An Easter scavenger hunt for kids is a wonderful change from the classic Easter egg hunt.

18. March 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

Easter Scavenger Hunt for Kids – 5 Ideas How To Make Easter Egg Hunt an Exciting Adventure




The Easter egg hunt is the real highlight of Easter for children. With a little creativity and preparation, you can make the search an unforgettable Easter scavenger hunt!

Year after year, it is a great pleasure for children to search for Easter eggs. And many parents also have fun with this beautiful Easter tradition: from thinking up creative hiding places for the eggs, to cheering them on and sharing in the joy when one of the eggs is discovered again. But especially as the children get older, many want variety. For example, some families have had the variation where the children have to hide the eggs and find their parents while the kids watch them giggling and cheering along.

Aside from this “role reversal”, however, there are plenty of other creative ideas on how to make the classic Easter egg hunt excitingly new and different, namely an Easter scavenger hunt. You can approach this in a variety of different ways. Here you will find 5 different ways to design, plan and implement an Easter scavenger hunt.

5 Ideas for an Easter Scavenger Hunt

"Easter Scavenger Hunt - Shimmy from one clue to the next from egg to egg"

Easter egg by Easter egg, you get closer to the great treasure.

Before you start planning the scavenger hunt, you should think about the general conditions. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many children take part in the Easter scavenger hunt?
  • How old are the participating children?
  • How long should the scavenger hunt last?
  • Where should the scavenger hunt take place: indoors or outdoors, in your own garden or in the park, etc.?
  • What material do I need for preparation?
  • Who could possibly help me with this?

Depending on what answers you come up with to these questions, you can then adapt the following ideas. If the location is an apartment, take a look at our tips for a scavenger hunt in the apartment for kids.

1. Easter Scavenger Hunt with Self-Fillable Easter Eggs

Material List:

  • Your own fillable Easter eggs, e.g. made of plastic or cardboard
  • Easter eggs made of chocolate
  • other sweets
  • Paper / small pieces of paper
  • Pens


In this type of Easter scavenger hunt, the idea is that the children find a clue to the hiding place of the next egg in each egg and thus move from egg to egg. Depending on how long the scavenger hunt is supposed to last and how large the game area is where it takes place, you first think of a number of hiding places, for example 15. For these hiding places you determine a certain order and thus a route. This route can of course criss-cross the game area, which makes the search even more difficult and exciting.

As clues you can formulate little riddles, e.g.: “I make the garden wet. In the summer it’s really fun.” ==> The solution is the garden hose and under it lies the next egg. For inspiration, check out our Easter puzzles for kids and Easter puzzles for adults.

In the last hiding place, the children will find the treasure: a large Easter basket full of chocolate Easter eggs and other sweets. You can also add sweets to the hint Easter eggs from time to time, as reinforcement and motivation, so to speak. It is important to make sure that all children get the same amount of sweets. 🙂

2. Easter Scavenger Hunt with Tasks

"Easter scavenger hunt: colorful eggs in basket"

Dyeing Easter eggs yourself is a great scavenger hunt activity.

Material List:

  • self-fillable Easter eggs
  • Easter eggs made of chocolate
  • other sweets
  • Paper / small pieces of paper
  • Pens
  • Real eggs for egg run or to blow out
  • If necessary, already blown out eggs to paint
  • Watercolours
  • Eating spoon (for egg run)
  • Bags for sack race

For this variant you need the same materials as for the previous one. You can also do without the fixed route and pack small tasks into the fillable Easter eggs instead of hiding places. The children have to complete these tasks and are rewarded with chocolate Easter eggs or other sweets.

Possible tasks:

  • Egg Run
  • Sack hopping or “bunny hobbling”
  • Solve Easter Puzzle
  • Answer questions about Easter
  • Painting an Easter Bunny
  • Blow out an egg and paint it
  • Find an egg-shaped stone and paint it as an Easter egg
  • Fold an origami bunny (according to instructions and with help if necessary)
  • Here are some more ideas for tasks for a scavenger hunt

You can also combine variants 1 and 2, e.g. so that there is already a route and you shimmy from egg to egg, but sometimes you have to do small tasks to get ahead.

3. Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt

"Easter scavenger hunt in a hayloft - if you have an unusual location available, you can make the Easter egg hunt particularly exciting."

Girl on Easter egg hunt in hayloft

Material List:

  • Camera / Mobile Phone
  • Print out photos of the hiding places
  • self-fillable Easter eggs
  • Possibly photo album
  • Easter eggs made of chocolate
  • other sweets

Take photos of all hiding places in advance, but in such a way that you can only see where the hiding place is at second or third glance. Close-up photos in which you can only see a section are particularly suitable for this. The children can use these photos to find the Easter eggs.

But how do they get the photos? Here, on the one hand, there is again the possibility of using the self-fillable Easter eggs and forming a clue chain from photos, whereby you can hand over the photo of the first hiding place to them in an envelope together with a “Letter from the Easter Bunny”.

Alternatively, you can also prepare a photo album with the backstory that the Easter Bunny uses such photo albums to remember where he has hidden the Easter eggs. Unfortunately, this time he left one of them lying around. All the better for the children, who now go on a treasure hunt!

4. Easter Scavenger Hunt Puzzle

"A treasure awaits at the end of the Easter scavenger hunt."

The last clue leads to the great Easter treasure...

Material List:

  • self-fillable Easter eggs
  • Easter eggs made of chocolate
  • other sweets
  • Puzzle with Easter motif or homemade puzzle

For this variant you need a puzzle, preferably with not too many parts. You then put these pieces into the fillable Easter eggs, possibly also 2 or 3 pieces. The task is to find all the pieces and put the puzzle together. This can have a nice Easter motif and as a reward there are then sweets.

You can also combine this idea with the previous photo idea: first think of a main hiding place for the “treasure”, such as an Easter basket filled to the brim with sweets. Take a photo of this (this time it can be a little more explicit) and have it printed as a puzzle, e.g. with 49 pieces.

The children now look for the eggs and gradually put the puzzle together until the motif is recognisable and gives them the decisive clue as to where the Easter treasure is hidden.

5. Treasure Hunt as Easter Adventure with Story

"With bunny ears and Easter basket on Easter scavenger hunt: a real Easter adventure"

With bunny ears on a scavenger hunt: a real Easter adventure

If you’re really creative and have a knack for storytelling, you can also try your hand at an Easter scavenger hunt with story, where the children taking part take on roles and have a real adventure.

This can also contain hints and tasks, similar to what has already been described. The only difference is that there is also a storyline. The children could even wear costumes or costume parts (such as rabbit ears) and the adult organisers can also slip into roles and play an active part.

This kind of scavenger hunt is the most time-consuming to prepare, but it is guaranteed to remain unforgettable.

Alternatively, ready-made Easter scavenger hunts with a plot can be purchased online, for example here:

Good luck and have fun with the Easter scavenger hunt!

When planning a scavenger hunt for kids, it’s easy to feel like participating in one yourself. Take a look at our three-part guide for a scavenger hunt for adults!

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