Winter party themes with tips for implementation

2. November 2019 - Anika Semmer

10 Winter Party Themes That Will Thaw Out Even Frosty Party Poopers




New Year’s Eve, carnival, winter birthdays: winter is the best season for a theme party! With imagination and a little planning, these 10 winter party themes make for unforgettable celebrations.

Some like it hot – especially when the temperatures are frosty! For others, winter party themes can’t be outlandish and imaginative enough. Witty and original, on the other hand, goes down well with everyone.

Winter magic and the sound of bells, elegant Venetian masked ball or greetings from the dark realm of fantasy? In the misty dark, cold and wet season, we long for the touch of the unusual, for promising glimmers of light and the tingling uncertainty of not knowing exactly what to expect at a winter theme party

Are you still open to look out for more winter party themes? Then it’s worth taking a look at our ultimate motto party theme list with 111 creative ideas.

10 Unique Ideas for Winter Party Themes

Among the winter party themes is a stylish Venetian masquerade ball

Casanova, decadence and a lavish party at the Venetian masquerade ball

If you’re thinking of hosting a party that’s out of the ordinary for the biggest celebrations of the year, here are 10 very different winter party themes that can be implemented without a huge organisational effort.

1. Fete en Blanc – Cult Dinner Party in White

Ever heard of the diner en blanc – the meal in white? In 1988, a Frenchman came up with the idea of a picnic with people dressed exclusively in white. Today, there are flash mobs with white picnics on every continent. This is probably also because it is super easy to implement and looks great!

Why not hold a white picnic indoors? To give the party a wintry feel, add ice flowers and fake snow to add some flair. This winter partytheme  idea is perfect for an elegant white Christmas (including a white decorated tree) and an elegant New Year’s Eve party.

Costume ideas: Clearly, everything should be white and the guests should also be dressed in white from head to toe! Costume tip for hosts: Marilyn Monroe, Angel and Elvis or the classic white “Southern suit”.

Party decoration: Artificial snow, ice flowers, white garlands, white tablecloths (for picnics).

Catering: The main thing is 3 courses! For example, cream cheese in puff pastry, rice balls with chicken fricassee, white bread with white yoghurt and curd dips and for dessert a sugar shock of Raffaellos, meringue, marshmallows etc.

Drinks: Champagne (you can get it at the “original” Diners en blanc) and Batida de Coco, Pina Colada, Liqueur 43 with milk, white wine, mineral water – be sure to add ice cubes!

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2. Some Like It Hot – The Hottest Celebration of the Year

Take it literally and create cosy warmth on the balcony with an artificial fireplace, bearskin, table barbecue and fire bowl.
The strength of this motto also lies in its ambiguity: no hot sweeper is detrimental to a good party – but anyone wearing a jumper and knitted hat is just as welcome. The motto is super suitable for more intimate Silver Easter parties and for preparing for carnival.

Costume ideas: Melisandre from Game of Thrones, the Devil, Peperoni, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s woollies, or even figuratively “hot” costumes.

Party decoration: Decorative lights and lanterns in red and warm colours, furs, artificial fireplace, fire bowl

Catering: Barbecue on the balcony or with the table barbecue, raclette, Chinese fire pot, fiery chilli

Drinks: Fire tongs punch, grog, tea, mulled wine.

'CHILI PEPPER' (costume) - (One Size Fits Most Adult)
"CHILI PEPPER" (costume) - (One Size Fits Most Adult)
Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Hot Peperoni Kostüm; Das Kostüm besteht aus einem Überwurf in Form einer Peperoni
31,67 EUR Amazon Prime

3. Welcome to the Realm of Fantasy!

What does a celebration in the realm of fantasy look like? The way your guests make it look! Because the success of one of the most ingenious winter party themes stands and falls with their creativity when it comes to costumes (and their willingness to get to grips with the theme).

Anything goes! Design your party, for example, as a backdrop for fantastic creatures from The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, wizards, fairies, colourful or gloomy.

Costume ideas: Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Skeksis and Gelfling, Elf or Elf, Orc, Mage, Rainbow, Dragon, Unicorn…

Party Deco: colourful and crazy – anything is possible in the imagination. Chairs hanging from the ceiling, whimsical props, strange sculptures from another world or a castle dummy.

