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27. April 2024 - Anika Semmer

Birthday Photo Game – 101 Best Photo Tasks and How to Play It


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Who does not know: you plan a special birthday party and would like to offer something special for the guests without much preparation. A nice way to provide entertainment and at the same time capture memories is a photo game on the birthday, where each guest must perform a certain task. How it goes, what you should prepare for it and the funniest, most beautiful and creative photo tasks that make your celebration unforgettable, we have compiled here.

How many big birthday parties with family and friends do you celebrate in your life? And how many funny pictures with creative motifs that capture the mood exist from the last parties you were at? Ok – the answer is predictable and probably the same for all of you: none, because no professional photographer was booked. Way too expensive! Maybe there was once a photo booth with funny hats and glasses or a picture frame where some funny pictures were taken. A photo booth is great – but also quite expensive. But with our photo game on your birthday, you can create even funnier and more creative souvenir photos for free than in a photo booth. At the same time you kill two birds with one stone, because in addition to the creative, beautiful photos that remain as memories, the photo game on the birthday offers great entertainment for guests of all ages!

We have come up with the most fun, creative and beautiful photo game tasks for you and collected them here. Because they are the most important thing in this beautiful birthday photo game! It can be played both indoors and outdoors and doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need are a couple of cameras & smartphones and a list of photo tasks. The game can be customized to reflect the interests and preferences of the celebrant. Guests can play in groups or individually and the game can be played for the entire day or just a specific time period. At the end of the game, the photos can be shown on a screen or printed out and taken home as a keepsake. So a photo game on the birthday is not only a great way to have fun, but also to create memories that will last long after the birthday..

How to Play the Birthday Photo Game?

Before the birthday party, prepare cards with photo game tasks and organize a few loaner cameras or Polaroid cameras for the birthday party.

At the beginning of the birthday party, each guest gets a card or everyone who wants to participate can draw a lot from a lottery pot with a photo task. Put the game instructions there in a picture frame so everyone knows how the game goes. Or the organizer announces what the photo game is all about and asks guests to actually complete their photo task. Tasks range from simple things like “Take a group photo” to creative challenges, like “Form a heart with your hands and photograph someone through it.” The organizer can also ask guests to switch tasks if one would like a different task. Each guest must complete their task during the course of the party.

Thus, the celebrant as well as the guests have a very special souvenir of the birthday party, in which all guests have participated. At the same time, the guests mingle while completing their photo tasks through the photo game on the birthday and get into conversation with each other – you can see how the game manages this in a moment with the examples of photo tasks.

Preparation of the Photo Game: What Is Needed?

You can design the cards with photo tasks yourself. Just choose tasks from our list and print them on cards that you can design. Of course, if you are short on time, you can also buy a birthday photo game card set! You’ll find tips on how to do this listed separately under the photo tasks.

Further, you should consider whether there should be prizes for the winners of the photo game and what they are. Prizes are an incentive to go the extra mile, but not a must. The choice of cameras is also important. If not every guest has a good smartphone, you can either get some loaners or ask guests to bring their cameras. And already you are ready for the big photo game on the birthday!

You Need These Materials for the Birthday Photo Game

  • As many cards or lots with photo challenges as there will be guests
  • At least one Polaroid camera or an action camera like the GoPro for very special shots
  • if necessary, transparent lottery pot
  • if necessary, picture frame with the instructions for the photo game
  • Table for displaying the photo cards / the lottery pot and the instructions
  • if necessary, laptop and transmission cable to show the photos at the celebration

The 101 Best Photo Tasks for Guests

The better the organizer knows the guests, the more he can respond to them and make the photo game tasks suitable and personal. So the celebrant himself or the children, grandchildren or close friends are ideal organizers – but in general, of course, anyone can think of photo tasks. The only important thing is that they fit the guests. For example, if many older wedding guests are invited, then only a few photo tasks should be sporty.

It is recommended to design photo tasks for the photo game on the birthday, which are about common ground. It creates unforeseen conversation and memories. Commonalities can be a hobby, music, the same city they live in, etc.

If you don’t know the majority of the guests well, be sure to ask the birthday girl for a guest list and ask around for some insiders to customize the photo tasks!

Celebrant Photo Tasks

  1. Make a portrait photo of the birthday boy
  2. Paint the celebrant on the napkin and take a picture of the drawing.
  3. Photograph the celebrant from as high up as possible.
  4. Photograph the outfit of the celebrant
  5. Make the birthday boy laugh and take a picture
  6. Compliment the birthday boy or girl and photograph their reaction
  7. Cut a grimace together with the birthday girl and take a picture of you doing it
  8. Take a toast with the birthday boy or girl and have it photographed
  9. Take a close-up of the birthday girl’s eyes
  10. Pick two guests and ask them to give the birthday boy a kiss on the right and left cheek at the same time and take a picture of it
  11. Photograph the birthday girl on the frog perspective up
  12. Take a nice over the shoulder shot of the birthday girl with the celebration in the background.

