Games of Skill for adults can be the highlight at a party, birthday or wedding.

15. September 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Ingenious Games of Skill for Adults - Part 2 | Game Rules




And it goes on: Part 2 of our top 10 games of skill for adults for the funniest moments at your birthday party or wedding celebration!

Whether at a birthday party, engagement, wedding or any other occasion, fun games set the mood and often prove to be the secret highlight of the party! games of skill for adults can be easy, but also really hard, especially if the champagne has already flowed in streams… ?

In our selection of 10 ingenious games of skill for adults, we have deliberately chosen games for which you do not need expensive utensils and which are easy to prepare. Here you can find the first 5 skill games for adults by the authors, which you should definitely have experienced :-).

10 Awesome Games of Skill for Adults – 6-10

6. Pulling Strings

Utensils needed: empty bottles (glass or PET), different thicknesses of twine, ping pong balls (one per bottle).

Preparation: A piece of twine is hung in each bottle so that only a short piece peeks out. This is clamped down with a ping pong ball, which is placed on top of the bottle.


As you might have guessed by now, the task in this skill game is to pull the string out of the bottle without dropping the ping pong ball. And that’s pretty hard!!!

There are different ways to play the string pulling, but in any case, only the string may be touched, neither the ball nor the bottle. If there is only one bottle with string and ball, you can, for example, time each one. If the ping pong ball falls down, you are eliminated immediately.

But the coolest thing is when 2 or more bottles are in use at the same time and just as many players can compete against each other in parallel. The winner is the first to pull the thread out of the bottle without dropping the ball.

You can also make the game of pulling threads harder from round to round by varying the parameters.

  • The longer the thread, the harder
  • The thicker the thread, the harder
  • The rougher/rugged the thread, the heavier
  • The smaller the opening of the bottle, the heavier

7. Speedstacking Aka Cup Stacking

Utensils needed: Large number of identical plastic or cardboard cups that can be stacked inside each other, tables, stopwatch(es).

Preparation: All players competing at the same time are given the same number of cups stacked inside each other at the start.


On a start signal, players begin stacking the cups into a pyramid. So the number of cups should always correspond to a so-called triangular number, i.e. 3, 6, 10, 15 etc.

When the pyramid is up, the player must raise both hands and shout built. Only then may he dismantle the pyramid again and stack the cups inside each other. If one or more cups fall down during construction or dismantling, the player must start all over again!

Only when he has stacked the last cup back into the others, he calls finished and the time is stopped.

If several players are stacking at the same time, each should have his own table so that no one is disadvantaged by another’s table wiggling. Also then a time measurement is not absolutely necessary, but it simply wins the one who is finished first.

The game can also be played well in 2 teams, adding cups in each round.

8. Chopstick Transport

Needed utensils: a large amount of chopsticks (cheap ones that are allowed to break), 2 or more containers of the same size, such as bowls, 2 items of the same kind each, such as game pieces, Lego figures, dice, pencils, or even food items that can be grabbed and transported with chopsticks. Possibly safety glasses and clothing that may get dirty.

Preparation: This is a pair game or game for 2 players. These sit down opposite each other. One of the bowls is placed in front of each player and the same number (about 5-10) of objects / figures are placed on the side of the strong hand. Also, of course, chopsticks 😉


At the start signal from the game leader, both players begin to pick up the various opponents’ items with the chopsticks and throw them into the opponent’s bowl. If a player misses, he may stand up and collect the object (with chopsticks). However, he may not throw again until he is seated from the starting position and may only grab the object with the chopsticks held in one hand at any time.

The first player to get all his objects into the opponent’s goal wins the round.

In each subsequent round, the number and type of objects can then be changed, or smaller vessels can be used as goals to increase the difficulty.

A rule variation is that you may take out the objects landed in your own bowl again with chopsticks and throw them into your opponent’s bowl. In this case, a round is over when one of the players manages to throw a pre-determined number of objects into the goal. For example, if both players have 5 objects each at the beginning of the round, but the target is made out to be 7 objects in the opponent’s bowl, then one must take hits from the opponent to have enough throwing material.

9. The Leaning Tower

Needed utensils: large amount of building blocks, e.g. plastic or Jenga wooden blocks.

Preparation: The players are each provided with the same amount of building blocks and they line up at an appropriate distance from each other.


For each round, you agree on a number of building blocks that may form the maximum base of the tower, e.g. 1, 2, 4, etc., as well as a fixed time that the round will last. At a start signal, everyone then begins to build as tall a tower as possible. The game leader looks at the clock and calls e.g. after 5 min. end. The winner of the round is whose tower is standing at the end of the round and is the highest.

This game of skill can be varied, for example, by using different building materials, time periods, or additional rules, or by specifying that the tower must have an antenna, i.e., an elongated brick must stand vertically on it.

10. Beer Pong

Our list of party-appropriate games of skill for adults wouldn’t be complete without at least one real drinking game. By the way, the Beer Pong is one of the most popular drinking games among college students in the US.

Needed utensils: 1 large table (or ping pong table), 2 ping pong balls, plastic cups, lots and lots of beer ?

Preparation: On each side of the table, 10 cups filled about ¼ full with beer are arranged in the shape of a triangle, with one tip pointing to the center of each table. Similar, therefore, to the arrangement of skittles in bowling. 2 teams of equal size are formed.

Procedure of the game.

For each team, the goal is to throw both ping pong balls into the other team’s cups. If a ball lands in a cup it must be drunk by a team member and is taken off the table.

The ping pong ball can either be thrown directly into a cup or is allowed to bounce on the tabletop once before. If it bounces, it may also be deflected by the opposing team. If a player instinctively deflects a ball that has not bounced, the team must drink a penalty cup.

The team that hits all of the opponents’ cups first wins.

And now we wish you a lot of fun with our top 10 games of skill for adults! For further inspiration, we recommend our overview page for home party ideas. At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will also find numerous leisure tips for activities with friends, your partner or family.

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