The Hollywood theme party is perfect for Oscar night.

7. January 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Hollywood Theme Party – This Is How Only Stars Party!




Celebrate a glamorous Hollywood theme party with your biggest stars! Invite your friends and let it rip!

On 23 January it’s that time again: in Los Angeles, the city of angels, the most coveted trophies of the film industry will be awarded, the legendary Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars in this country! Like every year, Hollywood’s stars and starlets will gather here – and no matter who wins, the Oscar party will be bombastic.

But hey, you can do what they do and the biggest stars in your life are your friends anyway. So roll out the red carpet and have your own Hollywood themed party!

6 Tips for Your Hollywood Theme Party


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1. Invitation

Invitations to theme parties should always be sent out in good time, because the more time your guests have to prepare and get great costumes.

Whether digital or in paper form: design the invitation according to the theme. For example, you could use the famous Hollywood lettering as the cover picture and underlay the invitation text with a semi-transparent Oscar statue. Or you could include pictures of characters from famous Hollywood films. Another cool idea is to design the invitation in the shape of the stars on the Walk of Fame and cut them out of colourful cardboard.

In the invitation, you should also write how you envisage the costumes: should your guests come as current Hollywood actors, legends of the dream factory or as characters from Hollywood films? Or do you just leave that decision up to them?

In many cases, however, the main way to recognise a costume as a famous actor is to show up in their most famous role anyway. Think Marilyn Monroe in a white dress or Audrey Hepburn in a cigarette holder!

2. Hollywood Theme Party – Glamorous Deco

Of course, a red carpet is an absolute must for a Hollywood theme party – you can’t do anything without it! Anything that creates a glamorous atmosphere is also appropriate. Maybe there’s a stage in the location, or you can improvise one in your living room. Of course, posters of Hollywood films and stars will go on the walls!

It’s great if you can hang up or set up the famous Hollywood lettering in the form of large cardboard letters. You can also make your own Walk of Fame out of cardboard with a star for each guest. For example, the guests can later inscribe and sign their own star.

And while we’re on the subject: a few Oscar statues on the shelf wouldn’t look bad either 😉

Decoration tips at amazon*:

3. Hollywood Theme Party – Costumes for Women

A Hollywood theme party can look very different. Are you celebrating a “Classical Hollywood” theme party? Or do you want current stars to walk the red carpet, like at the Oscars this year? Or does your party simply take place outside of time limits?

For the ladies, a Hollywood theme party is of course a welcome opportunity to break out their best cocktail dress. But be careful: who exactly is the woman portraying? Since the face of necessity looks different, the best way to portray most Hollywood stars is through their most famous roles.

Iconic Looks of Women in Hollywood Films

  • Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction: black straight wig, white dress and lipstick
  • Marilyn Monroe in The Darned 7th Year: blonde Monroe hairstyle and white dress
  • Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s: bun, cigarette holder and long lady’s gloves
  • Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider: grey tight-fitting clothes, toy guns
  • Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element: Bright orange wig, white T-shirt and orange tank top
  • Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel: curly blonde wig, tails and top hat
  • Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz: Blue and white children’s dress and pigtails with bows
  • Jennifer Lawrence in The Tributes of Panem: braid to one side, outdoor wear, bow and arrow
  • Sigourney Weaver in Alien: curly wig and jumpsuit

Here are some matching costumes on amazon:

4. Hollywood Theme Party – Costumes for Men

For the men, of course, a Hollywood gala is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up again. Just the other day I read that men look on average three times more attractive in a suit!

Be that as it may – to embody a particular actor, a little creativity is called for here, too, and a role costume is a good choice.

Iconic Looks of Men in Hollywood Movies

  • Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Sylvester Stallone in Rocky
  • Jack Nicholson in Batman or The Shining
  • Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs
  • Brad Pitt in Fight Club
  • Charlie Chaplin in Lights of the Metropolis
  • Marlon Brando in The Savage
  • Hugh Jackman in the X-Men series

Hollywood costumes for men at Amazon:

5. Highlight of the Party – Academy Awards

As a special highlight, organise your own Oscar ceremony at your Hollywood theme party! You can make the Oscars out of cardboard and combine them with small prizes made of chocolate.

If you announce this in the invitation, you can also ask your guests to prepare a short monologue (max. 2 min.) and play it for the others. Everyone can then vote for the winner using the applause meter.

Or there is a small jury of three who award Oscars in different categories, e.g. for the best costume, the best hairstyle, the best dance etc., in each case of course for both sexes.

6. Music


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What could be more natural than playing music from Hollywood movies at a Hollywood party? But make sure it’s a good mix so that all the guests are happy.

Besides, classic film music is not danceable and is therefore more suitable at the beginning as a welcome, during your “Oscar ceremony” or when everyone is sitting comfortably and chatting.

Good danceable songs can be found on the soundtracks of the following Hollywood films, among others

For the hottest mottos, check out our theme party list! Abenteuer Freundschaft has lots of tips for celebrating together and inspiration for gifts and ideas for activities with kids, friends and your partner. Check it out!

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