This tutorial on how to make Christmas crackers is one of the creative New Year's Eve ideas you can do yourself to get the party going.

28. December 2017 - Anika Semmer

How to Make Christmas Crackers With Toilet Rolls | Tutorial


New Year’s Eve


Table decoration, small gift and indoor Christmas cracker all in one: There are great New Year’s Eve ideas to make yourself – even just before New Year’s Eve! This is how to make Christmas crackers in 5 easy steps!

Crackers (from the English Party Cracker or Christmas Cracker) make sure that it really cracks inside at the New Year’s Eve party. And it’s completely safe, doesn’t stink like firecrackers, and best of all: inside the Christmas crackers, small gifts as well as New Year surprises are waiting to fly out of the cracker with confetti and glitter. These party crackers are table decorations, surprise gifts and New Year’s good luck charms and indoor fireworks all in one!

Crackers are colourful cardboard tubes containing lucky charms and small gifts that you can decorate to your heart’s content and use as a decorative element. If you pull the ends, the pop candy opens with a bang, glitter and confetti provide a pretty indoor firework display and there’s also a surprise inside. You can make Christmas crackers in different sizes – and if you’re throwing a big New Year’s Eve party with lots of guests, you can also buy cost-effective ready-made cracker blanks to fill yourself at amazon*.


Making Christmas crackers is easy, quick and you can fill them with all kinds of original gifts as an added bonus. Everything you need to make Christmas crackers can be bought inexpensively at the DIY store – because usually all that’s missing in the household are the ignition strips or Christmas cracker sticks. And they are enormously important: without bang sticks, there is no real bang and that is half the fun, especially for children! 😉

Tip: Start collecting empty toilet rolls as early as you can! And you can also just cut empty kitchen rolls into three pieces and have new blanks in sizes of your choice to make Christmas crackers!

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Homemade New Year’s Eve Ideas – How to make Christmas Crackers With Toilet Rolls

This is a simple tutorial how to make Christmas crackers

Popping Candy by (CC BY 2.0)

Material List for the Bangers

  • 1 loo roll per cracker
  • Crepe paper or wrapping paper in different colours
  • Gift ribbon
  • Coloured notepads
  • Bang string or bang sticks
  • Pen
  • Triangle
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or Sellotape
  • Border, stickers, stars, paper strips to decorate

Ideas for the Filling

How to make Christmas Crackers With Toilet Rolls in 5 Steps

  1. To make a pop candy the size of a standard loo roll, first cut the wrapping paper of your choice into a rectangle measuring 30 cm x 15 cm.
  2. Now run the glue stick generously all around the toilet roll, place it in the middle of the wrapping paper section and spread the wrapping paper evenly around the roll.
  3. Now the filling goes inside: important are glitter decorations and confetti and a small gift or a lucky charm together with a pretty note with a New Year’s wish – or a creative filling of your choice. Then pull the bang string through the roll and leave a piece of it sticking out at both ends.
  4. Then tie the overlapping wrapping paper tightly together with ribbon at both ends of the popping candy and you have the typical candy shape. Take the popping string and tie a knot in the popping string as close as possible to the knot of the gift ribbon – this will prevent it from slipping when you pull the ends of the candy apart. You don’t need to do anything with a bang stick. Now simply cut off the protruding ends of the bang string.
  5. Finally, decorate the outside of the cracker with stickers, braid or paper strips that you stick in the middle.

Have fun with making Christmas crackers!

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