If you want to celebrate your birthday in Berlin, there are numerous ways to make it a special event.

11. September 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

13 Ideas to Make a Birthday in Berlin Unforgettable


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Worldwide, Berlin is considered a party stronghold, so not only local residents like to celebrate their birthday in Berlin. Besides the legendary club scene, the capital has much more to offer in terms of extraordinary events, locations and activities that guarantee an unforgettable birthday!

Whether you’re from Berlin or elsewhere, if you’re spending your birthday in Berlin, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do something special with your friends. The same goes for organizing a birthday surprise for someone else.

Here we will now talk about what you can do on a birthday in Berlin with a group of adults. For a children’s birthday

Birthday in Berlin – 13 Event Ideas

In the following list you will find 13 tips for unusual events or locations that you can rent. In addition, there are 3 alternatives for each tip!

1. Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke

Loudly belting out your favorite songs, whether you give a Grammy-worthy performance or can’t hit a single note, is something you can do especially well at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke in Friedrichshain. There’s a huge selection of songs here, not just old familiar standard songs. By the way, you can check on the Ichiban’s website whether a certain song is available and thus prepare yourself already.

And those who don’t want to go on stage can instead overcome their inhibitions in front of a small crowd in one of the private karaoke boxes. There are 8 smaller boxes that can accommodate up to 6 people. The boxes have names like Amy, Jimi, Kurt, Freddie or Michael. In addition, there are 2 larger boxes, Janis and Elvis, which can fit 12 and 16 people, respectively, who are eager to sing. These can be reserved for special occasions, so ideal for a birthday in Berlin.

A big plus: the bar is LGBT*-friendly and queer events are held here regularly, such as a “drag race” every Tuesday. The regular clientele is correspondingly trendy and colorful, the mood usually boisterous and the flair party- and disco-like.

If your voice fails you or if you just need a change from singing in between, you can also play billiards or table football here.

Address: Warschauer Straße 34, 10243 Berlin

Telefon: 030-89751327

Three good alternatives:

Green Mango –
Berlin’s largest karaoke bar in Schöneberg

Rock Karoke Cocktail Bar in Tempelhof

King Karaoke Berlin in Charlottenburg

2. Escape Room at Illuminati Escape

"An Escape Room is an exciting event for a birthday in Berlin."

Berlin offers a wide range of exciting Escape Games.

An escape room, also called a live escape game, is an adventurous game for small to medium-sized groups in one or more specially prepared rooms. An Escape Room always has a background story and takes you into another world. The goal is usually, as the name suggests, to break out of the Escape Room. Sometimes, however, the mission is much more complex and there are always several puzzles and tasks to solve.

We have already tested numerous Escape Rooms in Berlin and one of our favorite Escape Room providers is Illuminati Escape in Charlottenburg. We tested three of the four missions offered and were thrilled every time:

Jackpot – Adventures in the Macau Casino

Cyber Attack – Battle for the Quantum Computer

Alien Grill – Secret Mission at Area 51

You simply notice that the operators and at the same time Escape Room builders are real Escape Game enthusiasts and that a lot of effort and love has gone into the design of the rooms, the puzzles and the entire story. In addition, a special feature here is that all Escape Games are connected storywise: it is always about the fight against the dangerous Illuminati, who are on the verge of seizing world domination. However, the order in which the Escape Rooms are played is irrelevant.

Address: Abbestraße 17, 10587 Berlin

Telefon: 030-54810527

Three good alternatives:

Leonardo da Vinci’s Cabinet – Genius and Acumen

Alice in Smartland – In the Wonderland of Smartroom Berlin

Burglary at the Liquor Store – A Moist Escape Room

3. Bowling at Strike Lanes Lounge

A classic birthday event is to go bowling. One of the best bowling alleys for a birthday in Berlin is centrally located in the Alexa shopping center near Alexanderplatz, the Strike Lanes Bowling Lounge. Here, the chic 70s style décor alone creates a party atmosphere and you sit on comfortable sofas instead of hard plastic chairs like at some other bowling alleys, when you’re not rolling the ball on one of the 18 lanes.