Photo Tasks About the Guests

"At birthday photo game there are different photo tasks to do"

At birthday photo game there are different photo tasks to do

  1. Take a photo of the most beautiful couple
  2. Make photos of three men with colorful ties together
  3. ask the DJ to make a funny move and take a picture of it.
  4. Find 5 different sized guests and sort them by size and take a photo of them.
  5. ask a female guest with beautifully manicured hands and a male guest to form a heart with their hands and take a picture of it.
  6. Find someone with the same hair color and take a selfie together.
  7. Find your favorite person and take a nice selfie
  8. Take a selfie of yourself with the youngest three guests under the table.
  9. Take a picture of all the family members of the birthday boy.
  10. Gather at least 10 guests and photograph them toasting.
  11. Put the camera at the bottom in the middle, lean forward with at least 3 other guests, look down and laugh
  12. Take a picture with at least 10 guests wearing glasses and look all very intelligent.
  13. Please ask the one guest to look through the camera and take a photo of him taking a photo of you.
  14. Find the guest with the most beautiful piece of clothing and take a picture of him or her
  15. Photograph a child throwing you a kissing hand.
  16. Make a generation photo
  17. Photograph the most beautiful hairstyle
  18. Take a picture of all the celebrant’s siblings
  19. Photograph the best dressed man.
  20. Take a picture of all the birthday boy’s friends
  21. Take a selfie photo of all the people sitting at the table with you
  22. Let your:n partner use their hands to form a heart through which you will photograph the birthday girl framed.
  23. ask a guest to wink at you as slyly as possible and take a picture of him doing so.
  24. Photograph the most beautiful hairstyle
  25. ask a guest to take the pose of Angela Merkel and imitate her and take a picture of it.
  26. Take a selfie with the dessert expressing how delicious you think it is.
  27. Take a picture of the man with the longest beard
  28. Take a cute picture of at least one of the children playing.
  29. Photograph a guest making a face as if they were about to go looping on a roller coaster.
  30. ask a guest to portray the birthday boy or girl and take a picture of it.
  31. Please ask the tallest guest to put the smallest guest on their shoulders and take their picture.
  32. Try to take a photo with as many guests as possible.
  33. Photograph the hand of the oldest wedding guest

Photo Tasks for Detectives

  1. Find a person who is the same height as you and take a photo with them back to back.
  2. Gather all the kids together and take a group picture of all the girls
  3. Make a picture of a guest who wants to have children
  4. Take a picture with all the teachers
  5. Take a picture of all the celebrant work colleagues.
  6. Gather all the kids together and take a group picture of all the boys
  7. Find 3 guests who are together exactly 100 years.
  8. Find a guest with a funny ID card photo and take a picture of it and the owner
  9. Find the guest with the farthest journey and take a picture of him from a distance.
  10. Take a picture with everyone who has studied with the birthday boy.
  11. Find a person with the same zodiac sign and take a picture of them
  12. Find the youngest and the oldest guest and photograph them together!
  13. Find the person closest to you in age and take a picture of you together!
  14. Take a picture with the person who has the most children.
  15. Find a guest with a funny driver’s license photo and take a picture of the driver’s license and owner.
  16. Find a person whose first name starts with the same letter as yours and take a selfie together
  17. Take a picture with everyone who has a pet
  18. Take a picture with everyone playing an instrument.
  19. Find a person with something in common and take a picture together!
  20. Find a person who is doing something totally out of the ordinary and take a picture together.
  21. Find out which couple is married the longest and take a picture of it!
  22. Find all the guests with the same shoe color as yours and take a picture of your shoes.

Photo Tasks About the Location

  1. Photograph the most beautiful piece of the decoration
  2. Take a picture of the birthday party in bird’s eye view – at least from one chair!
  3. Photograph something totally typical of the birthday party location indoors or outdoors.
  4. Take a photo of the filled gift table.
  5. Take a before and after picture of the dance floor
  6. Take a selfie from the entrance of the location
  7. Take a photo of yourself and the locatin

Sporty Tasks for the Birthday Photo Game

  1. Gather at least 4 birthday guests and have them act out the birthday boy’s initials and take a picture.
  2. Find someone doing a handstand or a cartwheel and photograph them doing it
  3. Photograph yourself doing your favorite yoga pose
  4. Find as many men as you can who are teasing another guest and take a picture of the group.
  5. Call for the polonaise you are leading and have a guest take a picture of this.
  6. Gather 3 men to lift and levitate the birthday boy or girl high in the air over their shoulders
  7. Make a non-laugh content with a guest and have them take a picture at the crucial moment.
  8. Wish for a song and motivate 3 people with you to really go out and take a selfie together
  9. Photograph the wildest dancer
  10. Find someone to piggyback you or piggyback someone and take a picture of it

