The best water balloon games for adults for pool parties, garden parties or barbecues

10. June 2023 - Anika Semmer

7 Water Balloon Games for Adults for Ultimate Fun


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Are you ready for the ultimate refreshing summer fun? Bet these 7 refreshing water balloon games for adults, teens and families will make your summer party, pool party or picnic the most fun of the summer.

When the thermometer climbs and the sun burns down from the sky, there’s nothing better than a refreshing cool down. These water balloon games for adults and teenagers are sure to leave no one dry and are enormous fun. All of them are perfect for parties and barbecues when it’s really hot and everyone likes to get into their swimwear. Some of the water balloon games for adults can only be played with bought water balloons, for all the others we like to use homemade reusable water balloons made from sponges. They don’t leave a mess like the burst water balloon shells, and they’re super easy to make yourself. Simply cut sponge cloths into strips, lay 8 on top of each other and knot the strips with yarn in the middle until a ball is formed.

Some of these water balloon games for adults are only really fun when many guests join in. But some are also suitable for groups of 8 players or more, like the addictive water balloon volleyball.

Looking for water balloon games for the little ones? Then you should definitely take a look at these water bomb games for kids from 4 – 12 years!

The Best 7 Water Balloon Games for Adults

"For most of these water balloon games for adults you hardly need anything except the water balloons."

Put on your swimsuit and let the fun begin

Team game or everyone against everyone? Many of our favourite water balloon games for adults are team games. Water balloon volleyball and dodgeball are based on the rules of these two popular ball games and if you are a large group, you can also play both games as a small tournament. The throwing games, the splashy version of the ingenious guessing game Who am I and the water balloon chain, on the other hand, are less sporty if you are in the mood for a quieter game.

1. Water Balloon Volleyball

Stretch a full volleyball net for this water balloon game – or play it on a court where a net is stretched. Now form two balanced teams with an even number of players. In each team, form pairs that stretch a towel between them and hold it by the ends. The referee stands at the net and throws the water balloon as vertically as possible into the air and the game begins. The pairs of players have to catch the water balloon on their towel and throw it over the net to the opposing side. The players there catch it on the towel and throw it back. This goes on and on until the water balloon bursts or falls on the floor. The opposing team gets a point for this and the game continues with a new water balloon. The team that scores 21 points first wins, just like in real volleyball.

What Do I Need?

  • Volleyball net
  • Water bombs
  • Towels
  • Container
  • Referee

2. Defuse Bomb – Obstacle Course

Set up two identical courses next to each other. Now distribute an even number of water bombs in the immediate vicinity. You can place the water bombs on a tree, for example! Now form two teams and equip each team with a towel. Now the teams look for the bombs. Two players each hold a towel at one end, a third player puts the bomb on it in the middle. Now the two run to their course and run through it together with the bomb on the towel. If they reach the finish line without the balloon falling to the ground and bursting, they collect points there. Now they run back and high-five the next two players in their team.

The team with the most defused balloons at the finish line wins.

What Do I Need?

  • Water bombs
  • Parcour with obstacles – chairs, broomstick as limbo pole, tunnel etc.
  • 2 towels

3. Who Am I? Variant as a Water Balloon Game for Adults

Each player thinks of an animal, character or person they are and writes it on a piece of paper so they can’t cheat. The first player starts and gets a container full of water balloons. Now everyone asks questions that can be answered yes or no to find out who the person is. For example: “Are you still alive?” “Are you a fictional person?” Any question answered “no” means that the players asking the question will be thrown a water balloon. If the answer is “yes”, they are spared. The questioner who solves who the person is is next.

What Do I Need?

  • Papers and pens
  • Water bombs
  • Tub or container

4. Water Bomb Chain – One of the Funniest Pool Party Water Bomb Games for Adults

You form two teams. Each team gets an identical number of water bombs and sits down next to each other in a row. The edge of the pool where you sit opposite each other is particularly suitable for this. The water bombs are placed at the beginning of the row and an empty container at the end. Set a time, for example 2 or 4 minutes. At the start signal, the first players in the row take the first water balloons and grab them with their feet. Now the water balloons are passed on with the feet to the last player and placed in the container. The team that has collected the most water balloons wins!

Tip: Agree at the beginning whether it is allowed to use the hands or only the feet and state this clearly.

What Do I Need?

  • Water bombs
  • 2 containers

5. Water Balloon Throwing Game

All the players stand in a circle and everyone is given a few water bottoms next to them as a supply. Now throw the first water bomb at each other in a high arc. Then add the second water bomb, the third and the fourth. You can keep increasing the number of water bombs until there is no break between catching and throwing and there is a real water fight.

Optionally, you can also play this throwing game as a drinking game. For every burst bomb that is not caught or for every water bomb shower, you have to drink a sip.

What Do I Need?

  • Water bombs
  • Min. 4 players

6. Water Balloon Dodgeball – One of the Best Water Balloon Games for Adults for Summer Parties With Lots of Guests

Form two teams of equal strength and mark out a playing field with a centre line using chalk spray or ropes. A bucket with water bombs is placed in the back third of each team’s field. Now the players of the opposing teams throw water bombs at each other and try to decimate the other team by hitting the player with a bursting water ball. As soon as a hit is landed, this player is eliminated from the game and leaves the playing field. However, if the water balloon does not burst when hit, nothing happens and the player is still in the game.

The winner is the team that has players in the field last.

What Do I Need?

  • Water bombs
  • 2 buckets
  • Crayon spray or a fixed playing field: e.g. a pool

7. Water Balloons Long Throw


Make flags out of paper and wooden skewers in as many different colours as there are players.

Mark the starting line with chalk spray, coloured tape or sticks. Now place the Hula Hoops or ropes in a circle on the floor. Each hoop/ring must be a different distance from the starting line. Spray a 5 in the first ring, a 10 in the second, a 20 in the third, a 50 in the fourth and a 100 in the fifth.


All players line up on the starting line and throw a water balloon one after the other and try to hit a hula hoop with it. If they succeed, the point of impact is marked with a flag in the colour of the other player. The players try to score as many points as possible.

After the last 5th throw, the scores of the successful throws are added up using the flags. The winner is the one with the highest score!

Important: When filling the water bombs, make sure that each water bomb contains the same amount of water so that everyone has the same chance.

What Do I Need?

  • Per player 5 water balloons in a tub
  • 5 hula hoops or ropes
  • Coloured tape or chalk spray
  • Paper, pencils, wooden skewers and glue
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Have a great summer and lots of splashing fun with our water balloon games for adults!

Planning a summer party? Here you’ll find ideas and tips on what you need for the perfect summer party. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find lots of ideas for parties, games and fun and leisure activities with friends, family and partner.

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