With these 33 unusual birthday party ideas, your birthday will be unforgettable and legendary.

16. June 2017 - Anika Semmer

33 Extraordinary Birthday Party Ideas – Simply Unforgettable Celebration


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A birthday party can be anything but boring! These are our best birthday party ideas in special locations, with crazy and creative actions and adventures. With these 33 birthday party ideas you write party history!

20 friends in a party room. The mood is good, but something is missing to make this birthday party a legend. Then the lights go out and that’s the starting signal for a rally, a (booze) night hike with funny challenges or a birthday horror video shoot. Sometimes just a small idea turns a nice celebration into an extraordinary legendary birthday party. And it doesn’t even have to be a lot of work!

The least effort is to simply book a special activity for the party. There the offerer takes over then the creative part – but so unusual Events like Room Escape Games or Crime Story experience gifts cost for it naturally more money. It comes cheaper to have the party at a fancy party location or at home. And with the right party ideas, a good mood is guaranteed at the birthday party. Sometimes you just have party like crazy! 😉

Celebrating at Extraordinary Locations

  1. Hire a Party Boat or Party Raft
  2. Rent party bus or party in party streetcar
  3. Barbecue in the park or garden
  4. Make your birthday a legendary medieval feast at a castle
  5. Spring Break Party
  6. Celebrate at an Amusement Park
  7. Rent a club and a good DJ for an unforgettable party with many guests
  8. Rent a limousine and take your party on tour
  9. Karaoke / Singstaparty
  10. Beachparty
  11. Poolparty / Paddling pool party with water balloon fight
  12. Cottage party (with hike)
  13. Camping party in flodder style
  14. Open air cinema party in the garden
  15. Roof party – celebrate above the roofs of the city

Birthday Party Ideas With Adventure and Action

  1. An Escape Game – experience an adrenaline kick together.
  2. Geocaching – the outdoor scavenger hunt for adults
  3. Booze scavenger hunt – an adventurous outdoor drinking game
  4. Forest rally – outdoor fun, games and competition
  5. Home Rally or an Olympics Game at Home
  6. Paintball Party
  7. Truck tag party
  8. Mini golf tournament
  9. Rafting-Tour
  10. Party outing to picnic by bike, inline skates, or longboards

Creative Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Shoot a video together
  2. Photoshoot with crazy accessories
  3. Buy bow building kits and build bow together followed by tournament
  4. Demolition party – remodel a ruin or basement together
  5. James Bond theme party with agent game
  6. Have a theme party and let your imagination run wild
  7. Celebrate in style at an Oktoberfest party
  8. Host a particular casino party or celebrate glamorously in the style of Casino Royale

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