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1. April 2023 - Anika Semmer

Easter Quiz – 15 Surprisingly Funny and Tricky Questions + Printable




Who decides when Easter takes place? What’s up with the crazy Easter customs of Rouketopolemos and the Easter swing? How can you test how fresh an egg is? There is an answer to all three questions in this Easter quiz.

Everyone in the world celebrates Easter the same way – the Easter bunny brings the eggs, there’s the Easter egg hunt and of course there are the Christian holidays. Bullshit! In fact, traditions and how the Easter season is celebrated already differ enormously in the countries of Europe and even more in the world! Not even the Easter bunny brings the eggs in all countries. The 15 surprise eggs in this Easter quiz for adults will definitely put you in a good mood with their fun and crazy facts.

I would have thought as a former convent schoolgirl (yes, that’s right!) my knowledge of Easter is rock solid and no Easter quiz can give me a hard time. But there are so many crazy facts and surprising traditions that I must confess that’s not true. Easter is the most important festival for Christians, because the resurrection establishes the belief in life after death. At the same time, Easter also has pagan roots, whether it refers to the Germanic spring goddess Ostara or to the spring festival Ostarum will never be known. Thus, many traditions and customs also have no Christian origin and there are surprisingly many funny, crazy and difficult questions in the Easter quiz, to which many people certainly don’t know the answer right away.

For all those hungry for knowledge, here is exciting and entertaining knowledge on the most bizarre Easter customs and all the important answers to the question “What is celebrated at Easter?”.

You can play this Easter quiz for adults and teenagers together at your Easter party. Everyone who answers a question correctly gets an Easter egg. If there are lots of you, print out the Easter quiz, form teams and see which team gets the most questions right and have a nice Easter quiz game.

You can also find the complete Easter quiz with the solutions here as a free Easter quiz printable!

Easter Quiz With 15 Fun and Tricky Questions

1. Easter is sometimes on 22 March and then suddenly on 25 April. How can that be? Who decided / decides when Easter takes place?

a) The full moon

b) The Pope since the Tridentine Council (16th century)

c) Martin Luther

d) The Easter Congregation

2. How much did the most expensive Easter egg ever cost, sold on 28 November 2007?

a) $300,000

b) 20,000 euros

c) 12,500000 euros

d) $25,000

3. According to the Bible, who saw the resurrected Jesus first? 

a) Judas

b) Mary Magdalene

c) Peter

d) Doubting Thomas

4. Rabbits and hares have long ears. An incredible 79 cm is the longest wingspan measured in a long-eared rabbit in 2007. With this, giant ear “Nipper’s Geronimo” made it into the Guinness Book of Records. To which breed does the record holder belong?

a) Angora rabbits

b) Rabbit

c) English ram rabbit

d) German giants

5. There is no Easter bunny in Australia, although it is teeming with bunnies. Which Easter animal brings the eggs there?

a) The kangaroo

b) The Bilby

c) The wombat

d) The koala

6. What is the official Easter flower?

a) Iris

b) Red rose

c) White lily

d) Yellow daffodil

7. What is celebrated in Christianity on Maundy Thursday?

a) The Way of the Cross of Christ

b) The opening of the burial chamber

c) The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

d) The Last Supper

8. How can you test how fresh an egg is?

a) one makes an odour sample

b) place it in a bowl of cold water

c) you shake the egg

d) you press on the shell to see if it gives

9. Every Easter in Latvia, the traditional Easter swing takes place in the village square in specially built boat swings. Which of the following statements about the purpose of this crazy custom is not true?

a) The Easter swing is supposed to protect against mosquito bites in summer

b) Only virgin girls are allowed to swing, the boys who push them get a kiss from them.

c) The livestock and crops remain healthy and thrive thanks to the rocking

d) The Easter swings must be burnt after Easter so that no evil witches can cast spells on it.

10. Which famous chocolaterie made the first chocolate egg for Easter in 1873?

a) Charlemagne Chocolatiers from Belgium

b) Cadbury’s from Great Britain

c) Zotter Schokoladenmanufaktur from Austria

d) Fry from Great Britain

11. What happens at Rouketopolemos on the Greek island of Chios on the night of Orthodox Easter Sunday?

a) Two rival church congregations fire homemade rockets at each other

b) An enlightened man (who volunteers today) is crucified in the village square and works miracles until Pentecost

c) A tree in front of the village church is decorated with 50 small goat cheese eels

d) A festively decorated cart explodes in front of the monastery of Nea Moni

12. Not in every country does the Easter bunny bring the colourful eggs and hide them, it can also be the cuckoo or the Easter rooster – or even crazier. In which country does the church tower bell bring the eggs?

a) Sweden

b) Bulgaria

c) France

d) Switzerland

13. Which of the following facts about Easter is wrong?

a) The tradition of Easter egg dyeing first appeared in Ukraine.

b) Good Friday kites are a tradition in Bermuda.

c) In New York, the most popular Easter parade takes place every year.

d) The tradition of the Easter Bunny comes from Great Britain.

14. How long does the Easter period last?

a) 10 days

b) 20 days

c) 30 days

d) 50 days

15. How can you almost always tell what colour the eggs of a chicken are?

a) on the lining

b) you can’t see it at all

c) on the tail feathers

d) At the ears of the chicken

The correct answers can be found here at the end in the PDF version of the Easter quiz!

Have fun with our Easter quiz!

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