Catering: Brightly coloured food dyed with food colouring, jello, brightly coloured lollipops and sweets.

Drinks: Rainbow cocktail, drinks with syrup in all the colours of the rainbow.

amscan 847837-55 Kostüm und Zubehör, Größe M, schwarz
amscan 847837-55 Kostüm und Zubehör, Größe M, schwarz
Kostüm Damen Alice; Alice im Wunderland; Damen
44,23 EUR

4. Vampire Party – The Celebration of the Undead

Dark figures like vampires are one of the winter party themes

A vampire party, with its dark figures, fits wonderfully into the dark season

Maybe a bit macabre at Christmas – but at New Year’s Eve and carnival a vampire party is cult not only for fans of the “Biss” series. The night owls feel especially at home during the dark season.

A vampire party is dark, elegant and offers a wide range of inexpensive decorations. Bloodsucking revellers are exciting horror characters and from the distinguished count, to the innocent freshly bitten girl, from incredible beauty to the nasty Nosferatu grimace or a mad From-Dusk-till-Dawn vampire, anything goes.

Costume ideas: Nosferatu, Count Dracula, Buffy, character from the film Priest, Bella from Twilight, coloured contact lenses, fake blood, fangs, make-up.

Party decoration: Candlesticks, dimmed light, dark dishes
Catering: Dishes in blood red or black and already a bit over the zenith – tomato and beetroot come on the table (or red food colouring helps)

Drinks: Bloody Mary, tomato juice, cocktails with grenadine.

Dieses Kostüm der Firma Widmann ist die ideale Verkleidung für Halloween oder Karneval; Im Lieferumfang enthalten ist ein Kostüm Vampir
27,98 EUR

5. Casino Party – Vegas and Casino Royale

The winter party theme for all gamblers and James Bond fans – notoriously and forbiddingly addictive. Of course, you don’t have to gamble real money here, it’s all about the fun of gambling. An absolute must-have is a roulette game, poker cards and play money.

Decide whether you want to lay it on thick (hello, Las Vegas!) or go for elegance like in the chic Baden-Baden casino and the James Bond blockbuster Casino Royale.

Games: Poker, Black Jack, Roulette, 21

Costume ideas: James Bond, playing card, elegant in a dinner jacket or Vegas outfit, top hat and cane, dollar note tie, elegant dress, glitter dress

Party decoration: anything that glitters and sparkles like Las Vegas at night – for elegant parties, decoration in the colours of the playing cards – black, red, white and gold is recommended.

Catering: Buffet with appetizers and canapés, finger food, skewers.

Drinks: long drinks, cocktails, champagne, champagne cooler with crushed ice.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft we tell you how you can create an original Casino Royale theme party.

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6. Venetian Masked Ball – Sizzling Mood and Festive Atmosphere

Elegant gentlemen and mysterious ladies wearing masks at an opulent party. The Venetian carnival is exotic and decadent. Casanova, fortune tellers, passion and excitement are perfect for a round birthday party and New Year’s Eve.

Costume ideas: Domino, Casanova, Mask and long gloves, Contessa, Phantom of the Opera, Thief.

Party decorations: Candlesticks, lanterns, tinsel, glitter, confetti, pageantry

Catering: Exotic fruits, cold chicken legs, the “what” is not as important as the “how” you stage it – namely glamorous!

Drinks: Italian wine – in stylish wine glasses

You can find more ideas for your Venetian masked ball theme party here at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

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7. Medieval Party – Myths, Knights’ Banquet and Rustic Cellar Party

Draw on the full resources and it’s best to discuss with your guests who embodies which role: a medieval party thrives on the costumes and the decorations! Who is a nobleman and who is a robber baron, who is a heretic and who is an inquisitor?

We recommend pretending to be pairs of antagonists – this will provide plenty of food for conversation and laughter.

Costume ideas: Knight, lady-in-waiting, jester, warrior, bard, juggler, king, queen, robber, magician, travelling merchant, fortune teller, Robin Hood

Party Deco: Everything modern must leave the room! Dimmed candlelight, torches, artificial fireplace, bearskin, a table with benches, drinking horns.

Catering: Goulash, bratwurst, jacket potato, the main thing is heavy and filling.

Drinks: mead, beer and red wine

Find more ideas for creating your medieval party here.

