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Dinner in the dark in Berlin at Noctivagus

Dinner in the Dark Berlin – Eat In Complete Darkness at Noctivagus

I taste something you can't see - and neither can I. At a dinner in the dark in Berlin we got to know our senses anew.

A Venetian Masquerade theme party as a glittering theme party for a birthday or wedding

Venetian Masquerade Theme Party - Host a Lavish Party Like Casanova!

Elaborate masks, splendid robes and string music - with these tips you can bring Venetian flair to your party.

Surprising party game for celebrations with tasks

Fun Party Game for Celebrations – Crack the Surprise Nut! | Game Rules

This creative party game lightens the mood and keeps the action going with fun tasks.

The Hollywood theme party is perfect for Oscar night.

Hollywood Theme Party – This Is How Only Stars Party!

These 6 ideas and tips reveal what hosts should think about, do and conjure up for the party event of the year.

The Quiz 2017 is a great New Year's Eve game for your New Year's Eve party.

Quiz 2017 – Do You Know What Happend 2017? | Quiz

What do you remember about 2017? - The ultimate quiz on the events of the year.

24 ideas for celebrating New Year's Eve for two

New Year’s Eve for Two – 24 Awesome Ideas What Couples Should Do

Sparklers, fireworks and romantic hours together: this is how you can experience New Year's Eve as an enjoyable highlight of the year.

Pendulum is one of the New Year's Eve oracles that some take at face value

5 New Year’s Eve Oracles That Speak Nothing but the Plain Truth

What does the new year bring? Love, wealth or a fateful turn in your life? Oracles know everything about the future if you ask and interpret them correctly!

This tutorial on how to make Christmas crackers is one of the creative New Year's Eve ideas you can do yourself to get the party going.

How to Make Christmas Crackers With Toilet Rolls | Tutorial

A highlight at every New Year's Eve party and very easy to make yourself: Christmas crackers - Here's how to do it yourself!

New Year's Eve party games for adults make every New Year's Eve even better

10 New Year's Eve Party Games: Fabulously Fun for Adults

With these games, the time until the big fireworks will pass in no time!

New Year's Eve party at home - 11 tips

New Year’s Eve Party at Home – 11 Ideas for the Party of the Year

This is how your private New Year's Eve party becomes a unforgettable event.

Game to Get to know each other to break the ice at a party

How to Break the Ice at Any Party With This Game to Get To Know Each Other

A great party game with associations and anecdotes from your guests lives to get to know each other.

In this get-to-know-you game for adults, the naked truth comes to the table metaphorically or literally - either way!

Truth Strip - The Get-To-Know-You Game for Adults That Exposes the Truth

The party game where naked facts come to light with every refused answer.

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