Funny question jokes for adults and tricky conundrums

8. July 2023 - Anika Semmer

101 Funny Question Jokes for Adults and the Best Conundrums


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Really funny question jokes are not only a super icebreaker. Everyone likes to laugh at a good, intelligent, or sometimes batty or naughty, short funny conundrum and enjoys good conversation. This best list of funny question jokes for adults and conundrums offers jokes and riddles for every sense of humour, which are also super suitable for use in a scavenger hunt, as a filler for an original Advent calendar or birthday game.

Good funny question jokes and conundrums are memorable and great for meeting new people and starting conversations at parties. Some of the intelligent conundrums for adults are so tricky that they have what it takes to spark an amusing discussion. Brilliant! They can also be used to cheer up a friend when he or she is in a bad mood. The important thing to remember is that everyone has a different sense of humour and you should be able to judge roughly what will go down well or what is too crude or boring. Rely on your intuition!

Logically, the best funny question jokes for adults also include ambiguous and naughty funny jokes and riddles that deal with raunchy topics or drip with black humour. That is what makes them so appealing.

The conundrums and funny question jokes for adults collected here are all short and easy to remember, so they’re great for this.

If you love scavenger hunts or escape games, or if you like to make your own original gifts, you can incorporate super conundrums for adults. I have already done this and it went down really well! From a Advent calendar riddles for adults to funny scavenger hunts for adults or themed riddle games to Easter, Christmas and for birthdays.

We have collected a list of the 100 best funny quesion jokes for adults and conundrums for you to read. After each question joke and riddle you will find the correct answer in italics!

Top 101 Conundrums and Funny Question Jokes for Adults With Answers

"The best funny question jokes for adults and tricky conundrums"

Funny question jokes for any sense of humor

Dark humour, shady topics and, of course, marriage provide ingenious material for some of the funniest question jokes and conundrums. In the first part of the funny question jokes for adults, you will find 35 jokes and funny riddles that are really for adults.

In the second part, you’ll find 66 intelligent and tricky conundrums and question jokes for adults, where you often have to think around corners.

Top 35 Dark Humoured and Naughty Funny Question Jokes for Adults

  1. What do mother-in-laws and rain clouds have in common? – When they clear away, it’s a beautiful day.
  2. What does a man understand by a 7-course meal? – A burger and a six-pack
  3. What do you call a handsome, intelligent and sensitive man? – A rumour
  4. What is the smallest dome in the world? – The condom
  5. What does a jealous wife do when her husband zigzags in the garden? – Fire further
  6. What is the name of the place where men and women snuggle together sweating? – Ubahn
  7. What is the difference between a widow and a wife? – The widow always knows where her husband is
  8. Why can’t 40% of married men fall asleep right after a night of love? – Because they have to go home first
  9. In which month do women who want to lose weight automatically eat less? – In February, because it only has 28 days
  10. What do men and cars have in common? – If you’re not careful, you’re underneath.
  11. What goes in stiff and comes out limp? – A piece of chewing gum
  12. What do most male visitors to a singles bar have in common? – They are married
  13. Why is a night with a doctor never as good as with a teacher? – The doctor says: “Next, please” and the teacher: “Now we’ll repeat this until you know it inside out.
  14. What part of a man excites some women when it’s thick and bulging? – The wallet.
  15. What do a Rubik’s Cube and man’s best play have in common? – The more you play with it, the harder it gets.
  16. If a yoga teacher stretches his legs vertically upwards while farting, which yoga figure does he represent? – The scented candle
  17. What do a phone book and a porn film have in common? – A lot of numbers and no plot.
  18. What does a wife have in common with her husband? – They got married on the same day.
  19. What is the difference between a bra and a jumper? – One keeps what the other promises.
  20. What animal can change sex in seconds? – The crab louse
  21. What are the butcher’s last words? – Toss over a knife!
  22. Who is the best goalkeeper in the world? – One bra, he holds two balls at once.
  23. What are men called who prefer to be with other guys than with their wife? – Husbands
  24. What would a world without men be like? – Full of happy, fat women.
  25. What do trousers and aeroplanes have in common? – In an emergency, both have to come down.
  26. What is the title of the Shortest Book in the World? – What men know about women.
  27. What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree? – Hold on to your nuts, this is no ordinary blowjob.
  28. How does a man talk to his wife after they have slept together? – On the phone / smartphone
  29. What are three in an office, with one working? – Two civil servants and a fan.
  30. Who is the best lover of the last 1000 years – Oetzi – about 5000 years in a crevasse and still stiff.
  31. What do you get when you mix the pill with LSD? – A trip without children.
  32. What is the correct term for a broken condom? – Child surprise
  33. What does a freshly washed pair of pants ask a used pair of pants? – Were you on holiday you are so brown?
  34. What lives in the dark, has two wings and sucks blood? – Always Ultra / A sanitary napkin
  35. What is the difference between erotic and perverted? – Perverse is when you tickle your girlfriend with a feather, perverted is when the whole bird is still attached.