MAYLYNN 12236 - Mittelalter Kostüm Yandra, 2-teilig, Größe M/L
MAYLYNN 12236 - Mittelalter Kostüm Yandra, 2-teilig, Größe M/L
Edles Mittelalter Kleid mit Tasche; Schnürung am Rücken und an der Brust für perfekte Passform
44,90 EUR Amazon Prime

8. Cruise Dream Ship – Holiday Feeling and Ship Ahoy!

Cruise means holiday, summer, swimwear, fancy dinners, pool bar, sultry romance and maybe possibly a murder? Design the venue as a cruise ship with maritime décor – ideally with a bar, sun loungers and an area for dining.

The theme gives guests plenty of freedom to decide on their costume choice (even none works) and they still don’t fall out of the pattern. Like any party in a confined space, this winter party theme is ideal for an escape game or mystery game as a highlight!

Costume ideas: Captain, heartbreaker, sailor, crook, murderer, rich widow.

Party decoration: Maritime decoration, anchor, steering wheel, sailor’s cap

Catering: Buffet or menu with maritime dishes

Drinks: Cocktails with own name creations like “Nixenwasser” “Schönheitswässerchen” “Witwenmacher”

Horror-Shop Dicker Tourist Kostüm
Horror-Shop Dicker Tourist Kostüm
Lieferumfang: Overall, Hawaii Hemd; Material: 100% Polyester; Farbe: Blau, Weiß, Hawaii-Hemd Bunt
53,88 EUR

9. Thriller Theme Party – The Party with Murder (or Escape Game)

Solving a case together or escaping from a tricky situation is very trendy and great for more intimate parties. You can cordon off the entrance area with barrier tape and stick the outline of a light on the floor with adhesive tape.

A handprint made of fake blood looks great on the fridge, for example (or on the shower curtain ?). A blackmail letter made of newspaper clippings as a toilet reading and wanted pictures as murals for the party guests to create themselves.

Recommendable Escape Games for the home and mystery cases: The Curse of the Green Lady, Murder in Shanghai, the Exit Game The Abandoned Cabin and Escape Dysturbia.

Costume ideas: detective, inspector, murderer, crook, blackmailer, bomb maker, Miss Marple, Hercules Poirot – but actually the costume is incidental and the creativity flows into the programme and design

Party decoration: Barrier tape, handcuffs, Sherlock Holmes cap and whistle, Derrick detective stories, old crime scenes running silently on the screen

Catering: British mystery food à la Sherlock Holmes with baked beans, Yorkshire pudding, cheddar skewers

Drinks: Red wine, sparkling wine, murderously sweet and deadly sour cocktails…

Mörderische Dinnerparty – Der Fluch der Grünen Dame - Krimidinner für zuhause für 6 bis 8 Personen/ spannendes Krimi Dinner Spiel/ Krimispiel für Erwachsene
Mörderische Dinnerparty – Der Fluch der Grünen Dame - Krimidinner für zuhause für 6 bis 8 Personen/ spannendes Krimi Dinner Spiel/ Krimispiel für Erwachsene
Als Ermittler steht Ihnen Chief Inspector Watson per Audio (CD oder MP3) zur Seite.; Ein Spiel von Christiane Fux. Illustration Aki Röll.
26,99 EUR Amazon Prime

10. Apres Ski Party

No snow, no mountains and no piste far and wide: but an après ski party goes without! Invite us to a cosy ski hut, the music is set – and so is singing along.

Beer and pretzels, checked blankets, cosy blankets and artificial snow transform a flat into a ski lodge. Put on your ski and snowboard gear (and preferably turn off the heating), put on your karaoke hit and off you go: Skiing!

How crazy would a snowball fight with artificial snowballs be?

Costume ideas: Ski and snowboard gear, DJ, Rudolph jumper.

Party Deco: Chequered blanket, beer keg, beer glasses, umbrella bar, cosy blankets, beer benches

Catering: Snacks and finger food, baguette au gratin

Drinks: Jagertee, mulled wine, Feuerzangenbowle, Schnäpse (“shots”), mixed drinks, beer.

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Draw from the cornucopia of Abenteuer Freundschaft and get even more ideas for winter party themes and party ideas. On the ideas portal for your leisure time you will find lots of inspiration for activities with friends, partner and family all year round!

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