5 ingenious birthday games for adults that are personal, funny, individual and surprising.

18. August 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Best Birthday Games for Adults to Celebrate an Epic Party


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Birthday games bring fun! These 5 fun and customizable birthday games for adults are the perfect surprise for birthday kids who are no longer children..

Recently it was that time again: the annoying process of getting older has once again struck me, but such a bummer! 😉

As a child and teenager birthdays were yes still a reason for pure unadulterated joy, especially when the 18 and thus the most urgently longed for freedom approaches! But at some point comes the moment when you could actually quite well do without it, still older to become. Just stop at crisp 23 or so (at least outwardly) who wouldn’t like that if he (or she) could?

To make even higher birthdays, especially dreaded 10s jumps like 30 or 40 into days of rushing joy, I recommend an unbeatable miracle cure! And no, I don’t mean alcohol. What I always look forward to most is having a party with my friends, once again seeing all the friends I care about (and who may come) and celebrating together.

And much like children’s birthdays, birthday games are part of it for me! For example, we like to play a round of Mafia aka Werewolves or some other group game, but there are also awesome, special birthday games for adults! I’d like to introduce and recommend five of them to you – because each of these games is also a super nice birthday surprise.

5 Birthday Games for Adults That Will Provide Surprise, Fun and Laughs

1. The Personal Birthday Quiz

Prepare (preferably together with other friends) for the birthday child an individual birthday quiz. For the birthday quiz are particularly personal questions that also relate to the guests present and shared experiences with the birthday child.

Our birthday games for adults can also be very well combined with the gift-giving. Each time the birthday child has answered a question correctly, it gets a gift from the guest or guests to which the question referred.

Good questions could be, for example:

  • Where did we first see or meet each other?
  • What street did [GUEST A] live on when you went to school?
  • What memorable event happened to you in the summer of 2012 and who else was involved?
  • What did you experience with [GUEST B] that no one wanted to believe you at first?
  • Which experience with [GUEST C] comes to mind spontaneously first? (open question)
  • Which guest in this round do you know the longest and from where?
  • Where did you celebrate your [NUMBER.] Birthday celebrated? (It’s best to choose a birthday that was a few years ago and where one or more of the current guests were also)
  • With whom from the round you have already been together on vacation and where?

2. The Big Birthday Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for a birthday game for adults that is a bit more active than a quiz and have the opportunity to hide clues at the party location even before the birthday boy or girl arrives, a scavenger hunt is recommended, which leads the birthday boy or girl step by step to the gifts.

A birthday scavenger hunt is best done in a larger location, such as a garden or a large apartment. Each clue leads to the next point of the location and these can and should have best also something to do with the birthday child.
By the way, we also have detailed tips on how you can create a scavenger hunt for adults.

3. Get Your Life Together

Also for the preparation of this birthday game, it is best to meet in a group of friends and think together about what events you have experienced with the birthday child. One writes these then in short form on colored cardboard cards*, who is artistically talented, can immortalize the event also in the form of a picture on the card.

But it is important that you know pretty much exactly when what happened, at least in what year and what month. Because the birthday child’s task will be to “get his life together”, that is, to put the events in the right chronological order.

You can also write the date or the period of time when something took place on the back, so that all you have to do to solve it is turn over all the cards and see whether the birthday boy or girl was able to put everything in the right order, i.e. “get his or her life in order”.

This game gets better the more people from different phases of the birthday child’s life take part in it, because in this way completely different events from as large a period of time as possible come together. And of course, the more creative and beautiful you make the event cards, the greater will be the joy of the birthday child.

4. Who Is Who? – Body Swap of the Guests

What basically applies to all of our 5 birthday games for adults, applies especially to this one: the group of guests should not be too big. Consult with all the other guests beforehand (or with a manageable subgroup of about 6 to 12 people).

The principle is actually quite simple: once the game has started, the guests swap bodies according to a pre-arranged scheme. Or in other words, each guest impersonates a different guest and the birthday child now has to figure out who is who by asking yes/no questions.

For this to work everyone needs to know a few important things about the guest they are playing. So the ideal is a group that knows each other quite well. Alternatively, during the (secret) preparation of the game, the person beforehand gives the guest who is to impersonate him/her the most important information, e.g. how one knows the birthday child, what one does for a living, relationship status, where one is from, etc.
This birthday game can also be well combined with the gift-giving. For every guest that the birthday boy or girl correctly identifies, that person will give them a gift.

5. Anecdotes On the Table

Each guest brings an object or a photo that reminds him of a funny anecdote with the birthday child and puts it in front of him on the table. This must now a) come on it, which anecdote is meant and b) tell in the round, what happened at that time.

It is funny, of course, if the birthday child remembers something differently than the guest who had impressed this anecdote on him.

Here are a few more party games that are also super suitable as birthday games for adults:

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At Abenteuer Freundschaft, you’ll find many more birthday ideas, as well as inspiration for activities with friends, family, and your partner. It’s worth browsing!

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