24 ideas for celebrating New Year's Eve for two

30. December 2017 - Anika Semmer

New Year’s Eve for Two – 24 Awesome Ideas What Couples Should Do


New Year’s Eve


Sparkling candles, romantic fireworks and many hours of togetherness: These are our 24 tips on how to celebrate New Year’s Eve for two and make it to the romantic, relaxed and enjoyable highlight of the year.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect day of the year to really enjoy togetherness. Spend the whole evening with romantic things that you have never done before or try something delightful new. Taste the time together to the fullest with little surprises, while feasting, surprise chocolate fondue and maybe even venture a glimpse into the future for you as a couple!

Everyone knows about pouring lead, right? This New Year’s Eve oracle is so well known that you can buy everything you need for it in any supermarket just before New Year’s Eve for little money. For us, celebrating New Year’s Eve for two definitely includes taking a look into the future together and knowing once and for all what the new year will bring! And you can do that by far not only when pouring lead! Here you can find ideas for 5 more New Year’s Eve oracles, which are worth trying out!
Oracle, watching Dinner for One and toasting with champagne at midnight sharp – there are many traditions that simply belong to New Year’s Eve. And the time in between has to be filled in such a way that the end of the year is especially nice for you.

Oops, you realize: you are spontaneously in the mood to celebrate? At Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find 11 essential tips on how to make your New Year’s Eve party at home a complete success!

Celebrating New Year’s Eve for Two – The Best Ideas for Couples

  1. Create a romantic mood and cozy atmosphere. Buy candles, sparklers, and a pair of rockets for your little fireworks display together.
  2. It’s dark and cold outside – prepare a special warm drink like hot chocolate, Feuerzangenbowle, homemade mulled wine or punch and surprise your partner with it.
  3. Visit a deli and buy everything you’re in the mood for’s New Year’s Eve celebration for two, but normally never buys. Including champagne and dessert. And then really enjoy
  4. Put together in the kitchen and cook your favorite meal for the Candlelight Dinner with champagne and exotic fruits to snack on.
  5. Or feast on a typical New Year’s Eve meal like fondue or raclette where you really enjoy the food.
  6. Do you know each other’s favorite childhood movies? Borrow them and snuggle up on the sofa with nostalgic memories.
  7. Or finally watch the 2 movies in a double pack, which you have wanted to see forever, but missed in the cinema!
  8. You can already start at noon with a series marathon and watch the hotly anticipated new season of your favorite series – or a new series – together. My insider tip: mini-series from the BBC, there are many gems to discover, which are really fun!
  9. And Dinner for One belongs at least once simply to New Year’s Eve! For me at least…
  10. Everyone thinks about a surprise for the evening arrangement and you surprise each other with it.
  11. Just as a funny New Year’s Eve Oracle belongs to the future dreams spin, riddles and conjecture with it! Who would like to try something other than the classic lead casting, can ask rune stones for a change, try a love oracle or pendulum. How to do that, you learn here.
  12. Prepare a photoshow from the year and surprise your sweetheart with it. Let the best moments happen together in review: Dream vacation, embarrassing carnival disguise, the hottest party of the year, the visit to the best friend…
  13. Make plans together for the future, the next vacation, talk about your dreams and wishes…
  14. Write together a letter with your wishes for the new year – and open it exactly one year later… 🙂
  15. Choose together a board game, such as the Game of the Year and play once again a new game just for two. Really oldschool and makes a lot of fun!
  16. Or you gamble together on the Playstation or Xbox a classic like Super Mario or start on the last evening of the year together in a new game that you play through together.
  17. Or you surprise your sweetheart with the romantic partner question game or an erotic game, which you can buy for example at amazon.
  18. Provide everything you need for wellness and romance in the bathtub and let the year end together quite relaxed.
  19. Take time for a partner massage…
  20. Surprise your partner at midnight sharp while watching the fireworks with self-baked fortune cookies, in which you bake your wishes for your future
  21. Ober craft pop candies that you fill individually with surprises: lucky charms, a personal small gift (for example, a beautiful photo for the purse from this year) a personal wish or saying, etc.. We also have a instructions on crackers craft can.
  22. After the fireworks, you can start the new year off on a very romantic note with a moonlight walk! 🙂
  23. …and ring in even more romantically in bed with lots of love and seduction 😉
  24. The next morning there’s a decadent, romantic brunch in bed with everything that goes with it…

Are you looking for more ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve for two? Then browse a bit on our overview page for New Year’s Eve ideas. In addition, you can find year-round tips for great activities with friends, activities for two or with the family on Abenteuer Freundschaft.

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