. Noblewoman lives in commune with miners
  10. Referendum prevents confiscation of a baby
  11. Vigorous hair growth helps to get a shepherd’s touch
  12. Remuneration according to the performance principle
  13. Birds used to improve food quality
  14. A violent youth in search of the ultimate thrill
  15. Sea creatures finally have enough of a lady’s insatiable demands
  16. Freelance fashion designer outwits group of tall people
  17. Automated food service, precious faeces and a self-acting weapon
  18. Maritime maiden undergoes magical metarmorphosis
  19. Ice-cold ruler kidnaps defenceless boy with eye injury
  20. Beastly host gets unexpected female visitor

In this PDF you will find the solutions!

Winner’s Prizes

An award ceremony is not a must in this birthday game for adults – of course, you can do without it altogether! Fun and themed trinkets fit the bill as prizes – it’s all about the gesture! Our ideas for the first 3 prizes were: a bottle of Little Red Riding Hood champagne, fairytale biscuit cutters and the Frog Prince for the bathtub.

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