Make an Easter egg garland DIY with colour cards in a beautiful colour gradient

9. April 2022 - Anika Semmer

Easter Egg Garland DIY With Colour Cards | Tutorial




Rainbow-coloured eggs as Easter decoration for walls, stairwells or windows. With a few tools, you can easily make a colourful Easter egg garland DIY out of hardware store colour cards.

I have often thought that colour cards are great for handicrafts. The shiny cards with colour stripes are available free of charge in large DIY stores, they actually serve as a guide as to which colour shade you would like to have mixed. If you want to make this Easter egg garland, all you really need are these free colour cards and punches for the Easter motifs that are stuck onto the eggs.

It looks especially beautiful when eggs are created in a rainbow colour gradient. That’s why you should use the whole colour card and choose the shades in spring-like bright colours.

This Easter egg garland DIY is wonderful to make with children and let them creatively decorate the colourful eggs! You can find all the materials* I used on the material list.

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Material List*

How to Make the Easter Egg Garland DIY in Rainbow Colours

You can make a colourful Easter egg garland DIY with colour cards from the hardware store, which makes a great DIY Easter decoration

For 2m of Easter egg garland you need 12 colour cards

Time needed: depending on the number of eggs, 1 metre approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour.

You get 2 Easter eggs from each colour card with the Easter egg template I used (see material list). You need 12 Easter eggs to make one metre of Easter egg garland, so you would need 6 colour cards in rainbow colours. My Easter egg garland is 2.20m long and consists of 26 Easter eggs. The spring colours green, yellow, blue, orange and pink make up the majority of the colour gradient.

Children can use punches to cut out cute animals and glue them onto the Easter eggs. Alternatively, you can use Easter stickers, glitter or scatter decoration or letters and stick the words “Happy Easter” onto the eggs in the middle.

How to Craft Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Garland

Crafting Easter eggs in rainbow colours for an Easter egg garland

The Easter eggs should all be the same size

Use the Easter egg cutter as a template and go around it twice on each colour card. Alternatively, you can cut out a template from thick cardboard and use it. Cut out the Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Decorating

Colourful Easter motifs for the Easter eggs of the Easter egg garland

Punch out the Easter motifs from the leftover colour cards

Punch out small round circles for 1/3 of the eggs and another 1/3 large circle from a color palette that is a lighter or darker shade than the Easter egg. Punch out butterflies, bunnies and other matching motifs from contrasting colours. Complementary colors work particularly well here! Use the glue stick to glue the circles and animal motifs that have been punched out onto the Easter eggs.

Stringing Easter Egg Darland DIY

Easter egg garland DIY made with colour cards

Easter egg garland DIY with colour cards from the hardware store

Punch two 2.5 mm diameter holes next to each other in the top of each egg with the hole punch. Sort the Easter eggs by colour to create a colour gradient (yellow | orange | red | pink | purple | blue | turquoise | green) and thread them onto the satin ribbon.

Have fun making the Easter egg garland DIY and happy Easter!

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