A New Year's Eve review game is as much a part of the turn of the year as fireworks

21. December 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

The New Year’s Eve Review Game: 6 x 6 Questions About the Past Year


New Year’s Eve


In this New Year’s Eve review game, you can look back on the year together in a funny way. And who knows: maybe answering these 36 questions will also bring you one or two insights… 😉

Whether you spend New Year’s Eve with family, friends or romantic couples – remembering the most beautiful and memorable moments of the year together is not a popular New Year’s Eve custom for nothing. In a way, you take stock of the year and remember what it actually meant to you.

You can do this in many ways, of course, but the most fun is to turn it into an entertaining New Year’s Eve review game. However, it is not about winning or losing. Rather, it’s simply a fun setting for each family member and/or friend present at your New Year’s Eve celebration to answer a series of questions.

Here’s how it works…


Our New Year’s Eve Review Game – The Rules

All you need are 36 question cards and 1 die. In addition, each player needs something to write on. Now shuffle the 36 cards well and divide them into 6 equal piles.

Take turns rolling the dice and, depending on the number of dice you roll, draw a card from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. pile. Read out the question on it aloud. All players, including the questioner, think about it briefly and then write down an answer. The question card is turned over and placed in a discard pile.

Continue in this way until you have played through all the questions. When a pile ends and the corresponding number is rolled, it simply applies to the next pile that still has cards, whereby pile no. 6 is simply followed by pile no. 1 again.

At the end, read out all the questions from the discard pile again and give your answers in turn.

If you are playing in a family with children who cannot yet read and write, you can of course say the answers directly.

Alternative Game Rule to the New Year’s Eve Review Game

Instead of one big piece of paper on which all players write down their answers, everyone gets 36 small pieces of paper, one for each question. After each round, these are collected from the current question, shuffled and also placed on the discard pile.

At the second reading aloud, one player in turn reads out a question and all the corresponding answers. Since these have been shuffled each time, you often don’t know exactly who gave which answer. Guessing or guessing who gave which answer in the round is also part of the fun.

36 Questions for the New Year’s Eve Review Game

You can of course make up your own questions.

  1. What was the best experience of the year for you?
  2. What would you never have believed happened this year if someone had predicted it to you the year before?
  3. Did you learn a new skill this year? If so, what was it?
  4. What did you do for the first time this year?
  5. What made you laugh so heartily this year?
  6. Which person has enriched your life the most this year?
  7. What was your song of the year?
  8. What was your film of the year?
  9. What book did you read this year that excited you the most?
  10. What dream do you remember most from this year?
  11. What achievement are you most proud of this year?
  12. What has become important to you this year that it wasn’t before?
  13. What was your good deed of the year?
  14. What are you especially grateful for this year?
  15. What is your greatest wish for the new year?
  16. What is your most important New Year’s resolution?
  17. Can you describe this year in just one word? If so, with which one?
  18. What was your best trip or excursion this year?
  19. What personal weakness did you conquer this year?
  20. What was the best advice you received this year?
  21. Who or what touched you the most this year?
  22. Did you change a habit or develop a new one this year? If yes, which one?
  23. Which day of this year would you like to relive?
  24. Who was your greatest role model this year?
  25. What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?
  26. What would you definitely like to do differently in the new year?
  27. What big goal did you achieve this year?
  28. What is your biggest goal for the new year?
  29. What really annoyed you this year?
  30. Who was the celebrity of the year for you?
  31. What was the most important insight of the year for you?
  32. Did you make any new friends this year? If so, who?
  33. What could you have done without this year?
  34. What puzzled you this year?
  35. What was your funniest mishap this year?
  36. Who would you like to see more often in the new year?
  37. Who would you like to meet in the new year that you don’t know yet?

Have fun with our New Year’s Eve review game!


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