From 19:00 clock here is also an age restriction: only those who are 21 or older may then still bowl here and enjoy the light & sound show on several large screens. in addition, there is a dance floor where DJs play and also gastronomically you can enjoy it here.

Address: 3rd floor Alexa, Grunerstrasse 20, 10179 Berlin

Phone: 030-290280270.

Three good alternatives:

American Bowl Berlin in Marzahn – Bowling in classic American ambience.

3D Crazy Bowler – Black Light Bowling in Zehlendorf

Bowlero – The bowling club in Friedrichshain

4. 3D Black Light Mini Golf at Dockx

"Celebrate birthday in Berlin –  black light golf at Dockx"

Black light golf is a super event for a birthday in Berlin

Playing miniature golf, but not outside, but in a neon-colored glowing fantasy world, is an experience you can have at Dockx in Tempelhofer Hafen. Here, in addition to a ball and a racket, you also get 3D glasses in your hand. With these, you dive into a psychedelic rush of color and play your way through 18 courses.

The first room takes the visitor to a magical world under water: small fish swim through the air and a giant octopus lolls its tentacles on the wall. And so it goes on through enchanted forests and mysterious caves full of mythical creatures.

(Black light) mini golf is also suitable for larger groups, as you can split up into smaller groups and start at different courses.

Address: Ordensmeisterstraße 1-3, 12099 Berlin

Telefon: 030-72012228

Three good alternatives:

Minigolf in the Black Light Zone in Görlitzer Park

3D mini golf in the black light island in Zehlendorf

4D Action Blacklight Magic Minigolf in Neukölln

6. Laser Tag Play at Laserstar Berlin

"Celebrate birthday in Berlin – Playing Laser Tag"

Laser tag brings action and fun to your birthday in Berlin!

If you want to experience some action on your birthday in Berlin, you can play laser tag, for example at Laserstar Berlin in Neukölln. Wearing a glowing vest and armed with a laser phaser, you can play missions here as a group with varying degrees of difficulty.

Upon entering the 1,400 square meter laser tag arena, you are immersed in another world: in the semi-darkness, a futuristic world of dummy houses and graffiti sprayed walls opens up. Everything glows in neon colors and different colored light spots create an atmosphere of constant tension in the winding corridors, vistas and hiding places. This is further enhanced by suspenseful music that plays during a mission.

Learn more in our experience test about Laserstar Berlin.

Address: Karl-Marx-Strasse 255, 12057 Berlin

Phone: 030-403673050.

Three good alternatives:

LaserTag.Berlin in Weißensee

LaserGame Berlin with locations in Charlottenburg and Schöneweide

Underground Lasergame – Play laser tag in a real bunker!

7. Celebrate in style at the bar in the water tower

Not only in the heart of Berlin (or “inside the Ringbahn”) you can party well or experience cool cultural events. Often it is also worth going to the outskirts to discover special locations. One such is the dignified Bar im Wasserturm in Alt-Hohenschönhausen, which, as the name suggests, is based in a round water tower on the edge of the Obersee. This forms together with the Orankesee and a park lying between the lakes here a green leisure oasis, where you can let your soul dangle.

In the bar in the water tower you can enjoy excellent cocktails and you can also book it for exclusive events and order suitable caterer. For a birthday party in Berlin with about 30 – 50 people this is an excellent location!

Address: Waldowstraße 20, 13053 Berlin

Telefon: 0178-5389745

Three good alternatives:

The X-Bar in Prenzlauer Berg – The First Cocktail Bar in Berlin

The Pegel Bar in Mitte

Gallery & Bar Tor218 Artlab in Mitte

8. Klunkerkranich – Celebrate in the cultural roof garden above Neukölln

The Klunkerkranich’s “nesting place” is on the roof of the Neukölln Arcaden. The serviced roof garden with its magnificent panoramic view of the capital has long been a cult favorite among Berliners and is particularly popular with visitors in the summer.

