Discover here 101 funny truth or dare tasks for teens.

4. March 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

Truth or Dare Tasks for Teens – 101 Spin the Bottle Tasks


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That moment when the bottle points at you, you hold your breath for a moment and the question is once again: truth or dare? Spin the bottle is a timeless pleasure and is as much a part of youth as teasing teachers, idolising pop stars and, of course, your first kiss…. Here we have for you 101 truth or dare tasks for teens!

Do you still remember your first time – “Truth or Dare”? This game has accompanied generations through their youth and even in rounds with adults it is played from time to time. No wonder, really, because when it comes to asking particularly juicy questions or setting tasks, it’s easy to step outside the bounds of what’s still PG. For example, we’ve collected these 100 provocative questions and tasks for Truth or Dare 18+.

On the other hand, Spin the Bottle is just a classic youth game, and that’s why we also 101 Truth or Dare Questions for Teens (this article also explains the basic rules of Truth or Dare). But questions are only half the battle in this game. That’s why you can find the continuation article here with just as many Truth or Dare tasks for teens (download the PDF here) – from acting skills to skill and courage to creativity, all kinds of talents are in demand.


Truth or Dare Tasks for Teens

  1. Stick stickers all over your face! You may not take them off until the game is over.
  2. Howl like a wolf for 30 seconds (without laughing)!
  3. Hop crouched like a frog and quake while you do it!
  4. Play a wild animal for one minute and the others have to guess which one is meant!
  5. Do 10 push-ups!
  6. Do 20 sit-ups!
  7. Have a teammate pluck your eyebrows!
  8. Show us the most embarrassing photo of you that you have on your phone!
  9. Show us your Google search history!
  10. Read out the last WhatsApp message you wrote!
  11. Read out the last WhatsApp message you got!
  12. Show us the last photo you took!
  13. Give your right neighbor your cell phone and let him look at your photo gallery!
  14. Switch your phone’s language to Chinese for the rest of the evening!
  15. Impersonate someone in the round. The others have to guess who is meant!
  16. Imitate a celebrity and everyone else has to guess who is meant!
  17. Give yourself a resounding slap!
  18. Let everyone tickle you for a minute!
  19. Make up with food from the kitchen!
  20. Test whose hair smells the best! Describe the scent in poetic words!
  21. Flirt with a person of your choice from the round!
  22. Call the third to last number you dialed and sing a song of your choice to the person!
  23. Run like a top model down the catwalk!
  24. Perform the moonwalk of Michael Jackson!
  25. Perform a little mini-ballet for one minute!
  26. Pose like a bodybuilder for one minute!
  27. Hold an ice cube to your forehead for 30 seconds!
  28. Put an ice cube in your t-shirt / top and take it out 15 seconds later at the earliest!
  29. Put 3 ice cubes in your mouth and let them melt on your tongue!
  30. Defile yourself savagely!
  31. You are the butler for one round! Provide everyone with plenty of snacks and drinks!
  32. Play a prank phone call on someone!
  33. Massage the neck of the person on your left!
  34. Send a picture of your bare feet to a person not present without further comment! (You may not clear it up until after the game is over.)
  35. Eat a tablespoonful of mustard!
  36. Eat a spoonful of hot sauce! (teaspoon or tablespoon, depending on how spicy it is)
  37. Eat a clove of raw garlic!
  38. You may only talk for 10 minutes in such a way that you do not close your mouth when speaking!
  39. Gurl with water while singing Happy Birthday!
  40. Another person from the round gets to make you a hairstyle and you have to wear it for the rest of the night!
  41. You just won the Oscar; give an emotional acceptance speech!
  42. Rap for a minute, as best you can!
  43. Reenact a scene from your favorite movie!
  44. Scream the first word that comes to your mind as loud as you can!
  45. You may only speak with a strong accent (of your choice) for 3 rounds!
  46. Make the person on your left 3 compliments!
  47. Clap the rhythm of a song of your choice on your cheeks – until someone recognizes it!