Crazy Birthday Photo Game Tasks

"Everyone can show his creativity at the party photo game"

Creative, funny or classic - everyone can let off steam with the party photo game

  1. Find a male guest to put on (your) heeled shoes and do a catwalk in them
  2. Get someone to serenade the birthday boy or girl and take a picture of it.
  3. Pinch yourself in front of the plate just before you start chowing down on birthday food and look as greedy as you can
  4. Picture the evolution of the ape to man with other guests and have your picture taken.
  5. Hold the glass in front of a guest’s face so that it is completely distorted and take a picture of it through the bottom of the glass.
  6. You won the lottery – show your best cheer!
  7. Find a person you don’t know who makes ingenious faces and take a picture of you making the same face together.
  8. Take a close-up of a delicious bite of dessert, just before it disappears into the birthday girl’s mouth.
  9. Take a picture of yourself with the table decoration as a headdress.
  10. Reenact a scene from a movie alone or with others
  11. Look for as many guests as possible to stick their tongues out at the same time for a photo.
  12. Find a guest with funny socks, ask them to take off their shoes and take a picture of the socks.
  13. Make a karate kick and photograph it.
  14. Take a prop from the deco and make a silly picture with it.
  15. Perform the 4 elements in pantomime with 3 other guests
  16. Get several guests to jump up at the same time and photograph the moment
  17. Take a picture of as many guests as possible with their hands clasped in their laps like the wall at soccer and photograph them without heads. Then photograph only the heads.

Important Birthday Photo Game Tips: Camera, Task Cards, Prizes

Who is up for some action and fun on their birthday? A photo game is a great idea to lighten the mood and give guests something they won’t soon forget. But what is the best way to implement the whole thing?

Here are a few tips & tricks for a smooth implementation of the photo game:

  1. Planning is everything: Think in advance which photo tasks you would like to ask the guests and what is needed for it. Make sure you have all the materials in time and enough time to prepare everything.
  2. Clear rules: Set clear rules before the game starts and communicate them clearly to all participants. So you avoid misunderstandings and disputes.
  3. Encourage creativity: Give guests enough freedom to bring in their own ideas and act out creatively. This makes the game even more exciting and ensures unique results
  4. Simple technology: Especially for older guests who do not have a smartphone, it is worthwhile to have simple cameras at hand, which anyone can operate.
  5. Give prizes: Think in advance, what prizes you want to give the winners of the game. This additionally motivates the participants and provides an extra incentive.

Which Camera Is the Best for Birthday Photo Game?

A nice but quite expensive option is a photo booth that you can rent. It is very easy to operate on the touchpad, no other equipment is needed to take pictures and it is very easy to operate even for technology noobs. The photo booth spits out instant pictures and if you are not satisfied with a photo, you can make new ones until it fits.

Alternatively, you can also borrow Polaroid cameras for a great vintage look or buy them yourself if you like the look.

Especially if there are some younger guests. it is also worthwhile to lay out an action camera, which allows incredibly creative and great photos with fisheye and selfie stick.

You can also have a laptop, have guests take photos with their own smartphones, and ask them to put their photos on a folder on their desktop with the transfer cable.

I personally advise against disposable cameras. Because the results are usually just not great and you also do not see after shooting how good a photo has become.

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What Should I Consider for the Photo Game Task Cards?

Design the cards on the computer or by hand with the task and a beautiful design. For small birthday parties up to 30 guests, you can hand letter the photo tasks on the cards – it looks great. For large birthday parties you can hand letter the cards or on the computer.

Time is short and you still want to play the photo game on the birthday? In our store you can buy a ready-made card set with photo tasks for the birthday party online!

A birthday photo game not only provides lots of fun and entertainment, but also offers great memories of the special day. But what would be a game without prizes? These can be little things that cost little or nothing. For example, a bottle of champagne, chocolates or even nicer a prize with a personal reference to the celebrant or the celebration. For example, a voucher for a brunch with the birthday boy, a personalized puzzle with motif from the birthday boy, etc.

Have fun with your birthday photo game!

Looking for the best birthday party ideas? Whether you’re a birthday girl or a guest, we’ve collected lots of great ideas on Adventure Friendship that we’ve particularly enjoyed when visiting big birthday parties! Have a browse here :-). And if you don’t have a birthday coming up – you can also find great ideas for activities with friends, couples and families for every day!

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