In addition to spacious, partly green outdoor areas, the breathtaking view, snacks and drinks of all kinds, the Klunkerkranich offers a varied cultural program. On now 2 floors you can enjoy concerts and DJ sets of different styles, sometimes also readings, poetry slams or films. You can’t book the Klunkerkranich exclusively for a private party, but if you want to celebrate your birthday in Berlin with a smaller group, this is one of the nicest places to do so.
Address: Karl-Marx-Strasse 66, 12043 Berlin

Three good alternatives:

The Wood Market in Friedrichshain

The Badeschiff in Treptow

The Princess Garden in Kreuzberg

9. Dark Dinner at the “unsicht-Bar” (Formerly “Nocti-Vagus”)

"For a birthday in Berlin you can visit a dinner in the dark as a special gastronomic event."

An unforgettable birthday dinner you have dining in the dark in a completely dark restaurant.

“I taste something you don’t see! (And neither can I.)”! This could be the motto of the dark dinner, a special form of experience gastronomy, where you are served a menu in complete darkness, of which you do not know beforehand what it actually contains. Such a special sensory experience can be had in Berlin, for example, at the dark restaurant unsicht-Bar in Prenzlauer Berg. Ideal as a special birthday dinner with family and friends!

Before the meal, you fill out a questionnaire here, in which you give general information about what you eat and what you don’t, i.e. whether with meat or vegetarian, or whether there are any intolerances and if so, which ones. If you want, you can also be told in advance exactly what will be served, but we found it more appealing to be surprised. And in fact, it’s not that easy to find out what exactly is on the plate purely through the sense of taste.

Incidentally, eating a three-course meal in complete darkness while observing all the rules of etiquette is also easier said than done. But don’t worry, because “everything is permitted in the dark…” whispered our blind waiter mischievously during our dark dinner experience test in the unsicht bar. Yes, you read that right, the waiters in this restaurant are all blind and have no problem orienting themselves without the help of their sense of sight. If you feel a need during the meal, you can let the waiter lead you to the toilets and don’t worry – they are illuminated!

Address: Saarbrücker Str. 36-38 , 10405 Berlin

Telefon: 030-74749123
Three good alternatives:

Crime Dinner “Murder on the Spree” – Welcome aboard a thrilling murder mystery à la Agatha Christie.

in Wilmersdorf- Rustic feasting like in the Middle Ages

The Wilde Matilde in Mitte – dining in a colorful circus world like in the golden twenties.

10. Climbing Fun in the Jungfernheide Forest High Ropes Course

"If you like to experience some outdoor fun on your birthday in Berlin, you can do so at the Jungfernheide high ropes course."

Climbing in the high ropes course – action and fun on the birthday in Berlin

Those who celebrate their birthday in Berlin between March and October have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable outdoor event with their birthday guests. In the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course, climbing paths of various difficulty levels invite you to scramble, climb, shimmy, swing and whiz through the air. Over tree platforms, suspension bridges, swinging boards, rope slings and rope slides you move here in airy heights over the diversely designed courses.

You are well secured by the suspension on the harness – should you slip while climbing, you simply hang in the air for a short time, nothing more can happen. Because there are paths for every level – from beginners to climbing professionals – everyone gets their money’s worth and you can improve during your stay. Once you get used to the view into the depths, a feeling of safety quickly sets in and you automatically look for the next challenge.

You can find out more detailed information in our Experience test report on the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course.

Address: Heckerdamm 260, 13627 Berlin

Telefon: 030-34094818

Three good alternatives:

Adventure Park Potsdam – Also a very good high ropes course. BergWerk Berlin – For rainy weather: a great indoor climbing park in Hellersdorf.

MountMitte – A climbing garden in an urban beach area in BerlinMitte.

11. Cocktail Workshop at N.N.Rooms at Victoriapark

The birthday boy or girl is a cocktail lover? Then a cocktail course is one of the most suitable experience gifts and at the same time a great program item for a birthday in Berlin. Although a cocktail course costs a bit more than, for example, mini golf – you have to reckon with about 50-70 euros per person. But it is an unforgettable experience, from which you can still draw afterwards by the acquired skills.