66 Tricky Question Jokes and Conundrums for Adults

  1. Where does a skeleton go on holiday? – At the Dead Sea
  2. Who knows best what people are missing? – The thief
  3. What goes through all the countries of the world and yet remains where it is? – A road
  4. Who is at the crime scene earlier than the police? – The perpetrator
  5. What has four legs and can fly? – Two birds
  6. Which drink is the strongest? – The water, it carries whole ships
  7. When does everyone like to be alone? – When he inherits something.
  8. A man walks through a downpour without an umbrella or anything to protect himself from the rain and yet his hair doesn’t get wet. How does he do it? – He is bald.
  9. Which animal still turns 360 degrees several times after death? – The grilled chicken
  10. Who growls but never wants to bite you? – Your stomach.
  11. What does the hammer say to the thumb? – Nice to meet you again.
  12. What lies when you stand and stands when you lie? – The feet
  13. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are these? – Fingerprints
  14. Which animal jumps higher than the Eiffel Tower? – All of them, because the Eiffel Tower can’t jump
  15. .What has 6 feet and sings? – The Trio
  16. How can a man go eight days without sleep? – He sleeps at night
  17. What can you hold in your right hand but not in your left? – The left hand
  18. Which is heavier – a tonne of cotton wool or a tonne of steel? – Both are the same weight, because a ton is a to
  19. Who gets into the house first? – The key
  20. What has a heart that does not beat? – The artichoke
  21. Why is it illegal to bury a woman living in London in Birmingham? – You don’t bury the living
  22. What was the highest mountain in the world before it was discovered? – Mount Everest, it just hadn’t been discovered yet
  23. Which birds do not lay eggs? – The males
  24. What has no beginning but two ends? – The sausage
  25. Who has 21 eyes and yet cannot see? – The Cube
  26. 5 caves in one hole. What is this? – A glove
  27. What is as big as an elephant but weighs nothing? – The shadow of the elephant
  28. Which light illuminates the largest room? – The Northern Lights
  29. What do you wish for – only to give it away again? – Money
  30. What is behind the Statue of Liberty? – A question mark
  31. It is always near – it is never there. When you think you are nagging at it, it takes on another name. – Tomorrow
  32. Who hears everything and never says anything? – Your ear
  33. What is clean before washing and dirty afterwards? – The water
  34. What road is 60 km long, connects two continents and is approx. 15 to 44 km wide and neither cars nor trucks can drive on it? – The Strait of Gibraltar
  35. What do many people want to become but no one wants to be? – Old
  36. How long does a car run? – Until the fuel is empty
  37. How many birthdays does a person have on average? – One
  38. Which is the strongest animal? – The snail, it can carry a whole house
  39. Who wears glasses and yet cannot see? – The nose
  40. What only needs air to grow really fast? – The fire
  41. Which question must always be answered with yes? – How do you spell yes?
  42. What is yours for life but others use it much more than you? – Your name
  43. Which nails can’t be used to hang up a picture? – On fingernails
  44. What lies between the house and the garage? – That and
  45. Who will go swimming with me and not get wet? – My shadow
  46. What are the best glasses to pour schnapps into? – In empty
  47. What animal also drives over roads? – A Jaguar
  48. What does the gardener put first in his vegetable garden? – His foot
  49. What has two legs and can’t walk? – A pair of trousers
  50. What hears without ears, chats without mouth and answers in all languages? – The echo
  51. The more there is, the less you see. What am I? – Darkness
  52. Why do bagpipers always walk around when they play music? – Moving targets are harder to hit
  53. When a brother throws his brother off the Golden Gate Bridge into the river, why do both brothers land in the water? – They are Siamese twins
  54. What do you lose when you say just one word? – The silence
  55. What is the difference between a football player and a pedestrian? – The football player walks on red, the pedestrian on green
  56. What tastes better than it smells? – The tongue
  57. You can see me in the water, but I never get wet. What am I? –
    Your reflection.
  58. What do you throw away when you use it and when you don’t need it any more, do you get it back? – An anchor
  59. How do you know that carrots are good for the eyes? – Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?
  60. A man pushes his car to a hotel and tells the owner that he is bankrupt. Why? – He is playing Monopoly
  61. How much soil is in a hole 90 cm deep and 45 cm wide? – None, because it is no longer a hole if there is soil in it.
  62. What can travel around the world and stay in the same corner? –A stamp
  63. What can you lose without becoming poorer? – Innocence
  64. What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? – A towel
  65. When do young ducks start swimming? – When they get into the water
  66. Which extremely rare body fluid has 17 letters? – Civil servant sweat

Have fun with these 101 conundrums and funny question jokes for adults!

Looking for more conundrums and riddles? On Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find more awesome conundrums for kids.

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