List of 111 best kids birthday party themes

12. August 2023 - Anika Semmer

111 Kids Birthday Party Themes - the Ultimate List Of Party Ideas


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The much-awaited children’s birthday is just around the corner and you have absolutely no idea what you want to do? Party themes are an ingenious way to make a child’s birthday special. Another plus according to our experience: a theme makes it easier to come up with ideas. We have collected the best 111 kids birthday party themes on our list of ideas.

Fairy dance tea, pool party, superhero party – themes are a tremendous help in coming up with ideas for the birthday program. It takes practically no more work to create a theme party than a “normal birthday” because decorations, games and program are needed anyway. In my experience, everything is easier if you decide on a theme at the beginning (together with the birthday child), the appropriate decoration, games, guest gifts and invitation ideas arise from the theme by themselves. You don’t have to overdo it, many games, for example, can be easily adapted to the theme. The older your child is, the more their current interest should be taken into account.

What is a good party theme? Clearly, the answer varies depending on how old your child is and whether they have a particular preference for a theme! That’s why we’ve roughly divided our list into kids birthday party themes for 3-6 year olds and around 6-12 year olds. Since, in our experience, the interests of 6-12 year olds are sometimes already very clearly typically boy or girl, we have subdivided them again accordingly and also listed unisex themes. But of course there are also girls for whom excavators and soccer are the greatest and boys who go for Frozen and horses and after that you should go.

Generally a tip: less is usually more and nothing has to be! It is important that you have prepared a little program, because so it will not be stressful at the party and the birthday will be special. For some of the most popular children’s birthday themes you can also find extra pages on our blog with ideas for games, decorations, invitations, crafts, treasure hunts to create the theme party. All linked theme party ideas lead to extra articles with lots of ideas and tips and it’s worth clicking through to get some inspiration.

101 Exciting Kids Birthday Party Themes for 3-12 Year Olds

"Kids birthday party theme Harry Potter"

Many birthday party themes are well received by both sexes

At the earliest from 3 years, a theme party for a child’s birthday is a super thing. As a rule of thumb, we usually stick to inviting as many children to the birthday as the child grows old. For three or four year olds, simple themes like bubbles, rainbows or favorite animal are evergreens. In most cases, the child doesn’t want a party until his or her 3rd birthday at the earliest anyway, even though in our experience, children’s birthday parties at the KiTa and kindergarten are a big deal before then and very important to the kids. Young children love fantasy characters, have their first favorite characters from books and series, but are usually not yet committed to a particular field of interest.

From about 6 years (of course, children are different in development and this is only a rough guide) girls and boys already have clear interests, on which you should orient the selection of the children’s birthday theme. Who will be invited to the birthday is a big issue. We have listed here the most popular kids birthday party themes, absolute classics to unusual themes for boys and girls. The older your birthday child is, the more you should definitely involve him or her in the party planning, because this is super fun from making the invitations together to shopping for supplies for the games and decorations!

Party Themes for 3-6 Year Olds

"Kids birthday party theme favorite animals"

Simple mottos are particularly suitable for children aged 3 and over

  1. Zoo party
  2. Fairy tale
  3. Bubbles theme party
  4. Dragon party
  5. Favorite animal party
  6. Marybird theme party
  7. Farm theme party
  8. Rainbow theme party
  9. Fantasy party
  10. Squeaky ducks
  11. Colors party
  12. Strip party
  13. Points party
  14. Little Caterpillar theme party
  15. Jungle theme party
  16. Paw Patrol party
  17. Winnie Poo party
  18. Peppa Pig party
  19. Gruffelo party
  20. Picnic party with cuddly toys
  21. Forest theme party
  22. Balloon party
  23. Noah’s Ark
  24. Favorite Toy party
  25. Craft party

The Best Birthday Themes for Girls up to 12 Years

"Kids birthday party theme princess"

  1. Witch party
  2. Unicorn party
  3. Mermaids theme party
  4. Butterfly theme party
  5. Ballet theme party
  6. Creative! theme party
  7. Dream trip
  8. Tea party at Alice in Wonderland
  9. Bibi Blocksberg theme party
  10. Rapunzel party
  11. Princesses party
  12. Moonlight party
  13. Pippi Longstocking theme party
  14. Ice princesses theme party
  15. Back theme party
  16. Motto ice skating
  17. Ballerina theme party
  18. Cinderella party
  19. Fairy tale party
  20. Crazy dress up party
  21. Frozen party
  22. Glitter party
  23. Fairy party
  24. Party theme horse
  25. Photoshoot party

The Best Themes for Boys up to 12 Years

"Kids birthday party theme astronaut"

Cliché or not - some mottos inspire boys more than girls

  1. Firefighters theme party
  2. Aircraft theme party
  3. Race car party
  4. Robot party
  5. Excavator, Bulldog, Construction Worker theme party
  6. Bob the Builder theme party
  7. Craftsman
  8. Cowboy party
  9. Researcher
  10. World Space Theme party
  11. Motoparty train
  12. Ninja party
  13. Ghost party
  14. Pirate party
  15. Monster party
  16. Indian party
  17. Lego party
  18. Viking theme party
  19. Scary party
  20. Dinosaur theme party
  21. Football party
  22. Knight party
  23. Karate party
  24. Magician party
  25. Ahoy! party

Gender Neutral Party Themes for Kids up to 12 Years

"Kids birthday party theme superheros"

How do Superman, Spiderman and Wonder woman celebrate?

  1. Superhero theme party
  2. Avengers party
  3. Beach party
  4. Jungle theme party
  5. Pool Party for kids
  6. Bowling party
  7. Circus party
  8. Costume party
  9. Inverted World party
  10. space party
  11. Detective party
  12. Cobber and Gendarm theme party
  13. Scavenger Hunt themed party
  14. Riddle party
  15. Time travel
  16. Middle Ages theme party
  17. Gaming party
  18. 1001 Nights
  19. Fantastic Beasts theme party
  20. camp party in the garden
  21. Overnight party
  22. Crazy picnic in the nursery
  23. Harry Potter party
  24. Movie Night Sleepover party
  25. Pyjama party
  26. Neon party
  27. Lights party
  28. Underwater party
  29. Home Olympics
  30. Treasure Hunt
  31. Egypt theme party
  32. Escape Room theme party
  33. Disney theme party
  34. Disco Party
  35. Baking party
  36. Halloween Party

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Looking for even more awesome kids birthday party ideas? Then be sure to browse our Kids’ birthday party ideas with great ideas for games, craft ideas and more! You can also find colorful leisure ideas for families for special occasions and every day on our blog.

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