In the middle of Kreuzberg, near the Victoriapark is the event location N.N.Rooms. Here you can experience a highly recommended cocktail workshop by the provider Unique Berlin Events, which introduces groups to the world of cocktails, spirits and professional bar equipment in an amusing way. The course can be booked in German, English and Turkish.

The course lasts 3 hours and includes the preparation of 11 different cocktails and 2 shots. First there is a short theory session, in which the history of the origin of the cocktail is told and the group is familiarized with the most important equipment and ingredients of a bartender. Then the group gets down to business and starts mixing the first cocktail. From the right shake to the freehand pouring of the right amounts to the final touch, you learn the most important moves and one or two secrets of cocktail mixing.

Finally, all participants will receive documentation with recipes of the cocktails and shots covered, as well as recommendation lists for further reading, good cocktail bars and stores that carry the right bar equipment.

Address: Möckernstraße 68, 10965 Berlin

website: Unfortunately not existant anymore

Telefon: 030-25464663

Price: From € 50.00 per participant*in.

Three good alternatives:

Cocktail course at Bar Wilde Matilde at Alexanderplatz

Cocktail Active Mixing Course by Galander (various locations)

Cocktail course at Bar MoleKühl in Steglitz

12. Floating Lounge – The Location on the Spree for a Great Birthday Party

If you are planning to invite a large number of guests to your birthday in Berlin and celebrate in a special place, you can book the Floating Lounge, an anchored ship on the north bank of the Spree River, overlooking the Oberbaum Bridge, for the big party. Here, events with a minimum of 45 and up to 120 people can take place.

The rental price is negotiated individually, but is at least 200 € per hour, so this option is rather something for large anniversary parties, where you like to reach deeper into the wallet. In any case, included are 1 to 2 bar staff, a mixer, as well as active speakers and final cleaning.

Address: Mühlenstrasse 73, 10243 Berlin

Telefon: 030-66763806

Three good alternatives:

Dock10 – A waterfront event location with great views of the Spree as well.

The Treehouse Berlin – An enchanted, plant-covered place to party on the RAW grounds in Friedrichshain. LVL World of Gaming – A
futuristic gaming arena complete with restaurant, ideal for combining action and enjoyment.

13. Canoe Tour “East” with Kayak Berlin Tours

"A canoe tour is a great program item for a birthday in Berlin."

Celebrate your birthday in Berlin on the water - on a canoe tour.

You only really know a city when you have explored it on foot, seen it from a great height and from the water “, it is said. Berlin times from the water to get to know, you can on a canoe tour of the Landwehrkanal and the Spree, as it is offered by the kayak Berlin Tours. Such a tour is also great as a birthday highlight.

The meeting point for the “Tour East” of Kayak Berlin Tours is in the heart of Kreuzberg near the Baerwaldbrücke. From here you start after a short briefing on the Landwehrkanal in the direction of the east. The approximately three-hour tour (there and back) takes you through the heart of the trendy neighborhoods of Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Friedrichshain.

First you pass under the picturesque, wrought-iron Admiralsbrücke, then along the. Left and right of the canal and then along the dream addresses Fraenkel-, Plan-, Paul-Lincke- and Maybachufer, where you can admire beautiful, partly magnificent old building facades on the left and right of the canal. At the so-called Länderdreieck you then turn left and drive through the Flutgraben and a lock out onto the Spree, where you have a wonderful view in good weather and head for Molecule Man, as well as Oberbaumbrücke. In the evening red it goes back to the starting point.

Read here our detailed experience report on the kayak tour East. Usually it takes place on Saturdays at 18:00, in July and August there are additional dates on Wednesdays at 15:00 and Thursdays at 18:00.

Address (meeting point): Kayak truck at Carl-Herz-Ufer 7, 10961 Berlin

website: https://www.kajakberlintours.de/de/

Telefon: 0179-1242924

Price: € 33,- resp. reduced € 29,-

Three good alternatives:

The West Tour by Kayak-Berlin Tours is also worthwhile!

Wind of Change Tour by backstagetourism

Plan your individual canoe tour with kanutouren.berlin

Whatever you do, we wish you a lot of fun on your birthday in Berlin!

While you’re here, stay a little while longer to browse through our idea treasure trove. Here at
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