  48. Demonstrate to everyone how the perfect French kiss goes, but alone, i.e. with the air!
  49. Dance to a song that the group chooses!
  50. Dance very slowly and dreamily to a heavy metal song or hard techno!
  51. Call a delivery service and try to convince the person on the other end to adopt you!
  52. Stand by the open window and shout as loud as you can how much you love your mommy!
  53. Stand by the open window and shout as loud as you can how much you love your own rear end!
  54. You get the nearest trash can. Play an impassioned salesman and price the contents of your trash can to sell!
  55. Try to touch your nose with the tip of your tongue! If you don’t succeed, you have to touch the nose of someone else in the round with your tongue.
  56. Try sticking a toe in your mouth!
  57. Take a pen between your toes and write your name!
  58. Write your name by guiding a pen with your mouth!
  59. Hug the person sitting across from you as warmly as possible!
  60. Spell a word with your nose until someone guesses it!
  61. Play a foodie: eat something and pretend it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten!
  62. Wrap your head with toilet paper, you must not take off this crown until after the game!
  63. Say a tongue twister 3 times in a row!
  64. The person to your left, may draw something on your face (with a water soluble pen)!
  65. Draw a face on your hand as if it were a hand puppet: for 3 rounds you speak only in a disguised voice and move your hand as if it were speaking!
  66. Take a selfie of yourself grimacing and post it without further comment!
  67. Stick out your tongue and keep it out for 3 rounds, even when talking.
  68. Propose to me (the person doing the task)!
  69. Feed spray cream to a person of your choice from the round!
  70. Paint your dream man / woman as best you can!
  71. Call the parents of one person in the round and sing them a song without explanation!
  72. Play your mom or dad for 3 rounds!
  73. Play the teacher you hate the most for 3 rounds!
  74. Create and describe a Disney movie in which the person to your right stars!
  75. Imagine that everyone else is the entire people and you are running for Chancellor. Give a speech and try to convince them to vote for you!
  76. Make a dress or top out of a garbage bag (e.g. with the help of scissors and tape) and wear this new piece of clothing until the end of the game!
  77. Play Dr. Sommer and answer the questions of your fellow players in a highly serious tone of voice!
  78. Call someone you don’t even know and pretend you’re breaking up with them!
  79. Drink water from a bowl like a dog!
  80. Make yourself a delicious sandwich – blindfolded!
  81. Whisper something absolutely shocking into the ear of the person to your left!
  82. Play a dramatic death scene like in a play!
  83. Fake a laughing fit as best you can! (If you actually get one, the same goes… :D)
  84. Understand each other for 3 rounds using only facial expressions!
  85. Play Gollum from Lord of the Rings, crawl around once while saying in Gollum’s voice “My treasure! My treasure!”
  86. Feed any person from the round with a spoon!
  87. Hold hands with the person to your right for 5 minutes!
  88. Reenact a scene from childhood!
  89. Empty out your purse, backpack, or whatever you’re carrying and show off all the items you keep inside!
  90. Close your eyes until it’s your turn again!
  91. Eat a snack without using your hands!
  92. Try licking your elbow!
  93. Say 2 honest things about each person in the group!
  94. Mix 10 different drinks (or as many as are available) and drink the mixture in one go!
  95. Play a teacher and try to motivate the “class” (the others in the round) to join in!
  96. Fill your mouth as full of snacks as you possibly can!
  97. Post the oldest selfie you have on Instagram Stories!
  98. Stand in front of a mirror and flirt with yourself!
  99. Make a pantomime of your star sign until someone recognizes it!
  100. Give a eulogy for Donald Trump’s style consciousness including tips for hairstyle and the right tanning cream!
  101. Confess your deep love to any person in the round!

Have fun with these 101 truth or dare questions for teens (here for download as PDF)! Don’t forget to also grab the 101 Truth or Dare Questions for teens to go along with it. Then let the fun begin!

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