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20. January 2024 - Anika Semmer

Conundrum Quiz - 27 Hilarious Questions and Answers


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Ultimate fun and lots of laughter are pre-programmed in the Conundrum Quiz. All you need to play is a quiz master and as many players as you like. Simply download the free qestions and answers, print them out and start playing!

What could be better than a quiz where there is no way around laughter and a good mood is inevitable? The Conundrum Quiz is a great party game for parties, game nights, pub meetings and birthdays, for which you need no preparation at all. Simply print out the questions, be the quizmaster and think up a few witty introductions and sayings for the quiz questions, distribute paper ans pens and off you go!

The Conundrum Quiz consists of a total of 20 or 27 conundrums in 3 different categories: depending on whether you play it with or without children, you can use or omit the last 7 raunchy and black-humoured conundrums for adults.

Free Conundrum Quiz Game

Joke questions quiz as PDF for download

The question cards for the quizmaster and the team cards for the answers

The complete quiz game including questions as well as the answers can you download here for free.

Gameplay and Rules of the Conundrum Quiz

As in the pub quiz, all participants form teams of at least two and write their team name on the paper. There should be at least 3 teams competing against each other – the number of participating teams is unlimited!

The quizmaster asks up to 20 conundrums one after the other. Then all teams have time to put their heads together, agree on an answer and at the quizmaster’s signal – for example a gong or an alarm signal that you play from your mobile phone – it’s over and the quizmaster asks the next conundrum.

After the last question, the quizmaster collects all the questionnaires with the teams’ answers and awards points for correct answers and optionally also for particularly creative possible answers. Depending on how many teams participate, the team with the most points wins and is ceremoniously presented with a funny prize, or places 1-3 are announced and each receives a funny prize. Ideas for prizes can be found under the questions for the Conundrum Quiz!

Rules for the Quiz Game

  • It is best to play against each other in table teams or form small groups
  • Each team writes its answers on its slip of paper labelled with the team name
  • Only one answer may be entered to each question of the Conundrum Quiz, otherwise none of the answers will be scored
  • You get 1 point for each correct answer
  • For each wrong or not given answer, 0 points
  • Looking up the answers on your mobile phone is not allowed
  • The team with the most points wins
  • The winning team or the top three places will each receive a small fun prize to be awarded at the end of the quiz game

27 Conundrum Quiz Questions

  1. Who hears everything and never says anything?
  2. Where does a skeleton go on holiday?
  3. Which animals jump higher than the Eiffel Tower?
  4. Who has 21 eyes and yet cannot see?
  5. Who always goes swimming with you but never gets wet?
  6. Which is the strongest animal?
  7. What do you call the increase of alphabet soup?
  8. Can you marry the sister of your own widow?
  9. Which is heavier – 1 kg of springs or 1 kg of steel?
  10. How much soil is in a 60 cm deep and 30 cm wide hole?
  11. Which insect needs food the least?
  12. What road is 60 km long, connects two continents and is about 15 to 44 km wide and neither cars nor trucks can drive on it?
  13. Why is it illegal to bury a woman living in London in Bath?
  14. Which drink is the strongest?
  15. What animal still turns 360 degrees several times after death?
  16. When does everyone like to be alone?
  17. What do you call a man who does not have all his fingers on his hand?
  18. What do mother-in-laws and rain clouds have in common?
  19. Why do bagpipers always walk around when they play music?
  20. What does a wife have in common with her husband?
  21. What animal can change sex in a matter of seconds?
  22. What lives in the dark, has two wings and sucks blood?
  23. What is the title of the Shortest Book in the World?
  24. What is the difference between a bra and a jumper?
  25. Who is the best lover of the last 1000 years?
  26. What do you get when you mix the pill with LSD?
  27. What is the correct term for a broken condom?

Here you can find the questions for the Conundrum Quiz as well as the answers to download and print out as a PDF!

Ideas for Fun Prizes

  • Funny Face Scrunch Balls
  • Funny Party Noses Masks
  • Einstein mask
  • Sausage cable drum
  • Joke biscuits – biscuits with a joke inside
  • Pechkekse – Biscuits with a black humorous saying






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Pechkeks Designbox mit 13 Stück - zum Austeilen und Einstecken! Schwarze Kekse - Schwarzer Humor. Der dunkle Zwilling vom Glückskeks
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Have fun with our Conundrum Quiz!

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